Andrew M. Smyth

Andrew Michael Smyth (born 1991) is a Northern Irish reality television personality, engineer, and baker. He was a finalist on the BBC television programme The Great British Bake Off (Series 7) and appeared in the 2018 Great Festive Bake Off.

Andrew Smyth
Andrew Michael Smyth

1991 (age 2728)
Alma materUniversity of Cambridge (MEng, 2013)
  • Engineer
  • Baker
Known forThe Great British Bake Off

Early life and education

Smyth was born in Holywood, County Down.[1] His parents are Kay and Nigel Smyth.[2] He was inspired to start baking as a child by his mother and grandmother.[1] He attended Sullivan Upper School, where he completed the gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award in 2009.[2] He worked at the local Oxfam charity shop and did work experience at George Best Belfast-City Airport.[3] He studied aerospace engineering at the University of Cambridge, where he completed research on space satellites at Sidney Sussex College.[1] He graduated from Cambridge in 2013.[4] Smyth sings as a tenor in the Sitwell Singers in Derby.[1]


After graduating, Smyth joined Rolls-Royce on the graduate scheme.[3][5] His role at Rolls-Royce includes developing greener and quieter future aircraft.[3]

The Great British Bake Off

Smyth told Radio Times he has been a fan of the show since the first series.[6] He competed in Series 7, which started on BBC One in August 2016.[7] Smyth was described by The Tab as being one of The Great British Bake Off "heavyweights".[8] His father described his organisational skills as an asset for his baking.[9] In the eighth week of the competition, Smyth constructed a set of pies shaped like mechanical cog-wheels, based on those designed by Leonardo da Vinci.[1] During his time on the show he was featured in several newspapers, and interviewed by the Geekly Chronicles.[10] Heidi Stephens wrote in The Guardian that Smyth should win the competition as he was a "baking assassin" who brought a "bonus ray of sunshine to the Bake Off tent".[11] Whilst the competition was won by Candice Brown, he appeared in the highlights video.[12] One year after he appeared on the show he toured the UK to meet the other competitors one-year on.[13]

Life after Bake Off

Since The Great British Bake Off, Smyth has become a broadcaster and social media chef. He has been involved in several online campaigns, with the British Council, Warner Bros. and Institution of Engineering and Technology. He shocked audience members of the Lorraine show in 2016 when he nearly chopped his fingers off.[14] He discussed flexible working and combining creativity with engineering at the Royal Society.[15] He baked a rotating jet engine cake with gingerbread blades for Prince William when he visited Rolls-Royce in November 2016.[16][17][18] He discussed engineering and baking with the Institution of Engineering and Technology, and interviewed Ozak Esu, the winner of the Young Woman Engineer of the Year 2017.[19][20][21] He was a headlining act at the 2017 Maker Faire.[17] He worked with YouTuber Nikki Lilly to create a "cake for space".

Smyth created a series of recipes and videos for Warner Bros. to celebrate the launch of the Fantastic Beasts film series, included a strudel and baked nifflers.[22][23] In 2017 Smyth became an ambassador for the Northern Ireland Pork and Bacon Forum.[2][24] He delivered a TED talk at the University of Cambridge in 2017.[25] Smyth has created a series of videos with the British Council that explore the connection between engineering and baking.[26][27] The series explored caramel, concrete and meringues.[26][27] In 2019 Smyth made a rainbow prism cake and accompanying video for LGBT STEM Day, an annual worldwide celebration of LGBTQ+ scientists and engineers.[28]


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