Albert Belay

Albert T. Belay (born May 24, 1925) is a Gottschee German cultural activist in New York.[1]

Belay was born in Livold (German: Lienfeld), Slovenia.[1][2] He left the Gottschee region as a teenager, becoming a displaced person in Austria after the Second World War,[3] and then emigrated to the United States in 1951, where he worked as a civil engineer.[2][4] He married a fellow Gottschee refugee, Therese Erker, in 1953.[2] Belay served as the president of the 1960 Gottscheer Volksfest in New York[4] and headed the cultural committee of the Gottscheer Relief Association for many years.[4] He is also the chairman of the Gottschee German Men's Choir in New York.[2][5][6]

Belay authored the cookbook Hoimischai Khöscht (Home-Style Fare), containing 155 traditional Gottschee German recipes,[2][7] and narrated the five-part CD series Eine Reise durch Gottschee 1936 (A Journey through Gottschee, 1936).[8] His son Roland Belay is a member of the board of Gottscheer Central Holding, which runs Gottscheer Hall in New York's Ridgewood neighborhood.[9]


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