Allen G. Siegler

Allen G. Siegler was an American cinematographer who lensed nearly 200 films and TV episodes between 1914 and 1952.[1] He worked at Columbia Pictures for many years, and was an early member of the American Society of Cinematographers.[2][3][4]

Allen G. Siegler
Allen Graydon Siegler

June 26, 1892
Newark, New Jersey, USA
DiedSeptember 21, 1960 (aged 68)
Los Angeles, California, USA


Allen was born in Newark, New Jersey, to Frederick Siegler and Flora Wood. He started working as a cameraman around 1914, picking up dozens of credits over the ensuing decades on films by directors like Lois Weber and Sam Newfield. During World War II, he took a break from Hollywood to serve in the U.S. Naval Reserve's photographic and motion picture unit.[5] He had two daughters with his wife, Gertrude.

Selected filmography


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