All City High

All City High (also known as John Marshall High School) is located at 180 Ridgeway Ave in Rochester, New York near Kodak Park.

All City High
Number of students1,000+
Color(s)Blue and Orange
AthleticsBasketball, Baseball, Softball, Football, Wrestling, Tennis

The school was opened in 1936 and the school population was made up of a white population. It is home to a law academy and video classes, among many other activities.

In 2008, the school was cited due to its "high exposure to toxic chemicals."[1]

This school is unrelated to the John Marshall High School in Rochester, Minnesota.


  • Hispanic 11.3%
  • White 7.3%
  • African American 80.1%
  • Asian 0.1%
  • Native American 0.4% [2]

All City High's free/reduced lunch rate is 74% of the students.[2]


The school has 2 gyms (a large and small one), 1 large auditorium, 4 floors, a football field, two diamonds used for baseball and softball, a track and a swimming pool. It also has its own health clinic within the school that students and teachers can use.


It has after programs such as the Mock trial team, a FIRST robotics team, chess, masterminds, JROTC and sport teams. The major programs are football, basketball, track and field, wrestling, baseball, and softball. The school is widely known for its critically acclaimed steel drum band, "Urban Steel" led by Mary Taylor, the school's beloved music teacher.

For many years, the All City High swim team held the US record for consecutive wins, well over 100 meets in a row.

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