Alfredo Varelli

Alfredo Varelli (born 31 August 1914) is an Italian film actor. Varelli was born Alfredo Ciavarella and debuted in Alessandro Blasetti's 1934 film Vecchia guardia.[1] He emerged during the Fascist era, but most of his work was post-Second World War. He played a leading role in the 1942 historical drama The Jester's Supper.[2] He is also known for playing "Lucan" in Quo Vadis (1951). He turned 100 in August 2014.[3]

Alfredo Varelli
Varelli in 1954
Born31 August 1914 (1914-08-31) (age 105)
Other namesAlfredo Ciavarella
Years active1934–1997

Selected filmography


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