American Amateur Football Association Cup

The American Amateur Football Association Cup was an American football competition open to amateur teams affiliated with the American Amateur Football Association (AAFA). It played only two years, 1912 and 1913 before being superseded by the National Challenge Cup, now known as the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup.


In an October 1911 meeting, the New York State Football Association created the American Amateur Football Association (AAFA) and tasked it with standardising rules and procedures for U.S. football. In 1912, the AAFA initiated a national cup open to all amateur U.S. teams. Despite the national invitation, only twenty-four teams from the New York area entered.[1] The 1913 competition was no better, again all twenty-four teams hailed from the southern New England region. However, by that time, the AAFA was gaining a national membership and in April 1913, the AAFA was instrumental in forming the United States Football Association which became the U.S. governing body.[2] While the AAFA ran its cup that year, awarding the Dewar Trophy to the winner, that was the last year of competition. In 1914, the USFA began the National Challenge Cup. The Dewar Cup was also donated to the USFA which awarded it to the Challenge Cup victor.

Champions by year

Year Final Group Rank
Winner Runner-up
1912 Brooklyn Celtic Newark F.C.
1913 Yonkers F.C. Hollywood Inn F.C.

1912 Tournament

First Round


  • German AC
  • Brooklyn FC
  • Bronx United
  • Clan McKenzie
  • Greenpoint
  • Washington
  • Critchley


  • Eureka 0-9 Brooklyn Celtics
  • Clan McDonalds 4-0 Baltimore Sons of St. George 14 January
  • Sheffield 3-0 St. George (B) 7 January
  • Cameron 1-1 Newark 11 February
  • (replay) Newark 3-1 Cameron
  • Hollywood Inn 4-2 Columbia Oval 14 January
  • Arcadia Thistle 1-1 Clan Gordon
  • (replay) Arcadia Thistle 2-1 Clan Gordon
  • Boys Club forfeit to St. George FC (A)
  • Yonkers 2-2 Anglo-Saxons
  • (replay) Yonkers 6-1 Anglo-Saxon
  • Clan McDuff 2-2 NY Celtics
  • (replay) NY Celtics 3-0 Clan McDuff
Round of 16Quarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
25 February
Clan MacDonald8
24 March/7 April - Brooklyn
Clan McKenzie0
Clan MacDonald1-1
25 February
Brooklyn Celtic1-2
Brooklyn Celtic8
14 April - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Celtic5
Critchley F.C.0
Critchley F.C.w/o
17 March
Brooklyn F.C.
Critchley F.C.2
25 February
Sheffield A.F.C.0
Sheffield A.F.C.2
11 May - Brooklyn
Washington F.C.1
Brooklyn Celtic3
25 February
Newark F.C.0
Newark F.C.4
St. George F.C.2
Newark F.C.w/o
Bronx United
New York Celtic0
14 April
Bronx United2
Newark F.C.5
Hollywood Inn2
Yonkers F.C.1-0
24 March
Hollywood Inn1-1
Hollywood Inn8
3 March
Arcadia Thistle1
Arcadia Thistle1-6
German F.C.1-2


Brooklyn Celtic (NY)30Newark F.C. (NJ)
Marquette Oval; Brooklyn, New York
Attendance: 3,500
Referee: C. Creighton

Brooklyn- GK Gavin, DF J. Robertson, A. Robertson, MF Flanagan, O'Hare, Owens, FW McPherson, Campion, O'Halloran, King, McKenzie.
Newark- GK Dowie, DF W.Montgomery, James Leggatt, MF Broadbent, McNeil, Dunlop, FW Piell, Wregg, A. Montgomery, Aitken, John Leggatt.

1913 Tournament

First Round

The first round was played on 27 October 1912.

  • Yonkers 3-0 St. George United - Yonkers, NY
  • Hibernians 1-1 Holy Cross - Montgomery Park, Jersey City
  • (replay) Holy Cross 3-0 Hibernian - Park View Oval, Newark November 3
  • St. George 2-1 Clan Mackenzie - Marquette Oval, Brooklyn (protested)
  • (replay) St. George 1-0 Clan Mackenzie - Marquette Oval, Brooklyn 17 November
  • Sheffield 3-0 Columbia Oval - Park View Oval, Newark
  • (replay) Sheffield 2-1 Columbia Oval - Van Cortlandt Park November 3
  • Brooklyn Celtic 1-0 Newark - Morris Park, Newark
  • Fulton 1-0 Eureka - Eureka Park, NY
  • Clan MacDonald 7-0 Bayonne Thistles - Bayonne, NJ
  • Cameron 2-1 Greenpoint Rovers - Hawthorne Oval, Brooklyn
  • Byes- Hollywood Inn (Yonkers), Critchley (Brooklyn), Washington, German, New York Celtic, Clan MacDuff, Anglo-Saxon, White Rose (Astoria).
Round of 16Quarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
24 November - Newark
Yonkers F.C.6
5 January - Yonkers
Holy Cross F.C.2
Yonkers F.C.10
November 24 - Astoria
Anglo-Saxon F.C.2
Anglo-Saxon F.C.5
9 March - New York
White Rose F.C.1
Yonkers F.C.4
24 November - Brooklyn
St. George F.C.0
St. George F.C.3
5 January 12 - New York
New York Celtic2
St. George F.C.3-5
24 November - New York City
German F.C.3-4
German F.C.4
12 April - New York
Sheffield A.F.C.2
Yonkers F.C.3
November 24 - Brooklyn
Hollywood Inn0
Hollywood Inn1
5 January - Yonkers
Brooklyn Celtic0
Hollywood Inn3
24 November/1 December 8 - New York
Clan MacDuff1
Clan MacDuff6 a
March 23 - Brooklyn
Fulton A.C.4
Hollywood Inn3
24 November - Brooklyn
Clan MacDonald1
Clan MacDonald4
5 January - Brooklyn
Washington F.C.0
Clan MacDonald2
Critchley F.C.0
Critchley F.C.
Cameron F.C.

a) aggregate after 3 games


Yonkers F.C. (NY)30Hollywood Inn (NY)
25' Billy Waldron(Whitehouse)
65' Mike King(Kerr)
75' Mike King(Whitehouse)
Lenox Oval;
Attendance: 2,000
Referee: Mr. Williams (N.Y.S.L)

Yonkers- Raitt, Dearns, Stewart, Kerr(c), Hill, Dennison, Waldron, McQueen, Kydd, King, Whitehouse.
Hollywood Inn- McCormack, Taylor, Martin, Ewen, Gibb, Butler, McLeod, Campion, McNeill, Lawrie, Salmond.

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