Andrew Jackson Kirksey and Harold W. Marney

Andrew Jackson Kirksey[1] and Harold William Marney were the two crew members of John F. Kennedy's PT-109 who were lost when the boat was struck at night by a Japanese destroyer. MoMM2/c Marney was a 19-year-old Motor Machinist's Mate, second class, from Springfield, Massachusetts. TM2/c Kirksey was a torpedoman from Reynolds, Georgia, a father at 25. They were the only two of the crew of 15 who did not survive the incident. In the movie PT-109, the crew keeps on calling out the names of these two, the only reference to them being lost. The National Geographic TV special names the two and their full titles, their pictures, and where they were from. Their bodies are listed as unrecovered, and they are listed on a memorial at the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial.


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