Anesthesia cart

Anesthesia carts are hospital devices used to store tools that are necessary for aid during procedures that require administration of anesthesia. Anesthesia refers to the use of drugs to subdue a patient's mind and prevent him or her from feeling any pain during a surgical operation. It is very important for anesthesia tools to be well organized and maintained so that patients receive proper anesthesia care. To ensure that patients remain unconscious and pain-free throughout the procedure, anesthesia supply carts can help to keep all the necessary anesthesia tools easily at hand.

These carts allow anesthesiologists easy access to all anesthesia tools, in one simple, portable location. Anesthesiologists are able to present or take away their medical tools quickly and easily whenever they are needed. Sometimes, patients must be rapidly taken out of the anesthetized state and this may not be possible or as easy if anesthesiology carts are not utilized. The design of Anesthesia supply carts allows for easy transportation between rooms and could potentially be used in multiple operating rooms. Medical personnel save time and energy by not having to seek out and gather anesthesia tools.

Many optimized features are available for anesthesiology carts. To keep anesthesia tools safe and in the hands of authorized users, locking drawers are a useful option. These same anesthesiology supplies cart drawers glide smoothly on rolling sliders to prevent displacement or wobbling. Built-in stabilizing bases increase anesthesia storage cart stability and prevent tipping during transport. Easy-grip push handles and smooth-rolling and locking casters provide for maximum anesthesiologist cart maneuverability. Anesthesiology carts are available in many different sizes and colors to accommodate specific facility needs. Colors are often used by facilities to coordinate which cart belongs in which room in the hospital or medical center.

Anesthesia machine vs anesthesia cart

The Anesthesia machine contains mechanical respiratory support (ventilator) and O2 support as well as being a means for administering anesthetic gases which may be used for sedation as well as total anesthesia. An anesthesia cart holds extra IV push meds for anesthesia, sedation and reversal, extra equipment that the person giving anesthesia/sedation might need, and the hardware for respiratory support and resuscitation. It is very important for anesthesia tools to be well organized and maintained so that patients receive proper anesthesia care.

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