Aleksander Hetland

Aleksander Hetland (born 26 December 1982)[1] is a Norwegian swimmer. Hetland, who represents Bærumssvømmerne,[2] has his strength in the medley events. He became world champion in the men's 50 metre breaststroke in the 2012 Short Course Worlds in Istanbul.

Aleksander Hetland
Indianapolis, IN, USA (2004)
Personal information
Nationality Norway
Born (1982-12-26) 26 December 1982
Tromsø, Norway
College teamSouthern Methodist University

At the 2004 Short Course Worlds in Indianapolis, IN, USA, Hetland finished fourth in the 100 m individual medley, setting the Norwegian Record with his time of 54.44.[2]

He claimed his first international swimming medal at the 2006 Short Course European Championships in Helsinki where he received the bronze medal in the 100 m individual medley, improving his Norwegian Record to 53.70. Hetland followed that up with success at the 2007 SC Europeans, winning the silver medal on 50 m breaststroke and setting a new Nordic Record, with 26.93. In 2009 he won gold medal in the 50m breaststroke gold in the European short course championship in Istanbul.

He is a former member of Asker svømmeklubb.

Hetland has announced that he will retire from the sport after the 2012 season.[3]

Hetland participated in the Norwegian reality show "Mesternes Mester" which aired in 2015, and won in the final duel against previous biathlon athlete Frode Andresen.

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