Albula Pass

Albula Pass (Romansh: Pass d'Alvra[1] or Pass da l'Alvra ,[2] German: Albulapass) (el. 2315 m) is a Swiss mountain pass in the canton of Graubünden. It lies in the Albula Alps, on the watershed between the Albula, tributary of the Rhine and the Ova d'Alvra, tributary of the Inn. The road from Thusis through Bergün leads to La Punt in the Inn Valley (Engadin).

Albula Pass
Albula Pass road
Elevation2,315 m (7,595 ft)
Traversed byRoad
LocationGraubünden, Switzerland
Coordinates46°35′N 09°53′E
Albula Pass
Location in Switzerland

East of the pass, on the Engadin side, is a lake named Albulasee (2,294 m) which is 4.2 ha large.[3]

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