Alexis (comics)

Alexis (September 18, 1946 – September 7, 1977) was the pseudonym of Dominique Vallet, a French comics artist, best known for his work on the series Al Crane and Superdupont.

BornDominique Vallet
(1946-09-18)September 18, 1946
Boulogne sur Seine
DiedSeptember 7, 1977(1977-09-07) (aged 30)
Notable works
Al Crane


Alexis started working for Pilote magazine in 1968, providing illustrations and gags.[1] In 1969, he began a collaboration with Fred on the series Timoléon, and started his working relationship with Gotlib on the film parody series Cinémastok in 1970.

The partnership with Gotlib continued for several years, leading to the creation of the magazine Fluide Glacial in 1975 where the advertising parody series La Publicité dans la Joie was published. In 1976, Alexis started the humorous western series Al Crane, in collaboration with Gérard Lauzier, and in 1977 he succeeded Gotlib as artist of the series Superdupont, written by Jacques Lob.

While working on the post-apocalyptic work Le Transperceneige, Alexis died as a result of a ruptured aneurysm on September 7, 1977. His final work was later completed by Jean-Marc Rochette.[1]


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  • Superdupont with Jacques Lob and Gotlib (1977, Audie, ISBN 2-85815-156-3)
  • Al Crane with Gérard Lauzier
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