American Record Guide

The American Record Guide (ARG) is a classical music magazine. It has reviewed classical music recordings since 1935.[1]

American Record Guide
EditorDonald Vroon
Categoriesmusic magazine
FounderPeter Hugh Reed
Year founded1935
CompanyRecord Guide Publications
CountryUnited States
Based inCincinnati, Ohio

Since 1992, with the incorporation of the Musical America editorial functions into ARG, it started covering concerts, musicians, ensembles and orchestras in the US.

The magazine prides itself in having "500 reviews in every issue, written by a freelance staff of over 80 writers and music critics."[2] In addition to new music releases, most issues contain an overview of the recordings of a single composer's works.

The editor, Donald Vroon, had been an NPR classical radio broadcaster and record reviewer in Buffalo, New York in the 1980s.

The magazine was founded by Peter Hugh Reed in May 1935 as the American Music Lover. It changed names to the American Record Guide in 1944. Reed was its editor and publisher until 1957.[3]


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