Alessandro Malladra

Alessandro Malladra (Turin, 1865 – Rome, 1945) was an Italian volcanologist. He was professor of natural sciences in the College Mellerio Rosmini-Domodossola. He got involved in the construction of the Simplon Tunnel. He succeeded Giuseppe Mercalli on the Vesuvius Observatory, first as curator, afterwards as director (1927–1935). He was also general secretary of the Volcanology Section of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (1919–1936), and at the same time its president for one period (1930–1933). The mineral malladrite (03.CH.05, a fluorosilicate) was named in his honour.

Alessandro Malladra
Alma materUniversity of Turin
Known forIl Vesuvio dal 1906 al 1920 (1926)
Scientific career
InstitutionsVesuvius Observatory

Selected publications

  • Malladra, Alessandro (1926). Il Vesuvio dal 1906 al 1920. Napoli, Tip. Università. p. 96.


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