Aldo Piga

Aldo Piga (1928–1994) was an Italian-American composer who worked mainly in New York.

Aldo Piga's work was mainly produced in the 1950s and 1960s in Italy. He started as a song composer and later approached the movie soundtrack field. His participation in the pop music Italian market counts with two participations in the famous contest of Sanremo, one of which was overshadowed in the year of the famous Modugno's song "Volare". He recorded about one hundred film soundtracks. His activity as a composer was strongly influenced by classical music and bebop jazz roots of his early years in the New York music scene. After a promising career as a music writer, he decided to start working as a film producer in the late 1960s. This change led to an end in both his careers as a writer and producer. In the 1990s Piga left Italy to retire in New York where he spent his last days until 1994.


As composer


(Seven in the Sun) (USA)
  • Due selvaggi a corte (1959)


(The Vampire and the Ballerina) (USA)
(The Vampire's Lover) (USA)
  • Capitani di ventura (1961)
  • La grande vallata (1961)
  • Capitaine tempête(1961)
(Captain Tempest) (English)
(La Spada della vendetta) (Italy)
  • La Corona di fuoco (1961)
(Umberto Biancamano) (Italy)
  • L'urlo dei bolidi (1961)
(The Roar of the Bolidi) (English)
(The Triumph of Robin Hood) (USA)
  • Due leggi, Le (1962)
  • Un branco di vigliacchi (1962)
(No Man's Land) (USA)
(Curse of the Blood Ghouls) (USA)
(Curse of the Vampire) (USA)
(The Playgirls and the Vampire) (USA)
(Caribbean Hawk) (USA)
  • Il pirata del diavolo (1963)
(Flag of Death) (UK)
(The Saracens) (USA)
  • Le tre spade di Zorro (1963)
(Sword of Zorro) (USA)
(Tres espadas del Zorro, Las) (Spain)
  • Tarzak contro gli uomini leopardo (1964)
(Ape Man of the Jungle) (USA)
  • Amore facile (1964)
  • Il ribelle di Castelmonte (1964)
(Sword of Rebellion) (USA)
(The Vampire of the Opera)
  • Italia di notte n. 1 (1964)
(Italian Sexy Show)
  • Michelino Cucchiarella (1964)
  • Zorikan lo sterminatore (1964)
(Zorikan the Barbarian) (USA)
(Night of Violence) (USA)
(Terror-Creatures from the Grave)
(I criminali della metropoli) (Italy)
(Three Swords for Rome) (English)
Mark Donen agente Zeta 7 (Italy)
(Z-7, operación Rembrandt) (Spain)
(Z7 Operation Rembrandt) (USA)
  • Assassino senza volto (1968)

As producer

Mark Donen agente Zeta 7 (Italy)
Z-7, operación Rembrandt (Spain)
Z7 Operation Rembrandt (USA)
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