Anaa (TV series)

Anaa (transl.Ego) (previously titled Silsila ) is a 2019 Pakistani romantic drama television series, produced by Momina Duraid under their banner MD Productions. The serial airs weekly on Hum TV every Sunday replacing Tajdeed-e-Wafa. It stars Shehzad Sheikh, Hania Aamir, Naimal Khawar and Usman Mukhtar .[1][2][3][4] Amir also made her singing debut with title song of the series.[5][6]

Also known asSilsila
Written bySamira Fazal
Directed byShahzad Kashmiri
StarringHania Aamir
Shehzad Sheikh
Naimal Khawar
Usman Mukhtar
Opening themePyaar Hai Tumse Magar by Sahir Ali Bagga & Hania Aamir
Ending themeHaar Se Darr Lagtha Hai by Hania Aamir
Country of originPakistan
Original language(s)Urdu
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes30
Producer(s)Momina Duraid
Camera setupMulti-camera setup
Production company(s)MD Productions
DistributorHum Network Limited
Original networkHum TV
Picture formatPAL (576i) (HUM World/HUM Europe)
HDTV 1080i (Hum TV/HUM World HD)
Audio formatStereophonic sound
Original release17 February (2019-02-17) 
8 September 2019
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Daneen is a free-spirited girl who lives with her father Zahid and grandfather Arshad. She is in love with Areesh, a wealthy and handsome young man who is her second cousin. Areesh lives in Shamsher Nagar, with his family and paternal grandmother Sadia Begum. Despite raising Areesh, Saadia Begum has also raised Altamash and his younger sister Anya, who both are distant relatives of Sadia Begum and were orphaned when they were young children. Altamash is now a handsome young lad who is Areesh's best friend and dislikes Daneen. Daneen and Areesh's union is opposed by Sadia Begum due to some very serious family issues that happened 25 years ago. Saadia Begum's older son Waleed was in love with Nazia, his maternal cousin and the daughter of Arshad, but Nazia rejected him, causing Waleed to commit suicide. Nazia is Daneen's paternal aunt who was banished from her father's mansion 25 years ago when she chose to marry Waleed's friend Azam. Sadia Begum cannot forget this and strongly opposes Daneen and Areesh's marriage. Now Azam and Nazia live with their only daughter Izza.

One day, Daneen goes with Areesh to have a tattoo printed on her right arm. The tattoo is actually Areesh's name. On the same day, Areesh family; along with Anya, arrive at Daneen's house. Daneen arrives late, which angers Sadia Begum. Sadia Begum scolds Daneen in front of everyone for being childish and asks her who will marry her if she does not grow up, she says that Areesh will, which shocks everyone, especially Anya (who has feelings for Areesh). Infuriated, Sadia Begum leaves. The next day, she asks Nashwa about Daneen's whereabouts. Hesitated, Nashwa confesses that Daneen was late as she was gone for having a tattoo print on her arm. Later, Sadia Begum goes with Ghazanfar (Areesh's father) to Daneen's house to tell Zahid (Daneen's father) and her grandfather about Daneen's inappropriate act. Everyone gets shocked when they see that Daneen has a tattoo of Areesh's name, implying that she loves him. Sadia Begum then tells Ghazanfar and Muskan (Areesh's mother) that Areesh marriage should be fixed with Anya as she believes that Daneen is just following in her aunt's (Nazia's) footsteps. This causes a heart attack to Arshad which causes Sadia Begum to finally give in.

Daneen meets Izza at the hospital (without knowing that she is her first cousin) and after talking for an hour and becoming friends, Izza realizes that Daneen actually belongs to her mother's family and is her maternal cousin. But Izza does not disclose this to Daneen and the two maintain their friendship. Daneen invites Izza to her engagement where everyone is impressed by Izza's graceful behaviour, though no one knows that she is Nazia's daughter. Altamash is suspicious about Izza so he tracks details about her and finds out who she really is and later confronts Izza about it. Izza tells him that her only intention was to know her maternal family. Altamash promises not to reveal her secret.

Daneen's father, Zahid finds out that Daneen's friend Izza is actually his own niece. He goes to his sister's house and mends broken ties with her. Soon, Nazia, Azam and Izza, all visit Daneen's grandfather's house and Daneen's grandfather happily accepts his estranged daughter back to the family. However, Sadia Begum and Ghazanfar discover this and give Daneen two choices: either to marry Areesh and break all ties with her family or to break the engagement with Areesh. Daneen refuses to leave her family and the engagement is later broken. Areesh's marriage is fixed with Anya, Altamash's younger sister who has a difficult past. She was raped when she was ten years old. Anya wants to tell Areesh about this before their marriage. Meanwhile, Daneen decides to find a man and marry him before Areesh and Anya's marriage in order to take revenge.

Daneen finally finds a man named Saif who is a forty-year-old politician whose wife died seven years ago and he has not gotten over the loss. Daneen sees him to be the best match for her since she is heartbroken too. They both agree to marry each other, respecting the fact that they are both in love with other people and will maintain their distance even after getting married. Daneen also shows the tattoo she made on her arm for Areesh to Saif. Meanwhile, Izza is mad at Altamash because she believes he is the one who revealed her secret to Sadia Begum and Ghazanfar whereas the truth is that Altamash never betrayed her. Altamash tries his best to clear this misunderstanding to Izza.

Daneen and Zahid go to Shamsher Nagar to call Sadia Begum to come and visit Sher Ghar as Arshad misses her a lot but Ghazanfar throws them out of his house. Sadia Begum, who had broken all ties with her elder brother, is later devastated when her brother dies and feels guilty. Daneen insults her since she ruined her brother's last days. Areesh too feels guilty since he could not stick to the promise he had made to Daneen's grandfather -the promise of always standing by Daneen. However, Areesh now has no option other than marrying Anya. Meanwhile Daneen marries Saif.

Izza wants to work and is strongly opposed by Nazia as she thinks this will cause damage to Sher Ghar's pride. However, with the support of her father, Azam, Izza finally gets a job. But Altamash took Izza from the job interview as that job was not good for Izza .he offer a job to Izza at his office but she denies. Nazia starts manipulating Daneen to torture Sadia Begum and her family. Daneen is hesitant initially though Nazia manages to control her mind and makes her attend Anya and Areesh's wedding in her bridal dress to hurt Areesh by showing him what a gem he has lost. Areesh loses his control and wants to stop his marriage but Sadia Begum manages the situation. Furthermore, Altamash reveals to Anya that Areesh is clueless about Anya's rape story. Daneen later regrets doing what she did since Anya, an innocent soul, was hurt in the process. Areesh and Anya, now a married couple, have tense relations since it is perfectly clear that Areesh still loves Daneen and has no place for Anya in his heart. Anya decides to keep her rape story a secret.

Daneen tries to strengthen her bond with her husband, Saif. Saif is going on a business trip to Murree and decides to take Daneen there too on a 'honeymoon' and Daneen is overjoyed. She sees this trip as an opportunity to make her marriage work but fails because Saif has no interest in Daneen. Furthermore, Daneen has vowed to Anya to make Areesh love her so that the two can live a happy life together. Anya and Areesh grow closer to each other in terms of friendship though Areesh still loves Daneen just the way he used to. Izza and Altamash grow close to each other despite their contradictory personalities and constant arguments. Altamash and Izza meet at a party and text each other making Nazia (who was present there) suspicious about them. Altamash help izza in getting a job in a bank.later nazia asks Altamash to marry her Izza but Izza promptly rejects the idea. Saif turns out to be an abusive husband to Daneen. Also, Areesh's father Ghazanfar pressurizes Anya to get Altamash and Nashwa (Areesh's younger sister) married but Altamash does not agree nor does Nashwa.

Izza's father opposes Nazia's wish and takes Izza and Kabir (Izza's cousin) to their old house but Nazia doesn't come with them. Nazia wants Altamash to marry Izza and reject Nashwa to take revenge from Sadia Begum and Ghazanfer for they were the reason behind Azam paralysis (because they shot him) and they also did not let Nazia rejoin with her family. But Izza bluntly refuses (of marrying Altamash) in front of Sadia Begum, Nazia, Nashwa and Altamash. This causes Altamash to say 'Yes' for Nashwa and he does so. Meanwhile, Daneen is provoked by Areesh to get divorce from Saif so that he can marry Daneen.

Saif throws a formal party on which Areesh's family, Izza's family and Altamash were present among others. Daneen again blinded by love of Areesh sings a poem for Areesh apparently she was singing it for Saif but everyone knows that Daneen is singing it for Areesh. This causes a conflict between Daneen and Saif. Daneen clearly says Saif that she is in love with Areesh and she wants a divorce from him in order to marry Areesh. But Saif clearly says her that he would not divorce her because that may spoil his image. After coming from party Areesh finds about Anya pregnancy on hearing this news he is overjoyed and is happy with Anya forgetting once again the promises he made with Daneen. Altamash gives this news to Izza (who has come into his office to discuss about investment). On hearing this news from Izza, Daneen calls Areesh on which he says that he will never leave her but Daneen assures him that he has already left her.

Saif has called up Zahid and Nazia (Daneen's father and Aunt) to talk about Daneen's behaviour at the party and in their relationship. Izza is present but leaves for a short while to attend a call by Altamash who orders Izza to leave the place as he thinks that her support to Daneen is wrong. Izza refuses and says Daneen is to her what Anya is to Altamash. She returns to the room where Saif is complaining to Zahid who feels ashamed of his daughter's doings. Izza fights for Daneen by asking Saif if he had been fair to Daneen in their relationship Daneen would have not thought of going back to Areesh as Daneen must have tried for their relationship to work while Saif hadn't. Saif askes her to leave and leaves himself too.

Back at home, Zahid agrees with Saif's behaviour and declares his boycott to Daneen. Izza tries to reason with her uncle for a divorce but he and Nazia say there have never been and will never be divorces in Sher Ghar. Izza disagrees with their rules and says people of Sher Ghar would rather banish their relations and support the wrong doers. She feels Areesh should be punished for he is the one who caused Daneen to go astray. The next morning Izza goes to Areesh to ask him to go to Saif and agree of his wrongdoings to Daneen and that he motivated her to all. Altamash backs up Areesh disagreeing with Izza but Anya assures Izza that Areesh will go and end what he has started. Nashwa remains silent throughout.

Saif gives Daneen punishment by making her do his houses chores all the day and Daneen still thinks Areesh will come for her rescue. Altamash apologizes Izza for his behavior and promises to support her in decision of supporting Daneen. Altamash had said yes for Nashwa to help her get admission in art school but she says that she has fallen in love with him to which he replies that he has never loved her nor he will. Altamash also clarifies his position in front of Izza that he only helped Nashwa get into a art school and she is not his fiance. Furthermore he also gives Izza information about Daneen's worse condition. After ruining Daneen's life once again, Areesh plans a honeymoon for him and Anya. Nazia goes to meet Daneen and says her to come back to Sher Ghar but she refuses saying that she will only come when Areesh will come to rescue her.

Ghazanfar calls Altamash and threatens him that if he did not marry Nashwa he will send Anya home and take her child away. Nazia contacts Sadia Begum's personal maid and gives her financial advantages in order to tell her secrets of Shamsher Nagar. The maid told the secrets of Anya (her past story) and Nashwa (that she was caught with her boyfriend by Daneen and Anya) to Nazia. Nazia sends message about Anya's secret to Areesh and sends Nashwa's picture (which she took from Daneen's phone when she visited her) to Ghazanfar. Areesh becomes furious on knowing about Anya's past and realizes what a gem Daneen was. He goes to meet Nazia who tells him about Daneen condition as she is being treated harshly by her in-laws. Areesh then decides to live with Daneen not with Anya and goes to Saif’s house to take Daneen but Saif and his mother does not allow him to do that but Daneen tricks everyone and silently gets out of the house fooling the guard and quickly sits in Areesh’s car. Meanwhile Saif insults Areesh and tell his father all the situation and tell Areesh to get out. Areesh gets out of the house and angrily sits in the car. After seeing Daneen, he gets shocked and overexcited.

Areesh drove Daneen to the flat (he bought when they both got engaged). Meanwhile, the closeness between Izza and Altamash is getting stronger. Areesh then plans to take Daneen and move out of Pakistan. He shares his plan with his wife, Anya, who seems to support him all throughout. However, Anya plays a double game and sides with her in-laws, getting Daneen kidnapped. Daneen apologizes to everyone in shamshernagar and begs them to leave her alone but ghazanfar called saif. After seeing saif daneen jumps from the balcony. she was shifted to ICU, areesh came to visit her and fights with ghazanfar. Meanwhile, Altamash proposed to Izza and tells her that he wants to spend his entire life with her. Even though Izza wanted to say yes to his proposal, she denied and told altamash that her father had already set her marriage with Kabeer. Altamash assures Izza that this marrieage wont take place under any circumstances. Nazia tried to convince Izza to call the wedding off but Izza said that she will respect her father’s decision, even though she loves Altamash. Azam, Izzah’s father bears this conversation between his daughter and wife. When Kabeer and Izzah’s Nikkah is about to start, Altamash enters and tells everyone that he will always be by Izzah’s side and assures that Izza can depends on him. He also says that it is Izzah’s right to choose her own life partner and no one can force her. Listening to this, Azam tells Izza that if she wants to disagree, she can. Izza then disagrees. Meanwhile, daneen survives and anya tells Areesh that she helped ghazanfar in finding daneen and that she was part of the plan. Areesh became furious and left. Daneen escaped from the hospital and hid at izza's house. Nashwa plans to get anya and areesh killed and they were shot. Anya gave birth to a son and areesh was still in ICU. Izza argues with Altamash that he’s misunderstanding Daneen. Izza funds a flash drive in her driveway which said that Altamash killed a guy named Saleem. Altamash later realises, and confronts Daneen that he misunderstood her and apologizes. Daneen convinces Izza to patch things up with Altamash. Altamash apologizes to izzah, says that he truly loves her and she’s the most beautiful person he’s ever met. Izza then confronts Altamash and asks him if he killed someone. Altamash feels hurt that Izza doesn’t trust him and asks her to leave. Daneen helps the two to patch things up. Altamash visits Daneen at Izzah’s house. Daneen tells him to fix things with Izza and to send her abroad. Altamash replies I’m saying that Izza has a huge trust issue and a relationship can not survive if trust isn’t there. Daneen then tells Izza the entire story and the reason why Altamash killed that man. Which was that Manager Saleem raped Anya at a very young age. Daneen also tells Izza that Altamash takes good care of the Manager’s wife and kids. Daneen visits Areesh in the hospital and Ghazanfar surprisingly apologizes to Nazia and Daneen that he wronged them a lot and ruined their lives. Meanwhile, Altamash has a hunch that Nashwa is the one who planned to get Areesh and Anya killed. Nashwa disagrees and blames it on Altamash. Then Altamash opens Nashwas phone and shows the messages she sent the guy who shot her brother and pregnant sister in law, to Ghazanfar. Izza was also present there. Later, Izza goes to Altamash and apologizes. A very hurt Altamash says to Izza that she trusts everyone except for him. And asks Izza to leave. Meanwhile, Areesh recovered from his poor condition. Anya tells Altamash to book her and the baby’s tickets as she thinks that areesh will choose Daneen over her. Izza and Nazia visit areeah at ShamsherNagar. Altamash is also present there, but Daneen and Zahid are no where to be seen. Anya asks Izza where they are and in reply Areesh says that they’re in New York. Then a flashback is played in the episode where Daneen visits Areesh to tell him that she’s moving to the states with her father and will be back soon after completing her studies. Meanwhile, Nazia scolds Altamash that he’s very spoilt and should leave her daughter alone. Altamash realises his mistakes and talks to Izza about it. They start fresh and soon get married. The drama ends with Altamash teasing Izza and then complimenting her. The ShamsherNagar and SherGhar families them live happily ever after.



  • Hania Aamir as Daneen Saif (née Zahid); the heiress of Shergarh and the only child of Zahid Sher.
  • Shehzad Sheikh as Areesh Ghazanfar; the heir of Shamshernagar and the only son of Ghazanfar and Mumtaz.
  • Naimal Khawar Khan as Izza Khan; the only child of Nazia and Azam Khan.
  • Usman Mukhtar as Altamash; the older brother of Anya and Areesh's cousin.


  • Raju Jamil as Zahid Sher; the only son of Arshad Sher and nephew of Sadia Begum.
  • Tara Mahmood as Nazia Khan (née Sher); Zahid's younger sister.
  • Farhan Ali Agha as Azam Khan; Nazia's husband.
  • Irfan Khoosat as Arshad Sher; the older brother of Sadia.
  • Javeria Kamran as Nashwa Ghazanfar; the only daughter of Ghazanfar and Mumtaz.
  • Seemi Raheel as Sadia Begum; the younger sister of Arshad Sher and mother of Ghazanfar.
  • Shamil Khan as Ghazanfar; the younger son of Sadia Begum.
  • Areeba Shahood as Anya Areesh; the cousin and wife of Areesh.
  • Muqeet Khan as Kabir; Izza's paternal cousin.
  • Anusheh Aamir as Bina; Altamash's former girlfriend.
  • Alamdar Khan as Saif; a politician and husband of Daneen.

Critical reception

The show started with the a low rating of 3.3 trps. Its 2nd episode achieved a rating of 3.23 trps, 3rd episode garnered 4.52 trps, 4th episode garnered 3.7 trps, 5th episode earned 3.4 trps, 6th episode earned 3.0. Its 7th episode garnered a rating of 4.64 trps, 8th episode also earned 4.64 trps, 9th episode achieved the rating of 3.84 trps, 11th episode garnered 3.94 trps, 12th episode earned 1.69 trps. The OST of show has more than 5.5 million views on YouTube each episode has more than 2 million views. The sparkling chemistry of Izza (Naimal Khawar) and Altamash (Usman Mukhtar) has been applauded by the masses. Hania Amir's remarkable performance as Daneen has also been appreciated.


The series has been shot in the scenic locations of Chitral. The series was earlier titled Kainaat but the makers changed it to Anaa.[1][2] In an earlier interview with DAWN, Aamir said about her character, “This one has a journey very similar to a lot of individuals out there who own their individuality and their uniqueness and in return are not very much liked for just being themselves”.[2]


Anaa - OST
Soundtrack album by
Released14 February 2019 (2019-02-14)
GenreTelevision soundtrack
LabelHum TV
Music video
"Anaa" OST on YouTube

The title song was sung by Sahir Ali Bagga & Hania Amir. The music was composed by Sahir Ali Bagga and the lyrics were written by Imran Raza.


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