Alf's Button (novel)

Alf's Button is a 1920 British comic novel written by William Aubrey Darlington.[1] A soldier in the British Army comes across a magic button which summons a genie to grant his wishes.[2] It drew inspiration from Thomas Anstey Guthrie's 1900 novel The Brass Bottle.


In 1920 the book was adapted into a silent film Alf's Button which starred Leslie Henson and was directed by W.P. Kellino.[3] The success of the film significantly boosted the book's sales.[4] Darlington adapted his novel for a 1924 play of the same name.[5] In 1930 a sound film adaptation Alf's Button was released, also directed by Kellino.[6] A third film based on the story Alf's Button Afloat was released in 1938 directed by Marcel Varnel and starring Bud Flanagan and Chesney Allen.[7]



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