All-Australian team

The All-Australian team is an all star team of Australian rules footballers, selected by a panel at the end of each season. It represents a complete team, including an interchange bench, of the best performed players during the season, led by that season's premiership coach.

Despite its nature, the All-Australian team is only ceremonial; the AFL has not played any all-star and/or interstate matches since 2008, and the difference in skill level between the All-Australian team and the nearest international competitor is currently too large for any contest to be competitive.

From 1998 to 2004, the Australian international rules team was mainly composed of All-Australians, and from 2005 to 2013 the team for the annual International Rules Series was selected according to the quite different requirements of International rules football.

This change was reverted ahead of the 2014 series, with only players who have been selected at least once in any All-Australian team being eligible for selection.


The earliest concept considered to be a precursor to the All-Australian team was an annual team selected by Sporting Life magazine between 1947 and 1955. A panel of sportswriters at the magazine selected a full team of eighteen from all ANFC-affiliated competitions. For a time, AFL historians considered these teams to be official All-Australian teams, but no longer recognises them as such.[1]

The first official All-Australian team was selected in 1953, immediately after the Australian Football Carnival, which was held in Adelaide on that occasion. Based solely upon performances at the carnival, the All-Australian team was selected by representatives of the various state teams. This tradition continued at all subsequent interstate carnivals until 1988.

In 1991, following the VFL's conversion to a national competition and its renaming as the Australian Football League (AFL), an annual All-Australian team based on performances during the AFL premiership season was introduced.[2]

Since 1999, the All-Australian coach is the coach of the premiership-winning side that year.

Prior to 2007, only the final selections in the All-Australian team were announced. Since 2007, the All-Australian selection committee has nominated the 40 leading players of the year in their playing positions at the conclusion of the home and away season, before announcing the final 22 at a later date during the All-Australian Presentation Dinner.[3] The current All-Australian selection panel consists of chairman Gillon McLachlan, Kevin Bartlett, Luke Darcy, Danny Frawley, Steve Hocking, Glen Jakovich, Chris Johnson, Cameron Ling, Matthew Richardson and Warren Tredrea.

In addition to the senior All-Australian team, each year an All-Australian is announced based on the AFL National Under 18 Championships and the AFL National Under 16 Championships.

The following lists are for senior teams only.


AFL era: 1991–present


2019 All-Australian team
B: Tom Stewart (Geelong) Harris Andrews (Brisbane Lions) Dylan Grimes (Richmond)
HB: Bachar Houli (Richmond) Jeremy McGovern (West Coast) Shannon Hurn (West Coast) (vice-captain)
C: Marcus Bontempelli (Western Bulldogs) Patrick Cripps (Carlton) Tim Kelly (Geelong)
HF: Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong) Jeremy Cameron (Greater Western Sydney) Michael Walters (Fremantle)
F: Jack Darling (West Coast) Tom Hawkins (Geelong) Charlie Cameron (Brisbane Lions)
Foll: Brodie Grundy (Collingwood) Nat Fyfe (Fremantle) (captain) Lachie Neale (Brisbane Lions)
Int: Scott Pendlebury (Collingwood) Elliot Yeo (West Coast) Max Gawn (Melbourne)
Jack Macrae (Western Bulldogs)    
Coach: Damien Hardwick (Richmond)


2018 All-Australian team
B: Tom Stewart (Geelong) Alex Rance (Richmond) Rory Laird (Adelaide)
HB: Shannon Hurn (West Coast) Jeremy McGovern (West Coast) Lachie Whitfield (Greater Western Sydney)
C: Andrew Gaff (West Coast) Dustin Martin (Richmond) Steele Sidebottom (Collingwood)
HF: Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong) (vice-captain) Lance Franklin (Sydney) (captain) Robbie Gray (Port Adelaide)
F: Jack Gunston (Hawthorn) Jack Riewoldt (Richmond) Luke Breust (Hawthorn)
Foll: Max Gawn (Melbourne) Patrick Cripps (Carlton) Tom Mitchell (Hawthorn)
Int: Brodie Grundy (Collingwood) Clayton Oliver (Melbourne) Shaun Higgins (North Melbourne)
Shane Edwards (Richmond)    
Coach: Adam Simpson (West Coast)


2017 All-Australian team
B: Michael Hibberd (Melbourne) Alex Rance (Richmond) (captain) Jeremy McGovern (West Coast)
HB: Rory Laird (Adelaide) Michael Hurley (Essendon) Sam Docherty (Carlton)
C: Josh Kelly (Greater Western Sydney) Dustin Martin (Richmond) Zach Merrett (Essendon)
HF: Robbie Gray (Port Adelaide) Lance Franklin (Sydney) Dayne Zorko (Brisbane Lions)
F: Joe Daniher (Essendon) Josh Kennedy (West Coast) (vice-captain) Eddie Betts (Adelaide)
Foll: Paddy Ryder (Port Adelaide) Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong) Tom Mitchell (Hawthorn)
Int: Matt Crouch (Adelaide) Elliot Yeo (West Coast) Joel Selwood (Geelong)
Dylan Shiel (Greater Western Sydney)    
Coach: Damien Hardwick (Richmond)


2016 All-Australian team
B: Dane Rampe (Sydney) Alex Rance (Richmond) Jeremy McGovern (West Coast)
HB: Heath Shaw (Greater Western Sydney) Daniel Talia (Adelaide) Corey Enright (Geelong)
C: Dan Hannebery (Sydney) Josh Kennedy (Sydney) Rory Sloane (Adelaide) (vice-captain)
HF: Toby Greene (Greater Western Sydney) Lance Franklin (Sydney) Cyril Rioli (Hawthorn)
F: Eddie Betts (Adelaide) Josh Kennedy (West Coast) Tom Lynch (Gold Coast)
Foll: Max Gawn (Melbourne) Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong) Joel Selwood (Geelong) (captain)
Int: Marcus Bontempelli (Western Bulldogs) Luke Parker (Sydney) Dustin Martin (Richmond)
Matthew Boyd (Western Bulldogs)    
Coach: Luke Beveridge (Western Bulldogs)


2015 All-Australian team
B: Josh Gibson (Hawthorn) Alex Rance (Richmond) Heath Shaw (Greater Western Sydney)
HB: Easton Wood (Western Bulldogs) Michael Hurley (Essendon) Robert Murphy (Western Bulldogs) (captain)
C: Dan Hannebery (Sydney) Matt Priddis (West Coast) Andrew Gaff (West Coast)
HF: Chad Wingard (Port Adelaide) Jack Riewoldt (Richmond) Cyril Rioli (Hawthorn)
F: Eddie Betts (Adelaide) Josh Kennedy (West Coast) (vice-captain) Jake Stringer (Western Bulldogs)
Foll: Todd Goldstein (North Melbourne) Nat Fyfe (Fremantle) Patrick Dangerfield (Adelaide)
Int: Brett Deledio (Richmond) Robbie Gray (Port Adelaide) Sam Mitchell (Hawthorn)
David Mundy (Fremantle)    
Coach: Alastair Clarkson (Hawthorn)


2014 All-Australian team
B: Cale Hooker (Essendon) Daniel Talia (Adelaide) Nick Smith (Sydney)
HB: Nick Malceski (Sydney) Alex Rance (Richmond) Brodie Smith (Adelaide)
C: Nathan Fyfe (Fremantle) Josh Kennedy (Sydney) Dyson Heppell (Essendon)
HF: Robbie Gray (Port Adelaide) Nick Riewoldt (St Kilda) (vice-captain) Luke Breust (Hawthorn)
F: Hayden Ballantyne (Fremantle) Lance Franklin (Sydney) Jarryd Roughead (Hawthorn)
Foll: Aaron Sandilands (Fremantle) Joel Selwood (Geelong) (captain) Gary Ablett Jr. (Gold Coast)
Int: Jordan Lewis (Hawthorn) Scott Pendlebury (Collingwood) Travis Boak (Port Adelaide)
Tom Rockliff (Brisbane Lions)    
Coach: Alastair Clarkson (Hawthorn)



2013 All-Australian team[4]
B: Corey Enright (Geelong) Scott Thompson (North Melbourne) Michael Johnson (Fremantle)
HB: Jarrad McVeigh (Sydney) Harry Taylor (Geelong) Sam Mitchell (Hawthorn)
C: Ryan Griffen (Western Bulldogs) Joel Selwood (Geelong) (captain) Scott Pendlebury (Collingwood)
HF: Patrick Dangerfield (Adelaide) Travis Cloke (Collingwood) Kieren Jack (Sydney)
F: Jarryd Roughead (Hawthorn) Jeremy Cameron (Greater Western Sydney) Chad Wingard (Port Adelaide)
Foll: Will Minson (Western Bulldogs) Dane Swan (Collingwood) Gary Ablett Jr. (Gold Coast) (vice-captain)
Int: Travis Boak (Port Adelaide) Dan Hannebery (Sydney) Jobe Watson (Essendon)
Andrew Mackie (Geelong)
Coach: Alastair Clarkson (Hawthorn)


2012 All-Australian team[5]
B: Sean Dempster (St Kilda) Luke McPharlin (Fremantle) Darren Glass (West Coast) (captain)
HB: Beau Waters (West Coast) Ted Richards (Sydney) Grant Birchall (Hawthorn)
C: Trent Cotchin (Richmond) Jobe Watson (Essendon) Dayne Beams (Collingwood)
HF: Patrick Dangerfield (Adelaide) Lance Franklin (Hawthorn) Cyril Rioli (Hawthorn)
F: Stephen Milne (St Kilda) Tom Hawkins (Geelong) Dean Cox (West Coast)
Foll: Nic Naitanui (West Coast) Scott Thompson (Adelaide) Gary Ablett Jr. (Gold Coast) (vice-captain)
Int: Brett Deledio (Richmond) Josh Kennedy (Sydney) Scott Pendlebury (Collingwood)
Dane Swan (Collingwood)
Coach: John Longmire (Sydney)


  • Despite being awarded the Brownlow Medal retrospectively alongside Trent Cotchin over four years later in November 2016, Sam Mitchell was not selected in the team, but was selected in the initial squad of 40.


2011 All-Australian team[6]
B: Matthew Scarlett (Geelong) Darren Glass (West Coast) Corey Enright (Geelong)
HB: Robert Murphy (Western Bulldogs) Ben Reid (Collingwood) Leon Davis (Collingwood)
C: Dale Thomas (Collingwood) Sam Mitchell (Hawthorn) Scott Pendlebury (Collingwood)
HF: Marc Murphy (Carlton) Travis Cloke (Collingwood) Dane Swan (Collingwood)
F: Stephen Milne (St Kilda) Lance Franklin (Hawthorn) Adam Goodes (Sydney)
Foll: Dean Cox (West Coast) Chris Judd (Carlton) (vice-captain) Gary Ablett Jr. (Gold Coast) (captain)
Int: Matthew Boyd (Western Bulldogs) Nick Dal Santo (St Kilda) James Kelly (Geelong)
Drew Petrie (North Melbourne)
Coach: Chris Scott (Geelong)


2010 All-Australian team[7]
B: James Frawley (Melbourne) Brian Lake (Western Bulldogs) Corey Enright (Geelong)
HB: Brendon Goddard (St Kilda) Harry Taylor (Geelong) Harry O'Brien (Collingwood)
C: Leigh Montagna (St Kilda) Luke Hodge (Hawthorn) (captain) Joel Selwood (Geelong)
HF: Alan Didak (Collingwood) Lance Franklin (Hawthorn) Paul Chapman (Geelong)
F: Barry Hall (Western Bulldogs) Jack Riewoldt (Richmond) Mark LeCras (West Coast)
Foll: Aaron Sandilands (Fremantle) Dane Swan (Collingwood) Gary Ablett Jr. (Geelong) (vice-captain)
Int: Mark Jamar (Melbourne) Steve Johnson (Geelong) Chris Judd (Carlton)
Scott Pendlebury (Collingwood)
Coach: Mick Malthouse (Collingwood)


2009 All-Australian team[8]
B: Corey Enright (Geelong) Matthew Scarlett (Geelong) Brian Lake (Western Bulldogs)
HB: Simon Goodwin (Adelaide) Craig Bolton (Sydney) Nick Maxwell (Collingwood)
C: Leigh Montagna (St Kilda) Lenny Hayes (St Kilda) Joel Selwood (Geelong)
HF: Paul Chapman (Geelong) Nick Riewoldt (St Kilda) (captain) Dane Swan (Collingwood)
F: Leon Davis (Collingwood) Brendan Fevola (Carlton) Jonathan Brown (Brisbane Lions)
Foll: Aaron Sandilands (Fremantle) Chris Judd (Carlton) (vice-captain) Gary Ablett Jr. (Geelong)
Int: Matthew Boyd (Western Bulldogs) Nick Dal Santo (St Kilda) Brendon Goddard (St Kilda)
Adam Goodes (Sydney)
Coach: Mark Thompson (Geelong)


2008 All-Australian team[8]
B: Dale Morris (Western Bulldogs) Matthew Scarlett (Geelong) Tom Harley (Geelong) (vice-captain)
HB: Luke Hodge (Hawthorn) Nathan Bock (Adelaide) Samuel Fisher (St Kilda)
C: Jimmy Bartel (Geelong) Joel Corey (Geelong) Adam Cooney (Western Bulldogs)
HF: Steve Johnson (Geelong) Nick Riewoldt (St Kilda) Brent Harvey (North Melbourne)
F: Brendan Fevola (Carlton) Lance Franklin (Hawthorn) Paul Medhurst (Collingwood)
Foll: Dean Cox (West Coast) Chris Judd (Carlton) (captain) Gary Ablett Jr. (Geelong)
Int: Corey Enright (Geelong) Matthew Pavlich (Fremantle) Matthew Richardson (Richmond)
Aaron Sandilands (Fremantle)
Coach: Alastair Clarkson (Hawthorn)


2007 All-Australian team[8]
B: Matthew Scarlett (Geelong) Darren Glass (West Coast) Darren Milburn (Geelong)
HB: Andrew McLeod (Adelaide) (captain) Matthew Egan (Geelong) Campbell Brown (Hawthorn)
C: Kane Cornes (Port Adelaide) Jimmy Bartel (Geelong) Chad Cornes (Port Adelaide)
HF: Steve Johnson (Geelong) Jonathan Brown (Brisbane) (vice-captain) Brent Harvey (Kangaroos)
F: Brad Johnson (Bulldogs) Matthew Pavlich (Fremantle) Cameron Mooney (Geelong)
Foll: Dean Cox (West Coast) Daniel Kerr (West Coast) Gary Ablett Jr. (Geelong)
Int: Joel Corey (Geelong) Dustin Fletcher (Essendon) Brendon Lade (Port Adelaide)
Cameron Ling (Geelong)
Coach: Mark Thompson (Geelong)


  • For the first occasion, a preliminary squad of 40 was announced.


2006 All-Australian team[8]
B: Nathan Bassett (Adelaide) Darren Glass (West Coast) Lindsay Gilbee (Bulldogs)
HB: Craig Bolton (Sydney) Joel Bowden (Richmond) Andrew McLeod (Adelaide)
C: Simon Goodwin (Adelaide) Scott West (Bulldogs) Adam Goodes (Sydney)
HF: Alan Didak (Collingwood) Barry Hall (Sydney) (vice-captain) Ryan O'Keefe (Sydney)
F: Brad Johnson (Bulldogs) (captain) Brendan Fevola (Carlton) Nick Riewoldt (St Kilda)
Foll: Brendon Lade (Port Adelaide) Chris Judd (West Coast) Ben Cousins (West Coast)
Int: Shaun Burgoyne (Port Adelaide) Dean Cox (West Coast) James McDonald (Melbourne)
Matthew Pavlich (Fremantle)
Coach: John Worsfold (West Coast)


2005 All-Australian team[8]
B: David Wirrpanda (West Coast) Ben Rutten (Adelaide) James Clement (Collingwood)
HB: Joel Bowden (Richmond) Trent Croad (Hawthorn) Luke Hodge (Hawthorn)
C: Nick Dal Santo (St Kilda) Scott West (Bulldogs) Lenny Hayes (St Kilda)
HF: Mark Ricciuto (Adelaide) (captain) Matthew Pavlich (Fremantle) Shannon Grant (Kangaroos)
F: Brad Johnson (Bulldogs) Barry Hall (Sydney) Peter Everitt (Hawthorn)
Foll: Dean Cox (West Coast) Luke Ball (St Kilda) Ben Cousins (West Coast) (vice-captain)
Int: Leo Barry (Sydney) Kane Cornes (Port Adelaide) Simon Goodwin (Adelaide)
Brent Harvey (Kangaroos)
Coach: Paul Roos (Sydney)


2004 All-Australian team[8]
B: Leo Barry (Sydney) Matthew Scarlett (Geelong) Chris Johnson (Brisbane)
HB: Austinn Jones (St Kilda) Chad Cornes (Port Adelaide) Adam McPhee (Essendon)
C: Chris Judd (West Coast) Simon Black (Brisbane) Nigel Lappin (Brisbane)
HF: Jason Akermanis (Brisbane) Warren Tredrea (Port Adelaide) (vice-captain) Nick Riewoldt (St Kilda)
F: Barry Hall (Sydney) Fraser Gehrig (St Kilda) Luke Power (Brisbane)
Foll: Jeff White (Melbourne) Mark Ricciuto (Adelaide) (captain) Scott West (Bulldogs)
Int: James Clement (Collingwood) Chad Fletcher (West Coast) Brett Kirk (Sydney)
Matthew Lappin (Carlton)
Coach: Mark Williams (Port Adelaide)


2003 All-Australian team[8]
B: Gavin Wanganeen (Port Adelaide) Matthew Scarlett (Geelong) Joel Smith (Hawthorn)
HB: Rohan Smith (Bulldogs) Justin Leppitsch (Brisbane) Nigel Lappin (Brisbane)
C: Lenny Hayes (St Kilda) Michael Voss (Brisbane) (captain) Paul Williams (Sydney)
HF: Matthew Pavlich (Fremantle) Warren Tredrea (Port Adelaide) Mark Ricciuto (Adelaide)
F: Phillip Matera (West Coast) Matthew Lloyd (Essendon) Chris Tarrant (Collingwood)
Foll: Adam Goodes (Sydney) Nathan Buckley (Collingwood) (vice-captain)[9] Peter Bell (Fremantle)
Int: James Hird (Essendon) Michael Gardiner (West Coast) Paul Hasleby (Fremantle)
Robert Harvey (St Kilda)
Coach: Leigh Matthews (Brisbane)


2002 All-Australian team[8]
B: Chris Johnson (Brisbane) Matthew Pavlich (Fremantle) Glenn Archer (Kangaroos)
HB: Brett Montgomery (Port Adelaide) Justin Leppitsch (Brisbane) Ben Hart (Adelaide)
C: Jason Akermanis (Brisbane) Simon Black (Brisbane) Adem Yze (Melbourne)
HF: Michael Voss (Brisbane) (captain) Warren Tredrea (Port Adelaide) Brad Johnson (Bulldogs)
F: Nathan Brown (Bulldogs) David Neitz (Melbourne) Luke Darcy (Bulldogs)
Foll: Matthew Primus (Port Adelaide) Josh Francou (Port Adelaide) Ben Cousins (West Coast)
Int: Shane Crawford (Hawthorn) Nigel Lappin (Brisbane) Mark Ricciuto (Adelaide)
Adam Simpson (Kangaroos)
Coach: Leigh Matthews (Brisbane)


2001 All-Australian team[8]
B: Gavin Wanganeen (Port Adelaide) Jonathan Hay (Hawthorn) Darren Gaspar (Richmond)
HB: Joel Smith (Hawthorn) Sean Wellman (Essendon) Andrew McKay (Carlton)
C: Jason Akermanis (Brisbane) Brett Ratten (Carlton) Nathan Buckley (Collingwood)
HF: Michael Voss (Brisbane) Warren Tredrea (Port Adelaide) James Hird (Essendon) (captain)
F: Brad Ottens (Richmond) Matthew Lloyd (Essendon) Ben Cousins (West Coast)
Foll: Matthew Primus (Port Adelaide) Simon Black (Brisbane) Andrew McLeod (Adelaide)
Int: Nathan Brown (Bulldogs) Simon Goodwin (Adelaide) Jason Johnson (Essendon)
Nigel Lappin (Brisbane)
Coach: Leigh Matthews (Brisbane)


2000 All-Australian team[8]
B: Damien Hardwick (Essendon) Dustin Fletcher (Essendon) Andrew Kellaway (Richmond)
HB: Andrew McKay (Carlton) Darren Gaspar (Richmond) Simon Goodwin (Adelaide)
C: Scott West (Bulldogs) Brett Ratten (Carlton) Scott Camporeale (Carlton)
HF: Andrew McLeod (Adelaide) Wayne Carey (Kangaroos) (captain) James Hird (Essendon)
F: Jeff Farmer (Melbourne) Matthew Lloyd (Essendon) Michael O'Loughlin (Sydney)
Foll: Steven King (Geelong) Anthony Koutoufides (Carlton) Nathan Buckley (Collingwood)
Int: Lance Whitnall (Carlton) Brent Harvey (Kangaroos) Mark Ricciuto (Adelaide)
Brad Johnson (Bulldogs)
Coach: Kevin Sheedy (Essendon)



1999 All-Australian team[8]
B: Jason Akermanis (Brisbane) Justin Leppitsch (Brisbane) Ben Hart (Adelaide)
HB: Byron Pickett (Kangaroos) Stephen Silvagni (Carlton) Andrew McKay (Carlton)
C: Brad Johnson (Bulldogs) Nathan Buckley (Collingwood) Wayne Schwass (Sydney)
HF: Mark Mercuri (Essendon) Wayne Carey (Kangaroos) (captain) Michael Voss (Brisbane)
F: Ben Cousins (West Coast) Matthew Lloyd (Essendon) Matthew Richardson (Richmond)
Foll: Matthew Allan (Carlton) Robert Harvey (St Kilda) Shane Crawford (Hawthorn)
Int: Peter Bell (Kangaroos) Nathan Burke (St Kilda) Wayne Campbell (Richmond)
Chris Grant (Bulldogs)
Coach: Denis Pagan (Kangaroos)


1998 All-Australian team[8][10]
B: David King (North Melbourne) Ashley McIntosh (West Coast) Glenn Archer (North Melbourne)
HB: Nathan Buckley (Collingwood) Sean Wellman (Essendon) Nigel Smart (Adelaide)
C: Matthew Knights (Richmond) Scott West (Bulldogs) Shane Crawford (Hawthorn)
HF: Paul Hudson (Bulldogs) Wayne Carey (North Melbourne) (captain) Mark Ricciuto (Adelaide)
F: Ben Cousins (West Coast) Tony Lockett (Sydney) Matthew Lloyd (Essendon)
Foll: Peter Everitt (St Kilda) Todd Viney (Melbourne) Robert Harvey (St Kilda)
Int: Chris Grant (Bulldogs) Andrew McLeod (Adelaide) Shaun Rehn (Adelaide)
Anthony Stevens (North Melbourne)
Coach: Terry Wallace (Bulldogs)


  • 1998 was the final season in which the coach of the All-Australian team was not necessarily the premiership coach.


1997 All-Australian team[8][11]
B: David King (North Melbourne) Stephen Silvagni (Carlton) Paul Roos (Sydney)
HB: Peter Matera (West Coast) Michael Sexton (Carlton) Adam Heuskes (Port Adelaide)
C: Austinn Jones (St Kilda) Craig Bradley (Carlton) Nathan Buckley (Collingwood)
HF: Rohan Smith (Bulldogs) Chris Grant (Bulldogs) Michael O'Loughlin (Sydney)
F: Fraser Gehrig (West Coast) Tony Modra (Adelaide) Paul Kelly (Sydney) (captain)
Foll: Paul Salmon (Hawthorn) Robert Harvey (St Kilda) Nathan Burke (St Kilda)
Int: Mark Ricciuto (Adelaide) Peter Everitt (St Kilda) Daryn Cresswell (Sydney)
Coach: Stan Alves (St Kilda)


1996 All-Australian team[8][12]
B: Nathan Burke (St Kilda) Stephen Silvagni (Carlton) Michael Sexton (Carlton)
HB: Nathan Buckley (Collingwood) Paul Roos (Sydney) Peter Matera (West Coast)
C: Chris Mainwaring (West Coast) Paul Kelly (Sydney) (captain) Shane Crawford (Hawthorn)
HF: James Hird (Essendon) Wayne Carey (North Melbourne) Mitchell White (West Coast)
F: Michael Voss (Brisbane) Tony Lockett (Sydney) Darren Jarman (Adelaide)
Foll: Corey McKernan (North Melbourne) Robert Harvey (St Kilda) Craig Lambert (Brisbane)
Int: Garry Hocking (Geelong) Glenn Archer (North Melbourne) Matthew Richardson (Richmond)
Coach: Rodney Eade (Sydney)


1995 All-Australian team[8][13][14]
B: Gavin Wanganeen (Essendon) Stephen Silvagni (Carlton) Ang Christou (Carlton)
HB: Michael Mansfield (Geelong) Glen Jakovich (West Coast) Wayne Campbell (Richmond)
C: Nicky Winmar (St Kilda) Paul Couch (Geelong) Michael Long (Essendon)
HF: Garry Lyon (Melbourne) Wayne Carey (North Melbourne) James Hird (Essendon)
F: Darren Jarman (Hawthorn) Gary Ablett Sr. (Geelong) (captain) Tony Lockett (Sydney)
Foll: Justin Madden (Carlton) Robert Harvey (St Kilda) Craig Bradley (Carlton)
Int: Anthony Koutoufides (Carlton) David Neitz (Melbourne) Paul Kelly (Sydney)
Coach: David Parkin (Carlton)


1994 All-Australian team[8]
B: David Hart (West Coast) Stephen Silvagni (Carlton) Chris Langford (Hawthorn)
HB: Guy McKenna (West Coast) Glen Jakovich (West Coast) Michael Mansfield (Geelong)
C: Stephen Tingay (Melbourne) Greg Williams (Carlton) (captain) Peter Matera (West Coast)
HF: Gavin Brown (Collingwood) Wayne Carey (North Melbourne) Garry Lyon (Melbourne)
F: Jason Dunstall (Hawthorn) Gary Ablett Sr. (Geelong) Ben Allan (Hawthorn)
Foll: Shaun Rehn (Adelaide) Robert Harvey (St Kilda) Garry Hocking (Geelong)
Int: Mark Ricciuto (Adelaide) Craig Bradley (Carlton) Stephen Kernahan (Carlton)
Coach: Neil Balme (Melbourne)


1993 All-Australian team[8][15][16]
B: Ben Hart (Adelaide) Alastair Lynch (Fitzroy) Gavin Wanganeen (Essendon)
HB: Guy McKenna (West Coast) Mark Harvey (Essendon) Andrew McKay (Carlton)
C: Greg Anderson (Adelaide) Greg Williams (Carlton) Peter Matera (West Coast)
HF: Craig Bradley (Carlton) Wayne Carey (North Melbourne) (captain) Garry Lyon (Melbourne)
F: Garry Hocking (Geelong) Gary Ablett Sr. (Geelong) Tony Modra (Adelaide)
Foll: Jim Stynes (Melbourne) Ben Allan (Hawthorn) Tony McGuinness (Adelaide)
Int: Nigel Smart (Adelaide) Nathan Burke (St Kilda)
Coach: Kevin Sheedy (Essendon)


1992 All-Australian team[8][17][18]
B: Ben Hart (Adelaide) Paul Roos (Fitzroy) (captain) Gavin Wanganeen (Essendon)
HB: Ken Hinkley (Geelong) Barry Stoneham (Geelong) Mil Hanna (Carlton)
C: Dean Kemp (West Coast) Darren Jarman (Hawthorn) Mick McGuane (Collingwood)
HF: Robert Harvey (St Kilda) Stewart Loewe (St Kilda) Gary Ablett Sr. (Geelong)
F: Tony McGuinness (Adelaide) Jason Dunstall (Hawthorn) Tony Lockett (St Kilda)
Foll: Scott Wynd (Footscray) Chris McDermott (Adelaide) John Platten (Hawthorn)
Int: Stephen Kernahan (Carlton) Mark Bairstow (Geelong)
Coach: Terry Wheeler (Footscray)


1991 All-Australian team[8][19]
B: Guy McKenna (West Coast) Anthony Daniher (Essendon) Nigel Smart (Adelaide)
HB: David Grant (St Kilda) Paul Roos (Fitzroy) (captain) Ken Hinkley (Geelong)
C: Chris Mainwaring (West Coast) Paul Couch (Geelong) Peter Matera (West Coast)
HF: Gavin Brown (Collingwood) Stewart Loewe (St Kilda) Nicky Winmar (St Kilda)
F: Tony Francis (Collingwood) Tony Lockett (St Kilda) Garry Hocking (Geelong)
Foll: Jim Stynes (Melbourne) Mark Bairstow (Geelong) Barry Mitchell (Sydney)
Int: Billy Brownless (Geelong) Craig Turley (West Coast)
Coach: Mick Malthouse (West Coast)


  • Despite winning that season's Grand Final, Hawthorn did not supply one player in the team of the year.

Australian Football Carnival era: 1953–1988

State of origin era


1988 All-Australian Team [20][21]

Adelaide Bicentennial Carnival

Terry DaniherNew South WalesEssendon
David MurphyNew South WalesSydney
Michael LongNorthern TerritorySt Mary's
Michael McLeanNorthern TerritoryFootscray
Maurice RioliNorthern TerritorySt Mary's
Tony HallSouth AustraliaGlenelg
Danny HughesSouth AustraliaMelbourne
Stephen KernahanSouth AustraliaCarlton (captain)
Martin LeslieSouth AustraliaPort Adelaide
Bruce LindnerSouth AustraliaGeelong
Tony McGuinnessSouth AustraliaFootscray
Mark MickanSouth AustraliaBrisbane Bears
John PlattenSouth AustraliaHawthorn
Greg WhittleseaSouth AustraliaSturt
Graham CornesSouth AustraliaGlenelg (coach)
Terry WallaceVictorian Football AssociationRichmond
Danny FrawleyVictorian Football LeagueSt Kilda
Gerard HealyVictorian Football LeagueSydney
Simon MaddenVictorian Football LeagueEssendon
Paul RoosVictorian Football LeagueFitzroy
Paul SalmonVictorian Football LeagueEssendon
Dale WeightmanVictorian Football LeagueRichmond
Steve MalaxosWestern AustraliaWest Coast


1987 All-Australian Team [22][23]
NameState/LeagueCurrent Club
Matthew CampbellSouth AustraliaBrisbane
Andrew JarmanSouth AustraliaNorth Adelaide
Bruce LindnerSouth AustraliaGeelong
Chris McDermottSouth AustraliaGlenelg (captain)
Mark NaleySouth AustraliaCarlton
John PlattenSouth AustraliaHawthorn
Matt RendellSouth AustraliaFitzroy
Andrew RogersSouth AustraliaWoodville
Scott SalisburySouth AustraliaGlenelg
Graham CornesSouth AustraliaGlenelg (coach)
Andrew BewsVictoriaGeelong
Gerard HealyVictoriaSydney
Chris LangfordVictoriaHawthorn
Simon MaddenVictoriaEssendon
Russell MorrisVictoriaHawthorn
Paul RoosVictoriaFitzroy
Paul SalmonVictoriaEssendon
Bernard TooheyVictoriaSydney
Greg WilliamsVictoriaSydney
Mark BairstowWestern AustraliaGeelong
Craig HoldenWestern AustraliaSydney
Phil NarkleWestern AustraliaWest Coast


1986 All-Australian Team[24][25]
NameState of OriginCurrent Club
Michael AishSouth AustraliaNorwood
Craig BradleySouth AustraliaCarlton
Andrew JarmanSouth AustraliaNorth Adelaide
Stephen KernahanSouth AustraliaCarlton
Chris McDermottSouth AustraliaGlenelg
Mark NaleySouth AustraliaSouth Adelaide
John PlattenSouth AustraliaHawthorn
Gerard HealyVictoriaSydney
Brian RoyalVictoriaFootscray
Kevin WalshVictoriaEssendon
Dale WeightmanVictoriaRichmond
Greg WilliamsVictoriaSydney
Gary BuckenaraWestern AustraliaHawthorn
Brad HardieWestern AustraliaFootscray
Laurie KeeneWestern AustraliaSubiaco
Andrew MacNishWestern AustraliaSubiaco
Steve MalaxosWestern AustraliaClaremont
Michael MitchellWestern AustraliaClaremont
Phil NarkleWestern AustraliaSt Kilda
Brian PeakeWestern AustraliaEast Fremantle (captain)
Maurice RioliWestern AustraliaRichmond
Robert WileyWestern AustraliaPerth
Peter WilsonWestern AustraliaEast Fremantle
Ron AlexanderWestern AustraliaEast Fremantle (coach)


1985 All-Australian Team [26]

Coach: Kevin Sheedy

Malcolm BlightSouth AustraliaWoodville
Craig BradleySouth AustraliaPort Adelaide
Stephen KernahanSouth AustraliaGlenelg
Peter MotleySouth AustraliaSturt
John PlattenSouth AustraliaCentral District
Dermott BreretonVictoriaHawthorn
Terry DaniherVictoriaEssendon (captain)
Garry FouldsVictoriaEssendon
Russell GreeneVictoriaHawthorn
Mark HarveyVictoriaEssendon
Mark LeeVictoriaRichmond
Roger MerrettVictoriaEssendon
Gary PertVictoriaFitzroy
Geoff RainesVictoriaCollingwood
Paul RoosVictoriaFitzroy
Dale WeightmanVictoriaRichmond
Leon BakerWestern AustraliaEssendon
Gary BuckenaraWestern AustraliaHawthorn
Rod Lester-SmithWestern AustraliaHawthorn
Michael MitchellWestern AustraliaClaremont


1983 All-Australian Team [27][28]

Coach: John Todd

Michael AishSouth AustraliaNorwood
Craig BradleySouth AustraliaPort Adelaide
Stephen CurtisSouth AustraliaPort Adelaide
Tony GilesSouth AustraliaPort Adelaide
Peter MotleySouth AustraliaSturt
Matt RendellSouth AustraliaFitzroy
Craig WilliamsSouth AustraliaWest Adelaide
Terry DaniherVictoriaEssendon
Robert FlowerVictoriaMelbourne
Keith GreigVictoriaNorth Melbourne
Mark LeeVictoriaRichmond
Simon MaddenVictoriaEssendon
Stephen McCannVictoriaNorth Melbourne
Michael TuckVictoriaHawthorn
Gary BuckenaraWestern AustraliaHawthorn
Ross GlendinningWestern AustraliaNorth Melbourne
Stephen MichaelWestern AustraliaSouth Fremantle (captain)
Mike RichardsonWestern AustraliaCollingwood
Maurice RioliWestern AustraliaRichmond
Kevin TaylorWestern AustraliaEast Fremantle


1980 All-Australian Team[29]

Adelaide Carnival
Coach: Tom Hafey

Peter CareySouth AustraliaGlenelg
Graham CornesSouth AustraliaGlenelg
Rick DaviesSouth AustraliaSturt (captain)
Robbert KlompSouth AustraliaCarlton
Keith KuhlmannSouth AustraliaGlenelg
Greg PhillipsSouth AustraliaPort Adelaide
John RobertsSouth AustraliaSouth Melbourne
Mark WilliamsSouth AustraliaPort Adelaide
Ron StubbsTasmaniaDevonport
Darryl SuttonTasmaniaNorth Melbourne
Robert FlowerVictoriaMelbourne
Jim JessVictoriaRichmond
Mark LeeVictoriaRichmond
Ian NankervisVictoriaGeelong
Geoff RainesVictoriaRichmond
Geoff SouthbyVictoriaCarlton
Garry WilsonVictoriaFitzroy
Bruce DuperouzelWestern AustraliaSt Kilda
Ken HunterWestern AustraliaClaremont
Brian PeakeWestern AustraliaEast Fremantle


1979 All-Australian Team[30]

Perth Carnival

Peter CareySouth AustraliaGlenelg
Graham CornesSouth AustraliaGlenelg
Kym HodgemanSouth AustraliaGlenelg
Peter JonasSouth AustraliaCentral District
Geoff MorrisSouth AustraliaWest Adelaide
Des JamesTasmaniaSandy Bay
Michael RoachTasmaniaRichmond
Darryl SuttonTasmaniaNorth Melbourne
David ClokeVictoriaRichmond
Bruce DoullVictoriaCarlton
Kelvin MooreVictoriaHawthorn
Peter MooreVictoriaCollingwood
Michael TuckVictoriaHawthorn
Michael TurnerVictoriaGeelong
Garry WilsonVictoriaFitzroy
Tony BuhagiarWestern AustraliaEast Fremantle
Ken HunterWestern AustraliaClaremont
Gary MalarkeyWestern AustraliaGeelong
Bruce MonteathWestern AustraliaRichmond
Brian PeakeWestern AustraliaEast Fremantle (captain)
Barry CableWestern AustraliaEast Perth (coach)
Pre-State of Origin era


1972 All-Australian Team[31]

Perth Carnival

Malcolm BlightSouth AustraliaWoodville
Tony BurganSouth AustraliaSturt
Jim LeitchTasmaniaScottsdale
David ClarkeVictoriaGeelong
Gary DempseyVictoriaFootscray
Gary HardemanVictoriaMelbourne
Alex JesaulenkoVictoriaCarlton
Leigh MatthewsVictoriaHawthorn
Peter McKennaVictoriaCollingwood
Travis PayzeVictoriaSt Kilda
Len ThompsonVictoriaCollingwood
David ThorpeVictoriaFootscray
John WilliamsVictoriaEssendon
Bob BeecroftWestern AustraliaSwan Districts
Malcolm BrownWestern AustraliaEast Perth (captain)
Brian CiccotostoWestern AustraliaSouth Fremantle
Ken McAullayWestern AustraliaEast Perth
Ian MillerWestern AustraliaPerth
Alan WatlingWestern AustraliaWest Perth
George YoungWestern AustraliaSubiaco


1969 All-Australian Team[32]

Adelaide Carnival

John CahillSouth AustraliaPort Adelaide
Brian ColbeySouth AustraliaGlenelg
Peter DarleySouth AustraliaSouth Adelaide
Graham MolloySouth AustraliaNorwood
Rick SchoffSouth AustraliaSturt
Royce HartVictoriaRichmond
Peter HudsonVictoriaHawthorn
Alex JesaulenkoVictoriaCarlton
Bob KeddieVictoriaHawthorn
Bob MurrayVictoriaSt Kilda
John 'Sam' NewmanVictoriaGeelong
John NichollsVictoriaCarlton (captain)
Peter StewardVictoriaNorth Melbourne
Terry WatersVictoriaCollingwood
Ricky WattVictoriaCollingwood
Greg BrehautWestern AustraliaPerth
Barry CableWestern AustraliaPerth
Peter EakinsWestern AustraliaSubiaco
John McIntoshWestern AustraliaClaremont
Bill WalkerWestern AustraliaSwan Districts


1966 All-Australian Team[33]

Hobart Carnival

Brenton AdcockSouth AustraliaSturt
Robert DaySouth AustraliaWest Adelaide
Rick SchoffSouth AustraliaSturt
Peter HudsonTasmaniaNew Norfolk
Graeme LeeTasmaniaLaunceston
Darrel BaldockVictoriaSt Kilda (captain)
Ian BryantVictoriaFootscray
Neville CroweVictoriaRichmond
John GooldVictoriaCarlton
Graeme JohnVictoriaSouth Melbourne
Hassa MannVictoriaMelbourne
Denis MarshallVictoriaGeelong
John NichollsVictoriaCarlton
Ian StewartVictoriaSt Kilda
Noel TeasdaleVictoriaNorth Melbourne
Barry CableWestern AustraliaPerth
Keith DonconWestern AustraliaEast Perth
John McIntoshWestern AustraliaClaremont
Kevin MurrayWestern AustraliaEast Perth
Brian SarreWestern AustraliaSubiaco


1961 All-Australian Team[34]

Brisbane Carnival

John AbleySouth AustraliaPort Adelaide
John HalbertSouth AustraliaSturt
Neil KerleySouth AustraliaWest Adelaide
Geoff KingstonSouth AustraliaWest Torrens
Don LindnerSouth AustraliaNorth Adelaide
Don RoachSouth AustraliaWest Adelaide
Bob ShearmanSouth AustraliaWest Torrens
Bill WeddingSouth AustraliaNorwood
Darrel BaldockTasmaniaLatrobe
Bob WithersTasmaniaNorth Launceston
Allen AylettVictoriaNorth Melbourne
Ron BarassiVictoriaMelbourne (captain)
Brian DixonVictoriaMelbourne
John SchultzVictoriaFootscray
Ted WhittenVictoriaFootscray
Jack ClarkeWestern AustraliaEast Fremantle
Graham FarmerWestern AustraliaEast Perth
Ray GabelichWestern AustraliaWest Perth
Ray SorrellWestern AustraliaEast Fremantle
John ToddWestern AustraliaSouth Fremantle


1958 All-Australian Team[35]

Melbourne Carnival

John AbleySouth AustraliaPort Adelaide
Donald GaleTasmaniaWynyard
Jim RossTasmaniaNorth Launceston
Stuart SpencerTasmaniaClarence
Barry MetcalfeVictoria (VFA)Mordialloc
Owen AbrahamsVictoriaFitzroy
Allen AylettVictoriaNorth Melbourne
Ron BarassiVictoriaMelbourne
Reg BurgessVictoriaEssendon
Jack ClarkeVictoriaEssendon
Bob DavisVictoriaGeelong (captain)
John DugdaleVictoriaNorth Melbourne
Kevin MurrayVictoriaFitzroy
Neil RobertsVictoriaSt Kilda
Ted WhittenVictoriaFootscray
Jack ClarkeWestern AustraliaEast Fremantle
Graham FarmerWestern AustraliaEast Perth
Alan PreenWestern AustraliaEast Fremantle
Norm RogersWestern AustraliaEast Fremantle
Ray SorrellWestern AustraliaEast Fremantle


1956 All-Australian Team[36]

Perth Carnival

John AbleySouth AustraliaPort Adelaide
Haydn Bunton, Jr.South AustraliaNorth Adelaide
Stan CostelloSouth AustraliaWest Adelaide
Lindsay HeadSouth AustraliaWest Torrens
Geoff LongTasmaniaCity
Barry StrangeTasmaniaNew Town
Frank JohnsonVictoria (VFA)Port Melbourne (captain)
Ron BarassiVictoriaMelbourne
John ChickVictoriaCarlton
Jack ClarkeVictoriaEssendon
Bill HutchisonVictoriaEssendon
Peter PiantoVictoriaGeelong
Des RoweVictoriaRichmond
Ted WhittenVictoriaFootscray
Roy WrightVictoriaRichmond
Jack ClarkeWestern AustraliaEast Fremantle
Graham FarmerWestern AustraliaEast Perth
John GerovichWestern AustraliaSouth Fremantle
Keith HarperWestern AustraliaPerth
Cliff HillierWestern AustraliaSouth Fremantle


1953 All-Australian Team[37]

Adelaide Carnival

Neil DaviesSouth AustraliaGlenelg
Len FitzgeraldSouth AustraliaSturt
Bob HankSouth AustraliaWest Torrens
Jack LynchSouth AustraliaWest Adelaide
John MarriottSouth AustraliaNorwood
Clayton ThompsonSouth AustraliaSturt
John LeedhamTasmaniaNorth Launceston
Ted HenrysVictoria (VFA)Preston
Frank JohnsonVictoria (VFA)Port Melbourne
Jack ClarkeVictoriaEssendon
John ColemanVictoriaEssendon
Des HealeyVictoriaCollingwood
Jack HowellVictoriaCarlton
Bill HutchisonVictoriaEssendon
Bob RoseVictoriaCollingwood
Bernie SmithVictoriaGeelong
Jack ClarkeWestern AustraliaEast Fremantle
Steve MarshWestern AustraliaSouth Fremantle
Merv McIntoshWestern AustraliaPerth
Frank SparrowWestern AustraliaSwan Districts

Sporting Life Team of the Year: 1947–1955

These teams were once considered to be equivalent to All-Australian selection, but are no longer recognised as such.


1955 'Sporting Life' Team of the Year
B: Lerrel Sharp (Collingwood) Herb Henderson (Footscray) Norm Sharp (Geelong)
HB: John James (Carlton) Jim Taylor (Norwood) Des Rowe (Richmond)
C: Harold McDonald (Port Adelaide) Lindsay Head (West Torrens) Des Healey (Collingwood)
HF: Barry White (South Fremantle) Ray Poulter (Richmond) Thorold Merrett (Collingwood)
F: Jack Clarke (East Fremantle) Noel O'Brien (Carlton) Peter Pianto (Geelong)
Foll: John Marriott (Norwood) Denis Cordner (Melbourne) Bill Hutchison (Essendon)


1954 'Sporting Life' Team of the Year
B: Wally Donald (Footscray) Ken Caporn (Claremont) John Marriott (Norwood)
HB: Noel McMahen (Melbourne) Laurie Kettlewell (Subiaco) Jim Gallagher (Footscray)
C: Jack Lynch (West Adelaide) Ted Whitten (Footscray) Keith Harper (Perth)
HF: Jim Deane (Richmond) John Brady (North Melbourne) Bob Rose (Collingwood)
F: Neil Mann (Collingwood) Jack Collins (Footscray) Peter Pianto (Geelong)
Foll: Ken Hands (Carlton) Roy Wright (Richmond) Bill Hutchison (Essendon)


1953 'Sporting Life' Team of the Year
B: Bernie Smith (Geelong) Herb Henderson (Footscray) Merv McIntosh (Perth)
HB: Jack Collins (Footscray) Len Fitzgerald (Sturt) Des Rowe (Richmond)
C: Des Healey (Collingwood) Jack Clarke (Essendon) Jack Lynch (West Adelaide)
HF: Bob Rose (Collingwood) Jack Howell (Carlton) Jim Deane (South Adelaide)
F: Roy Wright (Richmond) John Coleman (Essendon) Peter Pianto (Geelong)
Foll: Ken Hands (Carlton) John Leedham (North Launceston) Bill Hutchison (Essendon)


1952 'Sporting Life' Team of the Year
B: Wally May (Essendon) Ian McKay (North Adelaide) Bill Stephen (Fitzroy)
HB: Frank Sparrow (East Perth) Denis Cordner (Melbourne) Don Taylor (Glenelg)
C: Thorold Merrett (Collingwood) Bob Hank (West Torrens) (captain) Lyall Griffin (North Adelaide)
HF: Bob Rose (Collingwood) Len Fitzgerald (Sturt) Jim Deane (South Adelaide)
F: Roy Wright (Richmond) John Coleman (Essendon) Bill Hutchison (Essendon)
Foll: John Marriott (Norwood) Frank Johnson (Port Melbourne) Steve Marsh (South Fremantle)


1951 'Sporting Life' Team of the Year
B: John Marriott (Norwood) Ian McKay (North Adelaide) Charlie Sutton (Footscray)
HB: Harold McDonald (Port Adelaide) Brian Faehse (West Adelaide) Fred Buttsworth (West Perth)
C: Arthur Hodgson (Carlton) Bob Rose (Collingwood) Lyall Griffin (North Adelaide)
HF: Bob Davis (Geelong) Ron Clegg (South Melbourne) Jim Deane (South Adelaide)
F: Alan Crabb (Glenelg) John Coleman (Essendon) Fos Williams (Port Adelaide)
Foll: Bill Morris (Richmond) Jack Whelan (Brunswick) Bill Hutchison (Essendon)


1950 'Sporting Life' Team of the Year
B: Dick Russell (Port Adelaide) Bill Brittingham (Essendon) Merv McIntosh (Perth)
HB: Charlie Sutton (Footscray) Don Fraser (Richmond) Gordon Hocking (Collingwood)
C: Arthur Hodgson (Carlton) Bob Hank (West Torrens) Doug Olds (Norwood)
HF: Bob Davis (Geelong) Fred Flanagan (Geelong) Len Dockett (Melbourne)
F: John Marriott (Norwood) John Coleman (Essendon) Fos Williams (Port Adelaide)
Foll: Bill Morris (Richmond) (captain) Jack Whelan (Brunswick) Bill Hutchison (Essendon)


1949 'Sporting Life' Team of the Year
B: Charlie Sutton (Footscray) Shane McGrath (Melbourne) Don Cordner (Melbourne)
HB: Marcel Hilsz (Perth) Bert Deacon (Carlton) Ron Clegg (South Melbourne)
C: Des Healey (Collingwood) Ern Henfry (Carlton) Stan Heal (West Perth)
HF: Bob Hank (West Torrens) Fred Flanagan (Geelong) Les Foote (North Melbourne)
F: Bill Morris (Richmond) John Coleman (Essendon) Jack Sheedy (East Fremantle)
Foll: Jack Howell (Carlton) Merv McIntosh (Perth) Steve Marsh (South Fremantle)


1948 'Sporting Life' Team of the Year
B: Charlie Sutton (Footscray) Shane McGrath (Melbourne) Bob McClure (Essendon)
HB: Marcel Hilsz (Perth) Bert Deacon (Carlton) Len Fitzgerald (Collingwood)
C: Stan Heal (West Perth) Bill Twomey, Jr. (Collingwood) Noel Jarvis (Fitzroy)
HF: Bill Hutchison (Essendon) Jack Howell (Carlton) Bob Hank (West Torrens)
F: Bill Morris (Richmond) Lindsay White (Geelong) Lou Richards (Collingwood)
Foll: Merv McIntosh (Perth) Les McClements (Claremont) Jack Sheedy (East Fremantle)


1947 'Sporting Life' Team of the Year
B: Max Oppy (Richmond) Shane McGrath (Melbourne) Percy Bushby (Essendon)
HB: Wally Lock (Melbourne) Wally Buttsworth (Essendon) Bert Deacon (Carlton)
C: Sam Gallagher (Norwood) Ern Henfry (Carlton) Billy King (South Melbourne)
HF: Bill Hutchison (Essendon) Gordon Lane (Essendon) Bob Hank (West Torrens)
F: Jack Howell (Carlton) Fred Fanning (Melbourne) Lou Richards (Collingwood)
Foll: Merv McIntosh (Perth) Don Cordner (Melbourne) Bob Quinn (Port Adelaide) (captain)


Most times selected overall

Qualification: Selection in seven or more teams from 1953 to 2019

Most times selected in Carnivals era

Qualification: Selection in three or more teams from 1953 to 1980 and 1988.

See also


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