André Maranne

André Maranne (born 1926) is a French former actor, best known for playing Frenchmen in English-language roles in the UK from the mid-1950s.[1]

André Maranne
André Gaston Maillol

1926 (age 9293)
Years active1956–1991

Born André Gaston Maillol, he used André Maranne as a stage name for many years.[2] As of 2005, he was residing in Brighton, East Sussex.[3]


Born in Toulouse, France, Maranne's best known role was probably Sergeant François Chevalier in six of The Pink Panther films, alongside Peter Sellers and Herbert Lom.[4] Before the Pink Panther, he appeared as a French officer in The War Lover (1962) and had a cameo role in the James Bond movie Thunderball (1965).[5]

He appeared in such diverse television programmes as Merton Park Studios' Scotland Yard (as a gendarme in 1956 episode "Wall of Death" and credited as André Maillol & the 1957 episode "Night Crossing" as Detective Nouvel credited as Andre Maranne), Jason King ("Wanna buy a television series?", 1971), Fawlty Towers (as André in the 1975 "Gourmet Night" episode), Lord Peter Wimsey ("Clouds of Witness", 1972), Yes Minister (as European Agricultural Commissioner Maurice, proponent of the "euro-sausage", in "Party Games", 1984, the episode in which Jim Hacker becomes UK Prime Minister), All Creatures Great and Small and Doctor Who (The Moonbase, 1967).[6]

Maranne was also a co-presenter of four in the French teaching programme, Bonjour Françoise on the BBC in the 1960s and acted in all eight episodes of La Chasse au Trésor (1967) as well as all 24 episodes of Ensemble-French for Beginners in the 1970s, also for the BBC.[7][8]

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