Alan Parker (author)

Alan G. Parker (born 1965) is a British author of several books and Film director of several documentary films about musicians and their lives. Parker is best known for his extensive research into the life and death of Sid Vicious, bassist for the English punk band the Sex Pistols. Parker has written three books about Sid Vicious.

Alan G. Parker
Born1965 (age 5354)
OccupationAuthor, Film director

Films directed

Books published

  • The Who by Numbers: The Story of The Who Through Their Music, 2009 ISBN 1900924919
  • Sid Vicious: No One Is Innocent, 2007 ISBN 0752875469
  • Cum On, Feel the Noize: The Story of Slade, 2006 ISBN 1844421511
  • Vicious: Too Fast to Live, 2004 ISBN 1840681101
  • Stiff Little Fingers: Song by Song, 2003 ISBN 186074513X
  • The Clash: Rat Patrol from Fort Bragg, 2003 ISBN 0953572498
  • John Lennon & The FBI Files, 2003 ISBN 1860745229
  • Satellite: Sex Pistols, 1999 ISBN 0953572439
  • Sid’s Way: Sid Vicious, 1991 ISBN 071192483X
  • Hardcore Superstar: Traci Lords


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