Aldo Vergano

Aldo Vergano was an Italian director, screenwriter and journalist.

Aldo Vergano
Born(1891-08-27)27 August 1891
Died21 September 1957(1957-09-21) (aged 66)
Occupationfilm director, screenwriter

Born in Rome, Vergano was the co-founder with Alessandro Blasetti of the magazine Cinematografo.[1]

He made his film debut with the screenplay of Blasetti's Sun, one of the most important films of the Italian silent cinema.[1] In the thirties, though persecuted by fascism for his political views, he was a prolific screenwriter of Telefoni Bianchi films.[1] He made his debut as a director with the patriotic drama Pietro Micca.[1]

Vergano is probably best known for the film Il sole sorge ancora, produced by the PNA, (the National Association of Italian Partisans),[1] which is considered "one of the cornerstones of neorealism".[2]

Selected filmography



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