An Awful Moment

An Awful Moment is a 1908 American silent short drama film directed by D. W. Griffith. A print of the film exists in the film archive of the Library of Congress.[1]

An Awful Moment
Directed byD. W. Griffith
Written byD. W. Griffith
StarringGeorge Gebhardt
CinematographyArthur Marvin
Release date
  • December 18, 1908 (1908-12-18)
Running time
12 minutes (one reel)
CountryUnited States


Judge Mowbray sentences a man, at which a gypsy woman protests. The Judge later goes home and sees his wife and daughter. However the gypsy woman breaks into his house. She knocks out Mrs. Mowbray, gags her and ties her to a chair. She sets up a gun to shoot her dead when the door is opened. However the daughter wakes up and is able to tell her father, who saves his wife, and the gypsy woman is arrested.



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