Algerian Super Cup

The Algerian Super Cup is an Algerian football competition, held as a game between the reigning champions of the Algerian League and the Algerian Cup. The first edition was held in 1981 and then again in 1992, 1994 and 1995 before being scrapped. The game returned in 2006 but would be scrapped again after the 2007 edition, returning once again in 2013.

Algerian Super Cup
كأس الجزائر الممتازة
Organising bodyAlgerian Football Federation
Number of teams2
Current championsUSM Bel Abbès (1st title)
Most championshipsMC Alger (3 titles)
TV partnersENTV
2018 Algerian Super Cup

The current holders are USM Bel Abbès, who beat CS Constantine in the 2018 final. MC Alger is the most successful club in the competition, having won the trophy three times.


The Algerian Super Cup is a recent competition of Algerian football. This is an event that takes place on a single meeting between the winners of the Algerian Cup and Algerian Ligue Professionnelle 1. Usually the meeting is domiciled in Stade 5 Juillet 1962 of Algiers, the national stadium of Algeria.

By aligning with other football nations, the Algerian Football Federation organized in 1981, a new competition called "Super Cup" during which the national champion and Cup winner in Algeria the same season clashed at Algiers to obtain this 1 trophy. This first edition was marked by the victory of RC Kouba 1st winner of this competition with a score of 3 goals to 1 facing the USM Alger. This competition will be played actively until 1995 until its latest edition with a different winner every year. However, the Super had not the popular fervor as expected given the context of social and political crisis in the country.

In 2006 a wealthy sponsor, the company "Ring", the official representative of Nokia in Algeria had the idea to bring up to date the competition. Given the sponsorship agreements between the two partners, FAF Ring and to promote this challenge on a contract period of 4 years, the meeting was to be held each 1 November after season for obtaining 2 titles. This year was not chosen at random, as the supporters of the two titles that are Algerian Cup and Algerian Ligue Professionnelle 1 were respectively MC Algiers and JS Kabylie, are the two most famous and most successful clubs of the Algerian football. However, it was agreed that this would always be the FAF that would organize the competition and "Ring" unique sponsor.

Finally after the year 2007, the test was again abandoned for various reasons. Editing 2008, which was to place between the two clubs into Kabyle national titles such as the JS Kabylie and JSM Bejaia was canceled due to the Kabyle but normally the package declaration the trophy returns to bougiotes despite the vain protests interested but it did not change anything. In 2009 the ES Sétif defending champions and CR Belouizdad Cup winner met the same fate because of the busy schedule of the FAF which priority was focused on possible qualification of the national team for World Cup in South Africa.

It was not until the year 2013 to review the competition again but this time co-organized by the Federation and league professional football, with the participants as ES Sétif and USM Alger.



Key to the table
Match was won during extra time
Match was won on a penalty shoot-out
Year Winners Score Runners-up Venue
1981 RC Kouba
Winner of 1980–81 Championnat National
3 – 1 USM Alger
Winner of 1980–81 Algerian Cup
August 20, 1955 Stadium,
1992 JS Kabylie
Winner of 1991–92 Algerian Cup
2 – 2
[n 1]
MC Oran
Winner of 1991–92 Championnat National
July 5, 1962 Stadium,
1994 US Chaouia
Winner of 1993–94 Championnat National
1 – 0 JS Kabylie
Winner of 1993–94 Algerian Cup
July 5, 1962 Stadium,
1995 CR Belouizdad
Winner of 1994–95 Algerian Cup
1 – 0 JS Kabylie
Winner of 1994–95 Championnat National
July 5, 1962 Stadium,
2006 MC Alger
Winner of 2005–06 Algerian Cup
2 – 1 JS Kabylie
Winner of 2005–06 Championnat National
July 5, 1962 Stadium,
2007 MC Alger
Winner of 2006–07 Algerian Cup
4 – 0 ES Sétif
Winner of 2006–07 Championnat National
July 5, 1962 Stadium,
[note 1]
USM Alger
Winner of 2012–13 Algerian Cup
2 – 0 ES Sétif
Winner of 2012–13 Ligue Professionnelle 1
Mustapha Tchaker Stadium,
2014 MC Alger
Winner of 2013–14 Algerian Cup
1 – 0 USM Alger
Winner of 2013–14 Ligue Professionnelle 1
Mustapha Tchaker Stadium,
2015 ES Sétif
Winner of 2014–15 Ligue Professionnelle 1
1 – 0 MO Béjaïa
Winner of 2014–15 Algerian Cup
Mohamed Hamlaoui Stadium,
2016 USM Alger
Winner of 2015–16 Ligue Professionnelle 1
2 – 0 MC Alger
Winner of 2015–16 Algerian Cup
Mustapha Tchaker Stadium,
2017 ES Sétif
Winner of 2016–17 Ligue Professionnelle 1
0 – 0
[n 2]
CR Belouizdad
Winner of 2016–17 Algerian Cup
Mohamed Hamlaoui Stadium,
2018 USM Bel Abbès
Winner of 2017–18 Algerian Cup
1 – 0 CS Constantine
Winner of 2017–18 Ligue Professionnelle 1
Mustapha Tchaker Stadium,
2019 USM Alger
Winner of 2018–19 Ligue Professionnelle 1
CR Belouizdad
Winner of 2018–19 Algerian Cup
July 5, 1962 Stadium,

Performance by club

Club Winners Runners-up Winning seasons Runners-up seasons
MC Alger 3 1 2006, 2007, 2014 2016
USM Alger 2 2 2013, 2016 1981, 2014
ES Sétif 2 2 2015, 2017 2007, 2013
JS Kabylie 1 3 1992 1994, 1995, 2006
CR Belouizdad 1 1 1995 2017
RC Kouba 1 1981
US Chaouia 1 1994
USM Bel Abbès 1 2018
MC Oran 1 1992
MO Béjaïa 1 2015
CS Constantine 1 2018


Multiple guest and neutral hosts
Ground Hosts Years
Stade 5 Juillet 1962, Algiers
1992, 1994, 1995, 2006, 2007, 2019
Mustapha Tchaker Stadium, Blida
2013, 2014, 2016, 2018
Stade Mohamed Hamlaoui, Constantine
2015, 2017
Stade 20 Août 1955, Algiers

Winning managers

Year Date Club Coach
1981 20 August RC Kouba Abdelkader Zerrar
1992 1 November JS Kabylie Noureddine Saâdi
1994 8 September US Chaouia Said Hadj Mansour
1995 CR Belouizdad
2006 1 November MC Alger François Bracci
2007 1 November MC Alger Enrico Fabbro
2014 11 January USM Alger Hubert Velud
2014 9 August MC Alger Boualem Charef
2015 1 November ES Sétif Kheïreddine Madoui
2016 1 November USM Alger Mustapha Aksouh
2017 1 November ES Sétif Kheïreddine Madoui
2018 1 November USM Bel Abbès Youcef Bouzidi

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  1. Played in 2014
  1. Extra time was played in the final match. JS Kabylie won 6–5 on penalties.
  2. No extra time was played in the final match. ES Sétif won 4–2 on penalties.


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