André Gusperti

André Gusperti (born October 14, 1973) is an Italian former swimmer. He was a world class butterfly swimmer during the 1990s.

André Gusperti
Medal record
Mediterranean Games
1997 Bari 4x100 m medley relay[1]


He began swimming in Rari Nantes Trento and later joined Fiamme Gialle (the Athletic Team of Guardia di Finanza). During the nineties Gusperti competed in several international events. He swam in the winning 4 × 100 m medley relay at the 1997 Mediterranean Games (Merisi, Fioravanti, A. Gusperti, Rosolino). He participated to the world swimming championship in Perth 1998. He is the brother of René Gusperti, another renowned former Italian swimmer.


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