Alfred Deutsch-German

Alfred Deutsch-German (1870–1943) was an Austrian journalist, playwright, screenwriter, and film director. From 1913 he worked for the Wiener Kunstfilm company as a screenwriter. Between 1922 and 1934 he directed eight films. Deutsch-German worked in the Austrian film industry until the Anchluss of 1938, but with less direct involvement in the production of films towards the end.

Alfred Deutsch-German
Born27 September 1870
OccupationFilm director, Screenwriter, Journalist, Playwright
Years active1913-1938 (film)

Following the Nazi takeover, the Jewish Deutsch-German went into exile in France. He was later arrested during the German occupation of France and held at the Drancy internment camp. He was later sent to Auschwitz where he was killed.[1]




  • Vienna, City of Song (1923)
  • Franz Lehar, der Operettenkönig (1925)
  • Frau Braier aus Gaya (1926)
  • Der Musikant von Eisenstadt (1934)
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