Andreea Esca

Andreea Esca (Romanian pronunciation: [anˈdree̯a ˈeska], born August 29, 1972) is a Romanian television journalist on the Pro TV network.

Andreea Esca
Andreea Esca, news anchor for ProTV
Born (1972-08-29) August 29, 1972
ResidenceBucharest, Romania
EducationJournalism school
Years active1995-present
EmployerPro TV and Star Channel (Greek)
Spouse(s)Alexandre Eram[1]
Parent(s)Dumitru Esca, Lucia Esca

She graduated from a journalism school in 1990. She studied at CNN. She has been working as a news presenter at the Romanian television channel PRO TV for 23 years, since its beginning.[2] In 2002, she won the National Audiovisual Council prize for "Woman of the Year". She has been married since 2000 to businessman Alexandre Douglas Eram. They have two children. Since 2006 she is the editorial director of "The One" magazine. Andreea is also a member of the "CNN World Report" team. In 2014 she released an autobiography titled "Ce-am făcut când am tăcut" [What I did while I was quiet] (in Romanian).[3]


Andreea Esca was born on August 29, 1972 in Bucharest, Romania. Her parents were Dumitru & Lucia Esca.[4] Andreea studied at the Superior School of Journalism (Școala Superioară de Jurnalism) and later moved on professionally to the Center of Independent Journalism in Prague, CNN Atlanta (USA), and also Athens, Greece.

Andreea Esca is primarily associated with ProTV, a Romanian news network. She began her career with ProTV on December 1, 1995 with an introduction that now defines her - "Bună seara România, Bună seara București, ProTV te salută” (Good evening Romania, good evening Bucharest, ProTV salutes you). Andreea Esca began her career at SOTI at the beginning of the 1990s. She constantly presented the 19:00 ProTV news hour, from the very beginning of ProTV and had some disruptions for maternity and vacations.[5]

Andreea Esca has been a presenter for ProTV for longer than any other news presenter in Romania, having a long-lasting career for over 20 years at ProTV.

She debuted in January 1992 when one of her friends went for an interview to become a presenter at SOTI. Even though she had no experience in the field, Andreea excelled at the interview and was called back to present the news the following day.

From this moment on, she began her professional development in journalism which required a lot of work and experience in the field. She spent time with CNN developing her journalism skills.

Her accumulated experience from CNN cannot compare to the time she spent in university. In the time she spent at CNN, Andreea saw for the first time how a well-developed news broadcast worked, including all of the technology involved in producing a quality news broadcast.

Upon her return to Romania from CNN, she stated that she could have remained to work for CNN, however she wanted to remain closer to her family and country. After her return to Romania, she accepted ProTV's offer to become their news anchor.

Andreea Esca's career accomplishments are impressive; she was named "Woman of the Year" for two years in a row, a prize reserved for the best television presenter in Romania and was also declared the best person on television.

Throughout her career, she was involved in several charity organizations and is a member of "Renașterea".


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