Andrew Moray (justiciar)

Sir Andrew Moray of Petty (died 8 April 1298) was Justiciar of Scotia.


Andrew Moray was the younger son of Sir Walter de Moray, and a daughter of either Sir Walter or Sir David Olifard of Bothwell.[1] He and his son were amongst the Scottish noblemen captured by the English, following the Battle of Dunbar in 1296. Moray was committed to the Tower of London, where he died on 8 April 1298.[2]

Marriage and issue

According to Andrew of Wyntoun, Sir Andrew Moray married a daughter of John I Comyn, Lord of Badenoch, and had issue:[3]

Moray married secondly Euphemia, relict of William Comyn of Kilbride, daughter of Roger FitzJohn and Isabel de Dunbar.



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