Always Trouble with the Teachers

Always Trouble with the Teachers (German: Immer Ärger mit den Paukern) is a 1968 West German comedy film directed by Harald Vock and starring Roy Black, Uschi Glas and Peter Weck.[1]

Always Trouble with the Teachers
Directed byHarald Vock
Written by
  • Janne Furch
  • August Rieger
Music byClaudius Alzner
CinematographyKurt Junek
Distributed byGloria Film
Release date
18 October 1968
Running time
80 minutes
CountryWest Germany

Partial cast

  • Roy Black as Peter Hartung, Student
  • Uschi Glas as Dagmar, Modeschülerin
  • Georg Thomalla as Dr. Schwabmann
  • Peter Weck as Studienrat Dr. Berger
  • Franziska Oehme as Christa, Assistantin
  • Jan Koester as Paul Hartung, Schüler
  • Corinna Genest as Fräulein von Ebendorf
  • Sissy Löwinger as Therese
  • Roland Astor as Hans Werner
  • Monika Strauch as Modeschülerin
  • Klaus Hoeft as Schüler
  • Helga Tölle as Modeschülerin


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