Alfredo Rizzo

Alfredo Rizzo (2 January 1902 - 6 September 1991) was an Italian actor, screenwriter and director.

Alfredo Rizzo
Born(1902-01-02)2 January 1902
Nice, France
Died6 September 1991(1991-09-06) (aged 89)
Rome, Italy

Life and career

Born in Nice, France into a family of actors, Rizzo started his career as an actor of avanspettacolo and revue, often alongside his brother Carlo.[1] After his debut on the big screen in 1939, in the aftermath of the Second World War he had an intense and long film career, being mostly cast in the role of "villain".[1] Later, he also wrote and directed a number of films, mostly of erotic genre, sometimes is credit like nickname Fred Ritz.[2]

Selected filmography

Director and screenwriter


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