Alameda Civic Ballet

The Alameda Civic Ballet (ACB), founded in 2003 by the Artistic Director, Abra Rudisill, is the official dance company for Alameda, California, USA. It achieved non-profit 501(3) c status as a charitable organization in November 2004.

The company and associated, Alameda Ballet Academy (ABA), draws upon Rudisill's 20 years of experience as a Prima Ballerina and Ballet Mistress with Oakland Ballet, and she seeks to carry on her artistic lineage through the education of Bay Area youth.

Important dates

  • June 2003 - Debut performance at Kofman Auditorium in Alameda, California performing Degas Dancers, inspired by the paintings by Edgar Degas.
  • November 2003 - Performance of Degas Dancers at the Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, California.
  • December 2003 - Premier performance of The Nutcracker Act 2 excerpts.
  • February 2004 - Participation in the Alameda Education Foundation Mardi Gras Gala performing Festive Les Bons Temps (The Good Times) set to the music of Zydeco/Cajun King, Tom Rigney.
  • December 2004 - The Nutcracker performance sold out five shows.


The dancers of the Alameda Civic Ballet (as of May 2010):[1]

Company members

Principal character dancer

  • David Henry



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