The algaita (also spelled alghaita, algayta or algheita) is a double reed wind instrument from West Africa, especially among the Hausa and Kanuri peoples. Its construction is similar to the oboe-like rhaita and the zurna. The algaita is distinguished from these other instruments by its larger, trumpet-like bell. Instead of keys, it has open holes for fingering, similar to the zurna. [1]

Classification Double reed
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Traditional recordings

  • Music from the Villages of Northeastern Nigeria (Folkways, 1971)
  • "Music of the Cameroon - The Fulani of the North" (Lyrichord 7334)

Use in jazz recordings

  • Yusef Lateef, In Nigeria, (YAL Records, 1983)
  • Yusef Lateef, The African-American Epic Suite (1994)


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