And the Heavens Above Us

And the Heavens Above Us (German: Und über uns der Himmel) is a 1947 German drama film directed by Josef von Báky and starring Hans Albers, Paul Edwin Roth and Lotte Koch. It was part of the post-war series of rubble films.[1]

And the Heavens Above Us
Directed byJosef von Báky
Produced byRichard König
Written byGerhard Grindel
Music byTheo Mackeben
CinematographyWerner Krien
Edited byWolfgang Becker
Objektiv Film
Distributed bySchorcht Film
Release date
9 December 1947
Running time
103 minutes

It was shot at the Tempelhof Studios in Berlin and on location in the city. The film's sets were designed by the art directors Emil Hasler and Walter Kutz.



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