Althea Willoughby

Althea Willoughby (1904–1982[1]) was a British artist. She worked as a book and magazine illustrator, painted decorative tiles and made wood engravings.[1]

Althea Willoughby
Born1904 (1904)
Died1982 (aged 7778)
Other namesAlthea Wolton
Alma materRoyal College of Art


Willoughby was born in London.[2] Her mother, Vera Willoughby was also a professional illustrator[1] and her father was the actor Lewis Willoughby.[2]

Willoughby was educated at the Royal College of Art during the 1920s.[2] Her work was exhibited at the Redfern Gallery in 1930 and at the The British Art in India exhibition of 1935.[1]

Willoughby designed the woodcut frontispiece for Alexander Somerton's The Glades of Glenbella (1929)[3] and illustrated three volumes of Faber and Faber's Ariel Poems: James Stephens' The Outcast (1929), D. H. Lawrence's The Triumph of the Machine (1930), and Henry Newbolt's A Child is Born (1931) She designed posters for London Transport,[1] including Chrysanthemums in London's Parks (1933),[4][5] and for the Southern Railway.[6] She also designed patterned papers for the Curwen Press.[7][8]

After marriage, Willoughby was known as Althea Wolton.[9]

Her work is in collections including the Olga Hirsch Collection of Decorated Papers at the British Library, [10] and that of the Victoria and Albert Museum.[8]


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