Angar Wadi

Angar Wadi (Urdu: انگار وادی) is a Pakistani television play/drama. It was aired by PTV in 1994, comprises on 15 episodes. It was directed by Tariq Mairaj, written and produced by Abdul Rauf Khalid.[1][2]


Captain Hamza is an Indian Army Captain and a Kashmiri by origin. His family consistes of his father Shafi, his mother, a younger sister Nazo and an elder brother Talha who is a highly skilled surgeon and a lecturer at Gandhi Medical College, Delhi. After conflicts with the administration, he resigns from there and opens up a clinic for the poor but is persecuted for allegedly treating militants. After several days, Indian Army releases him on Captain Hamza's efforts. Talha later joins Molvi Mushtaque who is the commander of Hizbul Mujahideen. Talha's ex-colleague Osha also comes with him. Osha has a crush on Dr. Talha. On the other hand, Hamza meets a beautiful Kashmiri girl Hajra who is a MBBS student. They both fall in love. Later, it is revealed that Hajra is engaged to her cousin Hanif who is a non-educated irresponsible person and Hajra dislikes him. She manages to convince her mother to let her marry Hamza. There comes a huge twist in their lives when Hamza is accused of helping militants and is tried by a court-martial. Hamza is sentenced to jail with hard labor for 25 years. He manages to escape from there with the help of his old friend Colonel Balber. The Indian Army performs a massive crack down operation on Hamza's home town. Hamza's mother is also killed. Than, Hamza too joins Hizbul Mujahideen to pursue the independence of Kashmir from the Indian state. Hajra's mother dies due to her severe health condition and she escapes from her uncle's house to marry Hamza. Indian Army raids on the militants where Osha is arrested while saving Molvi Mushtaque. Soldiers arrests Molvi Mushtaque. He dies later under health conditions from the Indian Army and Dr. Talha takes oath to continue his mission. Shafi and Nazo manages to cross the border and escape to Pakistan while Hajra joins Hamza to cross the control line. While they are crossing the border, Indian BSF opens fire on them, killing Hamza. Hajra is successfully rescued by Pakistan Army. Later, Hajra gives birth to a son who is named Obaid-ur-Rehman by his grand-father Shafi.


  • Atiqa Odho as Dr Hajra Hamza Shafee
  • Nisar Qadri
  • Rauf Khalid as Captain Hamza Shafee Shaheed
  • Samina Ahmad Dr hajra's Mother
  • Navid Naqvi
  • Fareedullah as Mujahideen Commander Dr Talha
  • Shagufta Ali as Dr Usha
  • Qavi Khan Professor Shafee; Hamza and Talha's father
  • Khayyam Sarhadi Senior Mujahideen Commander Maulvi Mushtaq Shaheed


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