Alfaguara is a Spanish-language publishing house that serves markets in Latin America, Spain and the United States. It was founded by the Spanish writer and Nobel prize winner Camilo José Cela.[1]

Parent companyPenguin Random House
Founded1964 (1964)
Country of originSpain
Headquarters locationMadrid
DistributionSpain, Latin America

History and profile

Alfaguara was established in 1964.[2] It was part of Editoriales del Grupo Santillana.[3] In March 2000 Santillana, which publishes over 117 million books each year, was acquired by the Spanish conglomerate PRISA.[4] In 2014, PRISA sold Santillana's trade operations to Penguin Random House.[5]

It awards the Alfaguara Prize, a prestigious Spanish-language literary award.[6] The prize, launched in 1998, goes to an unpublished work of fiction in Spanish.[7]

Alfaguara Infantil and Alfaguara Juvenil publish books for children and young people.[8]


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