All Japan Ice hockey Championship

The All Japan Ice hockey Championship (全日本アイスホッケー選手権大会) is an annual ice hockey tournament for Japanese teams, that began in 1930, making the tournament one of the oldest sporting competitions in the country.

All Japan Ice hockey Championship
SportIce hockey
No. of teams8
Country Japan
Most recent
Nikkō Ice Bucks
Most titlesOji Eagles (35)
TV partner(s)NHK

The tournament, organized by the Japan Ice Hockey Federation, is an open competition for professional (Japan has four Asia League teams), amateur, and university teams from around the country (limited berths for each region). It is usually played during one week in February in a pre-designated city, with a single-elimination tournament.

All Japan Ice Hockey champions

Year Place Winner
1930 Nikkō Keio University
1931 Nagano Manchuria Medical University
1932 Hachinohe Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1933 Nikkō Waseda University
1934 Tōkyō Keio University
1935 Tōkyō Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1936 Tōkyō Waseda University
1937 Tōkyō Rikkyo University
1938 Sapporo Waseda University
1939 Tōkyō Rikkyo University
1940 Tōkyō Meiji University
1941 Tōkyō Meiji University
1942 Hachinohe Kantō Team
1943 Gunma Manchuria Team
1947 Hachinohe Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1948 Morioka Hachinohe White Bears
1950 Tomakomai Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1951 Nikkō Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1952 Tōkyō Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1953 Nikkō Furukawa Electric Tochigi
1954 Nikkō Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1955 Ōsaka Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1956 Nagoya Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1957 Ōsaka Iwakura Tomakomai &

Oji Seishi Tomakomai

1958 Nagoya Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1959 Nikkō, Tōkyō Furukawa Electric Tochigi
1960 Fukuoka Furukawa Electric Tochigi
1961 Tomakomai Iwakura Tomakomai
1962 Nikkō Furukawa Electric Tochigi
1963 Tōkyō Iwakura Tomakomai
1964 Tōkyō Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1965 Tōkyō Iwakura Tomakomai
1966 Tomakomai Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1967 Tōkyō Iwakura Tomakomai
1968 Tōkyō Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1969 Tōkyō Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1970 Tōkyō Seibu Tetsudo Tokyo
1971 Tōkyō Seibu Tetsudo Tokyo
1972 Tōkyō Seibu Tetsudo Tokyo
1973 Tōkyō Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1974 Tōkyō Seibu Tetsudo Tokyo
1975 Tōkyō Kokudo Keikaku Tokyo
1976 Sapporo Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1977 Tōkyō Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1978 Tōkyō Seibu Tetsudo Tokyo
1979 Tōkyō Seibu Tetsudo Tokyo
1980 Tōkyō Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1981 Tōkyō Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1982 Tōkyō Kokudo Keikaku Tokyo
1983 Tōkyō Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1984 Tōkyō Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1985 Tōkyō Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1986 Tōkyō Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1987 Tōkyō Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1988 Tōkyō Kokudo Keikaku Tokyo
1989 Tōkyō Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1990 Tōkyō Kokudo Keikaku Tokyo
1992 Tomakomai, Sapporo Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1993 Tōkyō Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1994 Sapporo Shin Oji Tomakomai
1995 Tōkyō Shin Oji Tomakomai
1996 Sapporo Shin Oji Tomakomai
1997 Nagano Kokudo Tokyo
1998 Tomakomai Kokudo Tokyo
1999 Tōkyō Kokudo Tokyo
2000 Tōkyō Oji Seishi Tomakomai
2001 Sapporo Seibu Tetsudo Tokyo
2002 Tōkyō Oji Seishi Tomakomai
2003 Sapporo Kokudo Tokyo
2004 Sapporo Kokudo Tokyo
2005 Nagano Oji Seishi Tomakomai
2006 Sapporo Nippon Paper Cranes
2007 Hachinohe Nippon Paper Cranes
2008 Kushiro Seibu Prince Rabbits
2009 Tōkyō Seibu Prince Rabbits
2010 Tomakomai Nippon Paper Cranes
2011 Nikkō Nippon Paper Cranes
2012 Hachinohe Nippon Paper Cranes
2013 Yokohama Oji Eagles
2014 Sapporo Nippon Paper Cranes
2015 Yokohama H.C. Tochigi Nikkō Ice Bucks
2016 Sapporo Nippon Paper Cranes
2017 Nagano Oji Eagles
2018 Tokyo Tohoku Free Blades
2019 Tokyo H.C. Tochigi Nikkō Ice Bucks

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