Aldo, Giovanni & Giacomo

Aldo, Giovanni & Giacomo are three Italian comedians, actors, directors and screenwriters who are Aldo Baglio (Italian pronunciation: [ˈaldo ˈbaʎʎo]; born 28 September 1958), Giovanni Storti (Italian pronunciation: [dʒoˈvanni ˈstɔrti]; born 20 February 1957) and Giacomo Poretti (Italian pronunciation: [ˈdʒaːkomo poˈretti]; born 26 April 1956). Performing in cinema, theatre and television they are among the most successful and widely known Italian comedians.

Aldo, Giovanni & Giacomo
Aldo (left), Giovanni (center) and Giacomo (right) with poet Alda Merini
OccupationComedians · actors · directors · screenwriters
Years active1991–present
Aldo Baglio
Cataldo Baglio

(1958-09-28) 28 September 1958
Years active1982–present
Giovanni Storti
Born (1957-02-20) 20 February 1957
Years active1982–present
Giacomo Poretti
Giacomino Poretti

(1956-04-26) 26 April 1956
Years active1983–present

Their humor is typically Milanese, involving scenes that develop from a simple idea, and that are often centered on stereotypical differences between Northern and Southern Italy.



Cataldo Baglio, better known simply as Aldo, was born in Palermo but grew up in Milan, where he met Giovanni Storti. The two both studied mime and dance at the School of Drama of the Teatro Arsenale of Milan. Giovanni graduated in 1977, and Aldo in 1978, and the two immediately took part in various cabaret shows including "E domani? " (1979) and "Il suggestibile" as well as performing in various television dramas - including Vacanze di Professione. Giacomo Poretti, meanwhile, was part of the cabaret duo "Hansel and Strudel" along with Marina Massironi who was his girlfriend at the time, and later his wife.


The actress Marina Massironi, shoulder female comic trio nineties beginning of the new millennium. The trio as we know it now was formed in 1985, when Baglio and Storti met Poretti and invited him to make sketches with them. A few months later the trio who called themselves Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo, performed in theater with Marina Massironi until 1991, in shows such as Summer Lightning (1992) (directed by Paola Galassi), Back to the Gerund (with Flavio Oreglio and Antonio Cornacchione), Air Storm (1993) (directed by Giancarlo Bozzo), The Shorts (1996) (directed by Arturo Brachetti), and The Circus of Paolo Rossi (1995) (directed by Giampiero Solari and starring Paolo Rossi). In 2005 act, along with Silvana Fallisi, entertainment Anplagghed directed by Arturo Brachetti. In 2012 the trio returns to the stage, with the theater tour Ammutta Muddica.


On television, they made their first appearance in the summer of 1992 alongside the comedy duo Zuzzurro and Gaspare in TG holiday; in the same year took part in Up your head! Paolo Rossi. The following year they participated in Cielito lindo with Claudio Bisio and in the period 1995-1997 were in the cast of Mai dire Gol, transmission Responded Band. In 1999, the three have staged the play who Tel chi el telùn, filmed and broadcast by Channel 5 and directed by Arturo Brachetti. The transmission has been repeated several times in the following years. Are back with Responded Band in 2004, proposing sketch transmission Never say Sunday, while in 2008 are back on the air with two new plays, Anplagghed, broadcast by Channel 5 and Italy 1, and with Pur Purr Rid, which contained a mix of all the commitments of the trio, also participate to the last episode of Zelig. In 2009 they joined the cast of the transmission of Rai 3 What time ago. The December 25, 2013 they performed in a show at Radio Italian TV in the evening dedicated to the NPO Alice for Children. From 8 May 2014 Ammutta muddica is broadcast on Channel 5, divided into three events in prime time.


Their big-screen debut was in 1997 with the film Three Men and a Leg, both of which are key players that directors, alongside Marina Massironi and Massimo Venier as a writer and director, in which they have repeated several typical sketch of their repertoire with a simple plot, thanks to which they have obtained the consent of the public and critical acclaim. [1] The success of the first film was repeated in 1998 with Such is life, always on the side of Marina Massironi as in Ask me if I'm happy, released in 2000 and able to collect the more than seventy billion lire, entering the top five films Italian most profitable ever. In 2002 it was the turn of The Legend of Al, John & Jack, followed in 2004 by Do you know Claudia?, with only Massimo Venier director and Paola Cortellesi female protagonist. In 2006 have taken up a special version of their eponymous play, called Anplagghed cinema. The comic trio then returned to the big screen December 19, 2008 with an episodic film, The cosmos on the dresser, this time under the direction of comedian Marcello Cesena. February 12, 2010 participated as narrative voices to the documentary Oceans 3D, while 17 December of the same year the film was released The Santa Claus Gang, the blockbuster of the season with over twenty-five million euros. After four years of absence from the halls, on 11 December 2014, the trio returned to the movies with The rich, the poor and the butler. In late 2016, it was followed by Escape from Reuma Park, which received negativa response from critics and public. After a three year hiatus, they will return in January 2020 with I hate summer.


  • Three Men and a Leg (1997)
  • Così è la vita (1998) - [literally "Such is life"]
  • Chiedimi se sono felice (2000) - [literally "Ask me if I'm happy"]
  • La leggenda di Al, John e Jack (2002) - [literally "The legend of Al, John and Jack"]
  • Tu la conosci Claudia? (2004) - [literally "Do you know Claudia?"]
  • Anplagghed al cinema (2006) - [cinema version of the theatre show "Unplugged"]
  • Il cosmo sul comò (2008) - [literally "The Cosmos on the bedside table"]
  • The Santa Claus Gang (2010)
  • Il ricco, il povero e il maggiordomo (2014) - [literally "The rich, the poor, and the butler"]
  • Fuga da reuma park (2017) - [Escape from reuma park"]


  • I Corti (1996) - [Literally "Short scenes" or "The short ones"]
  • Tel Chi el Telùn (1999) - [Lombard dialect, literally "Here it is the circus tent"]
  • Anplagghed (2006) - [Italianate version of the word "unplugged"]
  • Ammutta Muddica (2012) - [Sicilian language, literally "Work hard"]

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  • Silvana Fallisi (who has collaborated several times with the trio, for example in Ask me if I'm happy) is married to Aldo, while Marina Massironi was married to Giacomo. Giacomo is currently married to Daniela Cristofori, actress appeared in Ask me if I'm happy and do you know Claudia?. The two have a son named Emanuele.
  • The trio, in the form of comics, appeared in Topolino, an Italian comics book nº 2769, in the history of Donald Duck & Fethry Duck in ... Three ducks inside a cinema under the name parodied Baldo, Gionni and Jack, 17 December 2008, two days before the 'theatrical release of The cosmos on the dresser.
  • The title of their film The gang of Santas was chosen by their fans on Facebook.
  • All three are fans of Inter Milan.

Height of comedians: Aldo is 175 cm tall, Giovanni 165 cm and Giacomo 158 cm.

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