Alliance for Climate Education

Alliance for Climate Education, or ACE, educates young people on the science of climate change and empowers them to take action. ACE is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides educational resources on climate science and justice, as well training for young climate leaders. Since 2008, ACE has reached more than 2,000,000 students nationwide.[1]

Alliance for Climate Education
PurposeEnvironmental education and youth advocacy
  • United States of America



ACE provides in-person assemblies at high schools nationwide. The assembly is noted for its engaging multimedia content, dynamic presenters, and effectiveness in connecting with hard-to-reach teen audiences.[2] A 2014 study by Stanford, Yale, and George Mason University showed that after viewing the live ACE Assembly, students demonstrated a 27% increase in climate science knowledge, more than one-third (38%) became more engaged on the issue of climate change, and the number of students who talked to parents or peers about climate change more than doubled.[3]

ACE also offers Our Climate Our Future, an online multimedia resource for schools. Using animation, music, video, and interactivity, it teaches students the latest climate science and inspire young people to take action.[4]


ACE gives students opportunities to take action on climate change, digitally as well as in person. Through online advocacy, ACE encourages young people nationwide to speak up on climate issues. ACE works with regional partners to connect youth leaders to climate campaigns where they can have immediate, real world impact. The Action Fellowship training program gives young people the knowledge, skills, and confidence to be powerful climate leaders.[5]

ACE youth leaders have lobbied elected officials for pro-climate policies including energy efficiency,[6] fossil fuel divestment,[7] and renewable energy.[8] They have also spoken at high-profile events such as the United Nations,[9] Bioneers,[10] and Climate Action 2016.[11]


Awards for ACE's work include the White House Champion of Change Award for Climate Literacy, the National Center for Science Education Friend of the Planet Award, the AQMD Award for Public Education on Air Quality Issues, the EPA Environmental Merit Award, and the Climate Change Communicator of the Year Award.[12]

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