Alec Empire discography

The following is a list of known recordings by or involving Alec Empire, excluding his work with Atari Teenage Riot.

Alec Empire discography
Studio albums10
Live albums2
Compilation albums5
Video albums2
Music videos9
DJ mixes13

Alec Empire

Studio albums

Title Release date Label
Generation Star Wars 1994 Mille Plateaux
Low on Ice (The Iceland Sessions) 1995 Mille Plateaux
Hypermodern Jazz 2000.5 1996 Mille Plateaux
The Destroyer 1996 DHR
Les Étoiles des Filles Mortes 1996 Mille Plateaux
Miss Black America 1999 DHR
Alec Empire vs. Elvis Presley 1999 El Turco Loco
Intelligence and Sacrifice 2001 DHR
Futurist 2005 DHR
The Golden Foretaste of Heaven 2007 Eat Your Heart Out Records


Title Release date Label
Limited Editions 1990-94 1994 Mille Plateaux
Terror Worldwide 1996 DHR Midiwar
Terror Worldwide Pt. 2 1996 DHR Midiwar
Squeeze the Trigger 1997 DHR
The Geist of Alec Empire 1997 Geist Recordings
Bass Terror 2008 Eat Your Heart Out

Live albums

Title Release date Label
Alec Empire vs. Merzbow: Live CBGB's NYC 1998 2003 DHR
The CD2 Sessions: Live in London 7-12-2002 2003 DHR


Title Release date Label
Trip Men EP (with T.N.I.) 1991 Force Inc.
Yobot EP 1992 Force Inc.
suEcide EP (Pt.1) 1992 Force Inc.
suEcide EP (Pt.2) 1992 Force Inc.
Das Duell EP (with Biochip C.) 1993 Force Inc.
Bass Terror EP 1993 Force Inc.
Limited Edition 1 EP 1993 Force Inc.
Limited Edition 2 EP 1994 Force Inc.
Digital Hardcore EP 1994 DHR
Death EP 1994 DHR
Destroyer EP 1994 Riot Beats
Destroyer EP Part 2 1994 Riot Beats
Pulse Code EP (with Ian Pooley) 1994 Mille Plateaux
The Destroyer EP 1996 Grand Royal
No Safety Pin Sex E.P. 1997 DHR
Shards of Pol-Pottery: The 2001 Remixes EP (with El-P) 2001 DHR
New World Order EP 2001 Beat Records
On Fire EP 2007 Eat Your Heart Out
Shivers 2009 Eat Your Heart Out


Title Release date Label
"Together for Never" (featuring Lucy Devils) (split with "Raverbashing" by Atari Teenage Riot) 1994 Riot Beats
"The King Of The Street / Brothers Crush" 1996 Riot Beats
"Addicted to You" 2002 DHR
"The Ride" 2002 DHR
"Gotta Get Out" 2005 DHR
"Kiss of Death" 2005 DHR
"Monk Time" (featuring Gary Burger of The Monks) (split with "Higgle-dy Piggle-dy" by The Fall) 2006 Play Loud!
"Robot L.O.V.E." 2007 Eat Your Heart Out

Remix singles

Title Release date Label
"SuEcide" (Pluto Rmxs) 1994 white
"SuEcide" (Wonka Remixes) 1994 Rare Grooves
"Hetzjagd Auf Nazis" (Panacea remix) 1997 Position Chrome

Live videos

Title Release date Label
Death Favours the Enemy: Live 2002 (DVD) 2002 DHR
Live at Fuji Rock 2001 (Tour exclusive) (DVDr) 2005 DHR
Sixteen Years of Video Material (with Atari Teenage Riot) (DVD) 2008 Monitorpop

DJ mixes

Title Release date Label
Cut the Pussies1 1995 DHR Midiwar
DJ Spooky vs. Alec Empire (with DJ Spooky) (double cassette)1 unknown DHR
Capitol Noise - Chapter 1: Noise And Politics 1995 Capitol Noise
Generation Star Wars Party (19.12.'95 Bunker)1 1995 DHR
Live at CBGB's New York City 4-11-98 (CDr)1 2004 DHR
The Destroyer Mix Tape #3/98 (CDr)1 2004 DHR
The Destroyer Mix Tape #4/04 (CDr)1 2004 DHR
Japanese Noise Pt. 1 & 2 & 3 (3CDr)2 2005 DHR
Tribute to R. Mooog (2CDr)2 2005 DHR
DJ Mix Sun Ra (CDr)2 2005 DHR
Live at the Suicide Club 1995 (CDr)1 2006 DHR
Satellite of Fear (CDr)2 2007 DHR
Eat Your Heart Out Mix1 2008 Eat Your Heart Out

1 Mail order and online store exclusives
2 Tour exclusives

Compilation appearances

Song Album Date Label
"Yobots Around My Neck (Theme From Tekkno Boy)" Tekkno Boy 1992 Deutsche Schallplatten
"You Must Confront" Destroy Deutschland! 1993 Force Inc.
"Forgive Not Mothafuckers! ('Cause it Doesn't Make it Alright!)"
"Naomi Campbell" Shocker: The Inferno Part II 1994 WEA, EastWest
"Alec's Blues" Tribute to the Blues - Evolve or Die 1996 P-Vine
"The 6 Wisdoms of Aspasia" The Spirit of Vampyros Lesbos 1997 Sideburn
"Alleged Accused Repeated Reused"
(with Matt Pizzolo, feat. Jello Biafra and Seth Tobocman)
DIY-Fest 2001 DHR
"Tribute To Coil (Short Version)" ...It Just Is 2005 Nocharizma/Fulldozer
"Monk Time" (feat. Gary Burger of The Monks) Silver Monk Time: A Tribute to The Monks 2006 play loud!


Song Artist Album Date Label
"Dschungelfieber" (Alec Empire remix) Space Cube "Dschungelfieber" (Remixes) (single) 1994 Riot Beats
"31202" (remix) Ford Prefect Noise Love Unity - Love Parade '94 (compilation) 1994 D'vision
"Up Where We Belong" (FP23 mix) SilkyWay "Up Where We Belong" 1994 Phonogram
"Imago" (Alec Empire remix) Air Liquide Abuse Your Illusions - Part 1.1 1995 Harvest
"Harold" (Alec Empire mix) Sonic Subjunkies Sounds from the City of Quartz 1995 DHR
"Beautiful Day" (Digital Hardcore mix) Nicolette "Beautiful Day" (single) 1995 Talkin' Loud
"Dactylo Rock" (Ausrufezeichen) Stereo Total "Dactylo Rock" (single) 1996 Peace 95
"Die Menschen Aus Kiel" (Digital Hardcore remix) Schorsch Kamerun "Die Menschen Aus Kiel" (Remixe) (single) 1996 L'Âge d'or
"Know Your Chicken" (Alec Empire remix) Cibo Matto "Know Your Chicken" (single) 1996 Blanco Y Negro
"MotorRazor" (Digital Hardcore remix) Think About Mutation "MotorRazor 96" (single) 1996 Dynamica
"No Government" (Alec Empire remix) Nicolette 21st Century Soul (compilation) 1997 Talkin' Loud
"My Way" (Remix by Alec Empire) Audio Active Apollo Choco Remixed 1997 On-U Sound
"Bachelorette" (Hypermodern Jazz) Björk "Bachelorette" (single) 1997 One Little Indian
"Bachelorette" (The Ice Princess & The Killer Whale)
"Jóga" (Empire State of Emergency)
Björk "Jóga" (single) 1997 One Little Indian
"Jóga" (The Destroyer)
"Mood of Mods Generation" (Alec Empire remix) Violent Onsen Geisha & DMBQ Digital Catastroph 1997 (compilation) 1997 ZK
"Papua" (Alec Empire remix) Surfers of Romantika
"The Garden" (The White Chair remix) Einstürzende Neubauten Ende Neu (Remixes) 1997 PIAS
"Friss Scheisse" (Digital Hardcore remix) Schweisser "Friss Scheisse" (single) 1997 Bullet Proof
"Dr. Moog" (The Destroyer remix) Buffalo Daughter Socks, Drugs and Rock and Roll 1997 Grand Royal
"Dance or Be Shot" Bottom 12 "Dance or Be Shot" (single) 1997 unknown
"Consumed" (Digital Hardcore mix) Mark Stewart Consumed - The Remix Wars 1998 Mute
"Crash Pow" (Alec Empire remix) The Mad Capsule Markets Digidogheadlock 1998 JVC
"Creature" (Digital Hardcore remix)
"Like Herod" (Face The Future Remix) Mogwai Kicking a Dead Pig: Mogwai Songs Remixed 1998 Jetset
"R U Still in 2 It?" (Straight Demons remix) Mogwai "R U Still in 2 It?" (promo single) 1998 Eye Q
"Keep Trying the Old Number" (Alec Empire remix) Thurston Moore Root 1998 Lo
"Atomic Buddha" (Version Alec Empire) Techno Animal Techno Animal Versus Reality 1998 City Slang
"Heat" (Alec Empire remix) R. L. Burnside Come On In 1998 Fat Possum
"Keep On Rockin'" (Alec Empire remix) Shonen Knife Ultramix 1998 MCA Victor Japan
"Trapped in Three Dimensions" (Alec Empire mix) Ice "Trapped In Three Dimensions" (single) 1999 Morpheus
"Godzilla March" (Digital Hardcore remix) Destroy the Monsters Godzilla 2000 Japan (soundtrack) 2000 Nippon Columbia
"Jet Virus" (Digital Hardcore remix) Guitar Wolf Rock n' Roll Etiquette 2000 Ki/Oon
"It's a Burning Hell" (remix) Brainbombs Cheap (EP) 2001 Load
"Miss Lucifer" (Panther Girl) Primal Scream "Miss Lucifer" (single) 2002 Columbia
"Miss Lucifer" (Bone to Bone)
"Digital Hardcore" (Alec Empire mix) Merzbow Ikebana: Amlux Rebuilt, Reused and Recycled 2003 Important
"Skool Daze" (Alec Empire remix) Chris Vrenna "Skool Daze"/"Late Night Shopping" (single) 2003 Waxploitation
"Amerika" (Digital Hardcore mix) Rammstein "Amerika" (single) 2004 Universal
"Reach" (Alec Empire remix) Panic DHH "Reach" (single) 2004 DHR
"Mann Gegen Mann" (Futurist remix) Rammstein "Mann gegen Mann" (single) 2006 Universal
"Oxygen Debt" (Pandemic remix) Most Precious Blood Threat: Music That Inspired the Movie (compilation) 2006 Halo 8
"New York City" (Alec Empire remix) Emigrate "New York City" (single) 2007 Motor Music

Production credits

Album Artist Track(s) Role Year Label
"Acid Head"/"L.S.D." Zen Faschisten "Acid Head" Producer unknown Choose
Show EP Hanin Elias Producer 1996 DHR
Let No One Live Rent Free in Your Head Nicolette "Nervous", "Nightmare" Producer 1996 Talkin' Loud
Disco Sukkers EP Killout Trash Mastering 1997 AIPR
ACME Jon Spencer Blues Explosion "Attack" Mixing 1998 Matador
So... How's Your Girl? Handsome Boy Modeling School "Megaton B-Boy" (with El-P) Mixing 1999 Tommy Boy
"Red Hot Riding Hood" (single) Lolita Storm Mixing 2000 DHR
No Games, No Fun Hanin Elias "You Suck" Producer 2003 Fatal
The Bachelor Patrick Wolf "Vulture", "Battle" Co-Producer, Co-Writer 2009 Bloody Chamber Music

Other credits

Album Artist Track(s) Role Year Label
Enough of This Martin Peter "Bypass" Vocals 2005 Angora Steel

Music videos

  • Civilisation Virus (a short film by Philipp Virus, soundtrack by Empire, 1993)
  • "We All Die!" (directed by Philipp Virus, 1994)
  • "Low on Ice" (Philipp Virus, 1995)
  • The Report (a short film by Philipp Virus, soundtrack by Empire, 1996)
  • "You Ain't Nothing" (Alec Empire vs. Elvis Presley) (Philipp Virus, 1999)
  • "Attack" (with Jon Spencer Blues Explosion) (Philipp Virus, Nimra Lethe & Tom Edon, 1999)
  • "Addicted to You" (John Hillcoat, 2002)
  • "The Ride" (Jonathan Miles, 2003)
  • "New World Order" (Fabien Knecht, 2003)
  • "Kiss of Death" (Fabien Knecht, 2005)
  • "On Fire" (Philipp Virus, 2007)

Curse of the Golden Vampire (with Techno Animal)

Death Funk

DJ 6666 feat. The Illegals

DJ Mowgly


  • "Cook" (Philipp Virus, 1994)


  • E.C.P (Riot Beats 1995)
  • Generate (Riot Beats 1995)
  • E.C.P. (feat. The Slaughter of Acid) (Riot Beats 1996)


  • Jaguar EP (Force Inc. 1994)
  • Berlin Sky EP (Analog 1995)
  • Two Space Cowboys on a Bad Trip (with Ian Pooley) (Force Inc. 1996)
  • Two Space Cowboys on a Trip to Texas (with Ian Pooley) (Force Inc. 1996)
  • The Jaguar EP (Force Inc 1996)

LX Empire

  • "Unequal Chord" on the compilation Techno Rave (!Hype 1991)


  • "There's No Love in Tekkno" (single) by Hanin (Force Inc. 1992)

Naomi Campbell

  • "Spinball Attack" on the compilation Braindead (Generator Records 1994)

An edited version of the track "Naomi Campbell" from the Shocker compilation


  • "Youth Against Racism" on the compilation Destroy Deutschland! (Force Inc. 1993)

Nintendo Teenage Robots


  • "We Punk Einheit!" (Philipp Virus, 1999)


  • "Noise So Sweet" and "Dreadlock Kool" on the compilation Rough and Fast (Riot Beats 1994)

Richard Benson

  • Debut EP (Force Inc. 1995)
  • Diamonds and Pills EP (Force Inc. 1995)
  • Rich in Paradise EP (Force Inc. 1996)

Compilation appearances

  • "Feel You Deep Inside" on FIM 100 (Force Inc. 1995)
  • "You Know How to Love Me" on Rauschen 9 (Force Inc. 1995)


  • "Chord Memory" (Richard Benson mix) for Ian Pooley, on "Chord Memory" (Force Inc. 1996)

Wipe Out

  • "Two Steps Beyond the Terror"/"China Girl" (Position Chrome 1996)


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