Al St. John filmography

Al St. John (1893-1963) was an American comic actor who appeared in some 350 or more films between 1913 and 1952. Starting at Mack Sennett's Keystone Film Company, St. John rose through the ranks to become one of the major comedy stars of the 1920s, though less than half of his starring roles still survive today. With the advent of sound drastically changing and curtailing the two-reel comedy format, St. John diversified, creating a second career for himself as a comic sidekick in Western films and ultimately developing the character of "Fuzzy Q. Jones", for which he is best known in posterity.

Starring Al St. John

St. John's first starring roles were made at Keystone, but most of these were made at the very end of the history of the company, just as Mack Sennett was abandoning the "Keystone" moniker in order to extricate himself from the Triangle Film Corporation partnership. St. John got a second chance at solo stardom starting in 1919 with Paramount Pictures and the early Warner Bros. studio, and this led to extended series of 2-reel comedies for Fox Film Corporation and Educational Pictures. Al St. John starred in more than 70 2-reel comedies through 1932. This is the most important part of his personal legacy, but it remains the least accessible part of his activity. Changes to this list are inevitable, and are welcomed.

TitleRelease DateDirectorSupport CastSilent/SoundStudioDistributorStatusRef
Shot in the Excitement1914-10-26UnknownAlice HowellsilentKeystoneMutualExtantLoC[1][2]
The Moonshiners1916-5-14Roscoe ArbuckleAlice LakesilentKeystoneTriangleExtantFragment at LoC[3]
The Stone Age1917-1-9Ferris HartmanVera ReynoldssilentKeystoneTriangleLost
The Grab Bag Bride1917-1-28Ferris HartmanVera ReynoldssilentKeystoneTriangleExtantLoC[4]
A Winning Loser1917-2Ferris HartmanRose PomeroysilentKeystoneTriangleLost[5]
A Self-Made Hero1917Ferris HartmanMary ThurmansilentKeystoneTriangleExtantGEH
Speed1919-11-30Al St. JohnsilentWarner Bros.ParamountLost
Cleaning Up1920-3-28Al St. JohnsilentParamountParamountLost
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not1920-11-29Al St. JohnPolly MoransilentSunshine ComediesFoxLost
The Aero-Nut1920UnknownsilentWarner Bros.ParamountExtantFragment[6]
Fired Again1920Al St. JohnsilentWarner Bros.ParamountExtantLoC Fragment
The Slicker1921-1-3Al St. JohnPolly MoransilentSunshine ComediesFoxLost
The Simp1921-3-13Al St. JohnsilentSunshine ComediesFoxLost
The Big Secret1921-3-27Ferris HartmanLarry BowessilentSunshine ComediesFoxLost
The Hayseed1921-6-5Ferris HartmanAlice DavenportsilentSunshine ComediesFoxLost
Ain't Love Grand?1921-8-14Al St. JohnHilliard KarrsilentSunshine ComediesFoxLost
Small Town Stuff1921-9-2Al St. JohnsilentSunshine ComediesFoxLost
The Book Agent1921-9-25UnknownClaire SedgwicksilentSunshine ComediesFoxLost
Fast and Furious1921-10-2Gilbert PrattsilentSunshine ComediesFoxLost
The Happy Pest1921-11-9Ferris HartmansilentSunshine ComediesFoxLost
Fool Days1921-12-12Gilbert PrattsilentSunshine ComediesFoxExtantFragment[7]
The Paper Hanger1921Herman C. RaymakerCliff BowessilentWarner Bros.ExtantMOMA, Blackhawk Films
Three Good Pals1921Nate WattBilly BowessilentSunshine ComediesFoxLost
Straight from the Farm1922-2-5Gilbert PrattsilentSunshine ComediesFoxLost
A Studio Rube1922-3-19Gilbert PrattsilentSunshine ComediesFoxExtantMOMA
Special Delivery1922-4-30Roscoe ArbucklesilentSunshine ComediesFoxExtantMOMA
The Village Sheik1922-6-4Al St. JohnsilentSunshine ComediesFoxLost
All Wet1922-9-3Al St. JohnOtto FriessilentSunshine ComediesFoxExtantMOMA
The City Chap1922-10-15Al St. JohnsilentSunshine ComediesFoxLost
Out of Place1922-11-19Al St. JohnsilentSunshine ComediesFoxExtantLoC, EYE Film Institute, the Netherlands
The Alarm1922-12-17Al St. JohnsilentSunshine ComediesFoxLost
Young and Dumb1923-1-28Al St. JohnsilentSunshine ComediesFoxLost
The Salesman1923-3-11Al St. JohnsilentSunshine ComediesFoxLost
The Author1923-4-29Al St. JohnsilentSunshine ComediesFoxLost
A Tropical Romeo1923-1-17Al St. JohnsilentSunshine ComediesFoxLost
The Tailor1923-8-26Al St. JohnVictoria Louise KernersilentSunshine ComediesFoxLost
Full Speed Ahead1923-9-30Al St. JohnsilentSunshine ComediesFoxLost
Slow and Sure1923-11-18Al St. JohnsilentSunshine ComediesFoxLost
Spring Fever1923-12-30Archie MayoJean ArthursilentSunshine ComediesFoxLost
Highly Recommended1924-1-6Al St. JohnsilentSunshine ComediesFoxLost
Be Yourself1924-2-10Al St. JohnsilentSunshine ComediesFoxLost
His Bitter Half1924-6-15Al St. JohnsilentSunshine ComediesFoxLost
His First Car1924-7-27Al St. JohnDoris DeanesilentTuxedo ComediesEducationalExtant
Never Again1924-8-24Al St. JohnCarmencita JohnsonsilentTuxedo ComediesEducationalExtantLobster Films, 1 reel
Stupid, But Brave1924-10-26Roscoe ArbucklesilentTuxedo ComediesEducationalExtantMOMA
Lovemania1924-12-28Al St. JohnDoris DeanesilentTuxedo ComediesEducationalExtantDiscovered in Europe
Rapid Transit1925-3-10Al St. JohnsilentTuxedo ComediesEducationalLost
Red Pepper1925-4-5Arvid E. GillstromJudy KingsilentMermaid ComediesEducationalExtantMOMA
The Iron Mule1925-4-12Roscoe Arbuckle, Grover JonesGeorge DavissilentTuxedo ComediesEducationalExtantMOMA, DVD, Blackhawk Films
Dynamite Doggie1925-5-9Roscoe Arbuckle, Grover JonessilentTuxedo ComediesEducationalExtant
Fares, Please!1925-5-10Stephen RobertssilentMermaid ComediesEducationalLost
Curses!1925-5-17Roscoe Arbuckle, Grover JonesBartine BurkettsilentTuxedo ComediesEducationalExtantDVD
Dumb and Daffy1925-6-5Al St. JohnsilentSunshine ComediesFoxLost
The Live Agent1925-8-10Al St. JohnBartine BurkettsilentBiff ComediesBischoffExtant
Fair Warning1925-9-27Stephen RobertsVirginia VancesilentMermaid ComediesEducationalExtantMOMA
Fire Away1925-11-8Stephen RobertssilentMermaid ComediesEducationalLost
Service1925-12-10Al St. JohnJohn SinclairsilentBiff ComediesBischoffLost
Live Cowards1926-1-10Stephen RobertssilentMermaid ComediesEducationalExtantEYE Film Institute, the Netherlands
Rain and Shine1926-1Al St. JohnJohn SinclairsilentBiff ComediesBischoffLost
His Taking Ways1926-2-2Al St. JohnJohn SinclairsilentBiff ComediesBischoffExtant
Hold Your Hat1926-2-14Stephen RobertssilentMermaid ComediesEducationalLost
Sky Bound1926-3-28Stephen RobertsOtto FriessilentMermaid ComediesEducationalLost
Who Hit Me?1926-7-11Stephen RobertsEstelle BradleysilentMermaid ComediesEducationalExtantMOMA
Pink Elephants1926-10-2Stephen RobertssilentMermaid ComediesEducationalLost
Flaming Romance1926-11-21Stephen RobertsAileen LopezsilentMermaid ComediesEducationalExtantLoC reel 2 only
High Sea Blues1927-1-2Stephen RobertsEstelle BradleysilentMermaid ComediesEducationalExtant
Listen Lena1927-2-13Stephen Roberts, Clem BeauchampLucille HuttonsilentMermaid ComediesEducationalExtant
Hot Lightning1927-3-6Stephen RobertsClem BeauchampsilentMermaid ComediesEducationalExtantGrapevine video VHS
Roped In1927-3-20Charles LamontsilentMermaid ComediesEducationalLost
Jungle Heat1927-4-24Stephen RobertsClem BeauchampsilentMermaid ComediesEducationalExtant
No Cheating1927-6-26Stephen RobertssilentMermaid ComediesEducationalLost
High Spots1927-7-31Stephen RobertssilentMermaid ComediesEducationalExtantLoC reel 2 only
Racing Mad1928-1-8Stephen RobertsEstelle BradleysilentMermaid ComediesEducationalExtantLobster Films
Call Your Shots1928-9-16Stephen RobertsOtto FriessilentMermaid ComediesEducationalLost
Hot or Cold1928-12-2Stephen RobertsHarold GoodwinsilentMermaid ComediesEducationalExtant
Smart Steppers1929-3-3Stephen RobertssilentMermaid ComediesEducationalLost
Hot Times1929-5-26Stephen RobertssilentMermaid ComediesEducationalLost
Western Knights1930-4-30Stephen RobertsEddie LambertsoundMermaid ComediesEducationalExtant
Two Fresh Eggs1930-7-6Monte CarterJimmy AubreysoundE.B. Derr ProductionsPathéExtant
Honeymoon Trio1931-8-30Roscoe ArbuckleWalter CatlettsoundCameo ComediesEducationalExtant
That's My Meat1931-10-4Roscoe ArbucklesoundCameo ComediesEducationalExtant
Bridge Wives1932-2-21Roscoe ArbuckleFern EmmettsoundCameo ComediesEducationalExtant

Fuzzy Q. Jones Roles

"Fuzzy Q. Jones" was developed when Al St. John filled in for actor Fuzzy Knight on a film Knight was unable to make. St. John made more than 80 western films in this character, which proved indispensable to the PRC studio and so popular that "Fuzzy Settles Down" (1944) remains the only American B-Western that is titled after the sidekick. In post-war Germany, where Fuzzy was especially popular, he was always billed in the title of his pictures, despite the presence of the hero. It was as Fuzzy—whom Al came to regard as a separate person, apart from himself—that St. John finished out his long film career. These films had, in many cases, multiple theatrical distributors, and most of the PRCs were re-released in the 1950s by Madison Pictures, though in some instances in cut down versions. In cases where a television vendor is the more likely medium through which one may see a given title, the vendor is listed in the distribution field is given rather than the original theatrical distributor. A listing for a home video does not automatically mean that the title is still available for viewing. All of these films were made in sound, and are extant.

TitleRelease DateDirectorStarStudioDistributorHome Video
The Roaming Cowboy1937-1-4Robert F. HillFred ScottSpectrum PicturesSony Pictures Television[8]
Melody of the Plains1937-4-2Sam NewfieldFred ScottSpectrum Pictures[8]
Moonlight on the Range1937-10-6Sam NewfieldFred ScottSpectrum Pictures[8]
The Fighting Deputy1937-12-5Sam NewfieldFred ScottSpectrum Pictures[9][10]
The Rangers' Round-Up1938-2-9Sam NewfieldFred ScottSpectrum PicturesReel Media Int'l[8][11]
Knight of the Plains1938-5-7Sam NewfieldFred ScottSpectrum Pictures[9][12][13]
Songs and Bullets1938-5-15Sam NewfieldFred ScottSpectrum Pictures[9]
Gunsmoke Trail1938-5-27Sam NewfieldJack RandallConn PicturesMonogram[9]
Trigger Pals1939-1-13Sam NewfieldArt JarrettCinemartGrand National[9][10][12]
Oklahoma Terror1939-8-25Spencer Gordon BennetJack RandallMonogramReel Media Int'l[9][12][14][15]
Billy the Kid Outlawed1940-7-20Sam NewfieldBob SteelePRCPRC[9]
Billy the Kid in Texas1940-9-30Sam NewfieldBob SteelePRCPRC[9][16]
Billy the Kid's Gun Justice1940-12-20Sam NewfieldBob SteelePRCPRC[9][14][17]
The Lone Rider Rides On1941-1-10Sam NewfieldGeorge HoustonPRCPRC[9][10][14][17]
Billy the Kid's Range War1941-1-24Sam NewfieldBob SteelePRCPRC[9]
The Lone Rider Crosses the Rio1941-2-28Sam NewfieldGeorge HoustonPRCBetter Television[9][18]
Billy the Kid's Fighting Pals/Trigger Men1941-4-18Sam NewfieldBob SteelePRCPRC[9][10][14][19][20]
The Lone Rider in Ghost Town1941-5-16Sam NewfieldGeorge HoustonPRCPRC[9][14]
Billy the Kid in Santa Fe1941-7-11Sam NewfieldBob SteelePRCBetter Television[9][14]
The Lone Rider in Frontier Fury/Rangeland Racket1941-8-8Sam NewfieldGeorge HoustonPRCPRC[10]
The Lone Rider Ambushed1941-8-29Sam NewfieldGeorge HoustonPRCPRC[9]
Billy the Kid Wanted1941-10-4Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCPRC[9]
Billy the Kid's Round-up1941-12-12Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCBetter Television[9]
The Lone Rider Fights Back1941-12-17Sam NewfieldGeorge HoustonPRCPRC[9]
The Lone Rider and the Bandit1942-1-16Sam NewfieldGeorge HoustonPRCBetter Television, Reel Media Int'l[9]
Billy the Kid Trapped1942-2-27Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCReel Media Int'l[9][14][21]
The Lone Rider in Cheyenne1942-3-20Sam NewfieldGeorge HoustonPRCPRC[9]
Billy the Kid's Smoking Guns1942-5-1Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCPRC[9][14]
The Lone Rider in Texas Justice1942-6-5Sam NewfieldGeorge HoustonPRCPRC[9]
Law and Order/Billy the Kid in Law and Order1942-8-21Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCPRC[9][18][19]
Sheriff of Sage Valley1942-9-2Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCPRC[9][19]
Border Roundup1942-9-18Sam NewfieldGeorge HoustonPRCPRC
Overland Stagecoach1942-10-11Sam NewfieldBob LivingstonPRCPRC[9][14]
The Mysterious Rider/Panhandle Trail1942-11-20Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCPRC[9]
Outlaws of Boulder Pass1942-11-28Sam NewfieldGeorge HoustonPRCReel Media Int'l[9]
The Kid Rides Again1943-1-27Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCReel Media Int'l[9][14][22]
Wild Horse Rustlers1943-2-12Sam NewfieldBob LivingstonPRCPRC[9][19]
Fugitive of the Plains1943-4-1Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCPRC[9][12][14][23]
Death Rides the Plains1943-5-7Sam NewfieldBob LivingstonPRCPRC[9]
Western Cyclone/Frontier Fighters1943-5-14Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCPRC[9]
Wolves of the Range1943-6-21Sam NewfieldBob LivingstonPRCPRC[9][12]
Law of the Saddle1943-7-28Melville De LayBob LivingstonPRCPRC[9][19]
Cattle Stampede1943-8-16Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCReel Media Int'l[9][14][24]
The Renegade/Code of the Plains1943-8-25Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCPRC
Blazing Frontier1943-9-4Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCPRC[9]
Raiders of Red Gap1943-9-30Sam NewfieldBob LivingstonPRCPRC[9]
Devil Riders1943-11-5Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCBetter Television[9][16]
Frontier Outlaws1944-3-4Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCReel Media Int'l, Better Television[9][16]
Thundering Gun Slingers1944-3-25Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCPRC[9][14][25]
Valley of Vengeance1944-5-5Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCPRC[9]
The Drifter1944-6-14Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCPRC[9][18]
Fuzzy Settles Down1944-6-25Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCPRC[9]
Wild Horse Phantom1944-10-28Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCPRC[9][12][14][26]
Oath of Vengeance1944-12-9Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCFilms Around the World, Better Television
Lightning Raiders1945-1-7Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCFilms Around the World[9]
His Brother's Ghost1945-2-3Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCReel Media Int'l[9][14][27][28][29]
Shadows of Death1945-4-19Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCPRC[9][14][27]
Gangster's Den1945-6-14Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCReel Media Int'l[9][14][27]
Stagecoach Outlaws1945-8-17Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCFilms Around the World[9]
Rustlers' Hideout1945-9-2Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCPRC[9][12][14][30]
Border Badmen1945-10-10Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCFilms Around the World, Better Television[9][19]
Fighting Bill Carson1945-10-31Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCPRC[9][19]
Prairie Rustlers1945-11-7Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCPRC[9][25]
Gentlemen with Guns1946-3-27Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCBetter Television[9]
Terrors on Horseback1946-5-1Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCPRC[9]
Ghost of Hidden Valley1946-6-6Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCFilms Around the World[9][19][31]
Prairie Badmen1946-7-17Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCPRC[9]
Overland Riders1946-8-21Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCFilms Around the World[9][25]
Outlaws of the Plains1946-9-22Sam NewfieldBuster CrabbePRCFilms Around the World[9]
Law of the Lash1947-2-28Ray TaylorLash La RuePRCReel Media Int'l[9][14][19]
Border Feud1947-5-10Ray TaylorLash La RuePRCFilms Around the World[9][32]
Pioneer Justice1947-6-28Ray TaylorLash La RuePRCFilms Around the World[9][19][32]
Ghost Town Renegades1947-7-26Ray TaylorLash La RuePRCFilms Around the World[9][19][32]
Stage to Mesa City1947-9-13Ray TaylorLash La RuePRCPRC[9][10][19][32][33]
Return of the Lash1947-10-11Ray TaylorLash La RuePRCPRC[9][32][34]
The Fighting Vigilantes1947-11-15Ray TaylorLash La RuePRCPRC[9]
Cheyenne Takes Over1947-12-17Ray TaylorLash La RuePRCPRC[9][19][32]
Dead Man's Gold1948-9-10Ray TaylorLash La RueWestern AdventuresScreen Guild[9][19][32]
Mark of the Lash1948-10-15Ray TaylorLash La RueWestern AdventuresScreen Guild[9][19]
Frontier Revenge1948-12-26Ray TaylorLash La RueWestern AdventuresScreen Guild[9][32]
Outlaw Country1949-1-7Ray TaylorLash La RueWestern AdventuresScreen Guild[9][10][19]
Son of Billy the Kid1949-4-2Ray TaylorLash La RueWestern AdventuresScreen Guild[9][19]
Son of a Badman1949-4-16Ray TaylorLash La RueWestern AdventuresScreen Guild[9][19]
The Daltons' Women1950-2-25Thomas CarrLash La RueWestern AdventuresWestern Adventures[9][10]
King of the Bullwhip1950-12-20Ron OrmondLash La RueWestern AdventuresRealart[9][25][32]
The Thundering Trail1951-7-2Ron OrmondLash La RueWestern AdventuresRealart[9][19]
The Vanishing Outpost1951-11-1Ron OrmondLash La RueWestern AdventuresRealart[9]
The Black Lash1952-1-2Ron OrmondLash La RueWestern AdventuresRealart[9][10][19]
The Frontier Phantom1952-2-2Ron OrmondLash La RueWestern AdventuresRealart[9][19]

With Roscoe Arbuckle and/or Buster Keaton

Al St. John's association with his uncle, Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, was central to his film career. Arbuckle first brought St. John to the Keystone set in 1913; over the years to follow, Arbuckle routinely employed St. John in playing rubes, rivals and other parts in support of his popular "Fatty" character. When Arbuckle left Keystone in early 1917 to form the Comique Comedy unit at Paramount, he and St. John were joined by stage comedian Buster Keaton, and the three created a singular cycle of silent comedies that exploited their matched acrobatic abilities and hard-driving capabilities in slapstick. This section represents onscreen appearances in films by St. John with either Arbuckle, Keaton or both, and it remains the most accessible area of Al St. John's silent comedy work. Arbuckle-directed comedies starring Al St. John are listed in the "Starring Al St. John" section above.[35]

TitleRelease DateDirectorArbuckle/KeatonSilent/SoundStudioDistributorStatusRef
A Noise from the Deep1913-7-13Mack SennettArbucklesilentKeystoneMutualExtantLoC
The Riot1913-8-11Mack SennettArbucklesilentKeystoneMutualLost
Mother's Boy1913-9-25Henry LehrmanArbucklesilentKeystoneMutualLost
His Sister's Kids1913-12-20George NicholsArbucklesilentKeystoneMutualExtant
In the Clutches of the Gang1914-1-17George NicholsArbucklesilentKeystoneMutualLost[36]
Tango Tangles1914-3-9Mack SennettArbucklesilentKeystoneMutualExtant[37]
The Knockout1914-6-11Mack SennettArbucklesilentKeystoneMutualExtant
Fatty and the Heiress1914-6-25Roscoe ArbuckleArbucklesilentKeystoneMutualLost
Fatty's Finish1914-7-2Roscoe ArbuckleArbucklesilentKeystoneMutualLost
The Sky Pirate1914-7-18Roscoe Arbuckle, Edward DillonArbucklesilentKeystoneMutualLost
Those Country Kids1914-7-13Mack SennettArbucklesilentKeystoneMutualExtantLoC, National Film Archive, London
Fatty's Gift1914-8-24Roscoe ArbuckleArbucklesilentKeystoneMutualLost
The Rounders1914-9-7Charlie ChaplinArbucklesilentKeystoneMutualExtant
Bombs and Bangs1914-9-14Roscoe Arbuckle[38]ArbucklesilentKeystoneMutualLost
Lover's Luck1914-9-19Roscoe ArbuckleArbucklesilentKeystoneMutualLost
Fatty's Debut1914-9-26Roscoe ArbuckleArbucklesilentKeystoneMutualLost
Zip, the Dodger1914-10-17Roscoe ArbuckleArbucklesilentKeystoneMutualExtantLoC[39]
Fatty's Jonah Day1914-11-16Roscoe ArbuckleArbucklesilentKeystoneMutualExtantMOMA
The Sea Nymphs1914-11-23Roscoe ArbuckleArbucklesilentKeystoneMutualExtantFilmmuseum, Munich, Filmmuseum, Denmark
Leading Lizzie Astray1914-11-30Roscoe ArbuckleArbucklesilentKeystoneMutualExtant[40]
Shotguns That Kick1914-12-3Roscoe ArbuckleArbucklesilentKeystoneMutualLost
Fatty's Magic Pants1914-12-14Roscoe ArbuckleArbucklesilentKeystoneMutualExtant[41]
Fatty and Mabel's Simple Life1915-1-18Roscoe ArbuckleArbucklesilentKeystoneMutualExtantLoC
Mabel, Fatty and the Law1915-1-28Roscoe ArbuckleArbucklesilentKeystoneMutualExtant[42][43]
Fatty's New Role1915-2-1Roscoe ArbuckleArbucklesilentKeystoneMutualExtant[44][45]
Mabel and Fatty's Married Life1915-2-11Roscoe ArbuckleArbucklesilentKeystoneMutualExtant,[42][45][46]
That Little Band of Gold1915-3-15Roscoe ArbuckleArbucklesilentKeystoneMutualExtant[42][45]
Fatty's Faithful Fido1915-3-20Roscoe ArbuckleArbucklesilentKeystoneMutualExtant[42][45][46]
When Love Took Wings1915-4-1Roscoe ArbuckleArbucklesilentKeystoneMutualExtant[47]
Mabel and Fatty Viewing the World's Fair at San Francisco1915-4-22Roscoe Arbuckle, Mabel NormandArbucklesilentKeystoneMutualExtant[44][48]
Mabel's Wilful Way1915-5-1Mabel Normand, Mack SennettArbucklesilentKeystoneMutualExtant[42][45][49]
Fatty's Plucky Pup1915-6-28Roscoe ArbuckleArbucklesilentKeystoneMutualExtant[45][46]
Fickle Fatty's Fall1915-11-3Roscoe ArbuckleArbucklesilentKeystoneTriangleLost
A Village Scandal1915-12-12Roscoe ArbuckleArbucklesilentKeystoneTriangleLost
Fatty and the Broadway Stars1915-12-15Roscoe ArbuckleArbucklesilentKeystoneTriangleLost
Fatty and Mabel Adrift1916-1-9Roscoe ArbuckleArbucklesilentKeystoneTriangleExtant[44][50][51]
He Did and He Didn't1916-1-30Roscoe ArbuckleArbucklesilentKeystoneTriangleExtant[45][46][48][52]
Bright Lights1916-2-20Roscoe ArbuckleArbucklesilentKeystoneTriangleLost
His Wife's Mistakes1916-4-2Roscoe ArbuckleArbucklesilentKeystoneTriangleExtantLoC fragment (2 reels of 3)
The Other Man1916-4-16Mack SennettArbucklesilentKeystoneTriangleLost
The Waiters' Ball1916-6-25Roscoe ArbuckleArbucklesilentKeystoneTriangleExtant[53][54]
A Creampuff Romance1916-7-5Roscoe ArbuckleArbucklesilentKeystoneTriangleLost
The Butcher Boy1917-4-23Roscoe ArbuckleArbuckle/KeatonsilentComiqueParamountExtant[44][50][55]
A Reckless Romeo1913-5-21Roscoe ArbuckleArbuckle/KeatonsilentComiqueParamountExtant[55]
The Rough House1917-6-25Roscoe Arbuckle, Buster KeatonArbuckle/KeatonsilentComiqueParamountExtant[44][50][55]
His Wedding Night1917-8-20Roscoe ArbuckleArbuckle/KeatonsilentComiqueTriangleParamount[50]
Oh Doctor!1917-9-30Roscoe ArbuckleArbuckle/KeatonsilentComiqueParamountExtant[50][55]
Coney Island1917-10-29Roscoe ArbuckleArbuckle/KeatonsilentComiqueParamountExtant[44][46][50][55][56]
A Country Hero1917-7-13Roscoe ArbuckleArbuckle/KeatonsilentComiqueParamountLost
A Scrap of Paper1918Roscoe ArbuckleArbucklesilentComiqueParamountExtant
Out West1918-1-20Roscoe ArbuckleArbuckle/KeatonsilentComiqueParamountExtant[44][50][55]
The Bell Boy1918-3-18Roscoe ArbuckleArbuckle/KeatonsilentComiqueParamountExtant[44][50][55]
Moonshine1918-5-12Roscoe ArbuckleArbuckle/KeatonsilentComiqueParamountExtant[50][55]
Good Night, Nurse!1918-7-8Roscoe ArbuckleArbuckle/KeatonsilentComiqueParamountExtant[44][50][55]
The Cook1918-9-15Roscoe ArbuckleArbuckle/KeatonsilentComiqueParamountExtantNederlands Filmmuseum[50]
Camping Out1919-1-5Roscoe ArbuckleArbucklesilentComiqueParamountExtantPrint combined from two fragments, incomplete
The Pullman Porter1919-2-16Roscoe ArbuckleArbucklesilentComiqueParamountLost
Love1919-3-2Roscoe ArbuckleArbucklesilentComiqueParamountExtantPrint combined from two fragments[45][46]
A Desert Hero1919-6-15Roscoe ArbuckleArbucklesilentComiqueParamountLost
Back Stage1919-9-7Roscoe ArbuckleArbuckle/KeatonsilentComiqueParamountExtant[44][50][55]
The Scarecrow1920-12-22Buster Keaton, Eddie ClineKeatonsilentJoseph M. SchenkMetroExtant[42][50][55]
Life of the Party (feature)1920-11-13Joseph HenaberyArbucklesilentFamous Players-LaskyParamountExtantLoC
The High Sign1921-4-18Buster Keaton, Eddie ClineKeatonsilentJoseph M. SchenkMetroExtant[50][55]
The General (feature)1926-12-21Buster Keaton, Clyde BruckmanKeatonsilentJoseph M. SchenkUnited ArtistsExtant[42][50][55][57][58][59][60] many others
Buzzin' Around1933-2-4Alfred J. GouldingArbucklesoundVitaphoneWarner Bros.Extant
Love Nest on Wheels1937-3-26Buster Keaton, Charles LamontKeatonsoundEducational20th Century FoxExtant[56][61]

Supporting Roles: Shorts

Upon his arrival at Keystone, Al St. John was swiftly absorbed into the Keystone repertory company; he appeared in more 1914 films than Charlie Chaplin did. After Keystone, St. John appeared in support of other comics in 2-reelers up to the end of the silent era. Appearances in films with Roscoe Arbuckle are included in the list above. This list may be incomplete, as the full extent of St. John's appearances of this kind is not known, owing to so many lost films that may serve as possible candidates. For Keystones, the principal actor is included, though in many cases it is unclear who within the film that may be. Owing to the ensemble nature of many early Keystones, there are films which essentially do not have a central comedian as the fixture, and outside of Charlie Chaplin, survival rates on Keystones are less than what would be ideal. Unconfirmed appearances are not included in this list.[62]

TitleRelease YearDirectorStar(s)Silent/SoundStudioDistributorStatusRef
Double Crossed1914-1-26Ford SterlingFord SterlingsilentKeystoneMutualExtantLoC[63]
Mabel's Strange Predicament1914-2-9Mabel NormandMabel Normand, Charles ChaplinsilentKeystoneMutualExtant[37]
The Star Boarder1914-4-4George NicholsCharles ChaplinsilentKeystoneMutualExtant[37]
The Passing of Izzy1913-4-11George NicholsWilliam NighsilentKeystoneMutualLost[64]
Caught in a Cabaret1914-4-27Mabel Normand, Charles ChaplinMabel Normand, Charles ChaplinsilentKeystoneMutualExtant[37]
Mabel's Busy Day1914-6-13Mabel Normand, Charles ChaplinMabel Normand, Charles ChaplinsilentKeystoneMutualExtant[37]
Mabel's Married Life1914-6-20Mack SennettMabel Normand, Charles ChaplinsilentKeystoneMutualExtant[37]
Mabel's New Job1914-7-13George NicholsMabel NormandsilentKeystoneMutualLost[65]
Mabel's Blunder1914-9-12Mabel NormandMabel NormandsilentKeystoneMutualExtantNamed to the (U.S.) National Film Registry, 2009[66]
The New Janitor1914-9-24Charles ChaplinCharles ChaplinsilentKeystoneMutualExtant[37]
Hello, Mabel1914-10-8Mabel NormandMabel NormandsilentKeystoneMutualExtant[65]
Stout Hearts But Weak Knees1914-10-24UnknownCharles MurraysilentKeystoneMutualLost[67]
His Talented Wife1914-11-9Mack SennettAlice DavenportsilentKeystoneMutualLost[68]
His Prehistoric Past1914-12-7Charles ChaplinCharles ChaplinsilentKeystoneMutualExtant[37]
A Bird's a Bird1915-2-8Walter WrightChester ConklinsilentKeystoneMutualExtant[69]
Droppington's Family Tree1915-4-12Dell HendersonChester ConklinsilentKeystoneMutualExtant[69]
Our Dare-Devil Chief1915-5-10Charley ChaseFord SterlingsilentKeystoneMutualExtant[69]
Crossed Love and Swords1915-5-15Frank GriffinLouise FazendasilentKeystoneMutualExtantLoC Paper Print Collection
Those Bitter Sweets1915-6-7F. Richard JonesMae BuschsilentKeystoneMutualExtant[70]
A Home Breaking Hound1915-6-14Charley ChaseDon BarclaysilentKeystoneMutualLost[71]
Dirty Work in a Laundry1915-7-13Charley ChaseMinta DurfeesilentKeystoneMutualExtantLoC Paper Print Collection[72]
A Rascal of Wolfish Ways1915-8-9F. Richard Jones, Mack SennettMae BuschsilentKeystoneMutualLost[73]
Bombs!1916-10-8Frank GriffinCharles MurraysilentKeystoneTriangleExtant[74]
At the Old Stage Door1919-7-13Hal RoachHarold LloydsilentRolin PicturesPathé ExchangeExtantMOMA[75]
A Punch in the Nose1926-1-3J.A. HoweRoach All-Star ComedysilentHal Roach StudioPathé ExchangeLost[76]
Life in Hollywood No. 21927-5-12L.M. Be DellDocumentarysilentGoodwill PicturesStates RightsExtantAFI Murray Glass Collection
Screen Snapshots Series 9, No. 121930-5-1Ralph StaubJohn BolessoundColumbiaColumbia PicturesLost[77]
Marriage Rows1931-1-18Roscoe ArbuckleLloyd HamiltonsoundEducational PicturesEducational Film ExchangesLost[78]
Honeymoon Trio1931-8-30Roscoe ArbuckleWalter CatlettsoundEducational PicturesEducational Film ExchangesExtant[79]
Prairie Papas1938-12-16Ray WhitleyThe Phelps BrotherssoundRKORKO Radio PicturesLost[80]

Supporting Roles: Features

With the dawn of sound around 1930, Al St. John went from appearing almost exclusively in two-reel shorts to appearing almost exclusively in features. While his Fuzzy Q. Jones roles dominate St. John's feature output, he did appear in a number of features in other parts, mostly in Westerns. Some of these, particularly his serio-comic turn as "Uncle Billy" in The Outcasts of Poker Flat (1937), demonstrate a greater range of acting ability than the average Fuzzy Q. Jones role might suggest. Several parts listed here, however, are the tiniest of tiny bit roles.

TitleRelease YearDirectorStar(s)Silent/SoundStudioDistributorStatusRef
Tillie's Punctured Romance1914-12-21Mack SennettMarie DresslersilentKeystoneMutualExtant[81]
The Garden of Weeds1924-11-2James CruzeBetty CompsonsilentFamous Players-LaskyParamountLost[82]
American Beauty1927-10-9Richard WallaceBillie DovesilentFirst NationalFirst NationalLost[83]
Casey Jones1927-12-20Charles J. HuntRalph LewissilentTrem Carr PicturesRayartExtantLoC [84]
Hello Cheyenne1928-5-13Eugene FordeTom MixsilentFox Film Corp.FoxLost[85]
Painted Post1928-7-1Eugene FordeTom MixsilentFox Film Corp.FoxLost[86]
She Goes to War1929-6-8Henry KingEleanor BoardmanPart-talkieInspiration PicturesUnited ArtistsExtantExists only in 50 min. version (of 105 mi.)[87][88]
The Dance of Life1929-8-16John Cromwell, Edward SutherlandHal SkellysoundFamous Players-LaskyParamountExtant[89]
Hell Harbor1930-3-15Henry KingLupe VelezsoundInspiration PicturesUnited ArtistsExtant[90]
The Oklahoma Cyclone1930-8-8John P. McCarthyBob SteelesoundTrem Carr PicturesTiffanyExtant[91]
The Land of Missing Men1930-10John P. McCarthyBob SteelesoundTrem Carr PicturesTiffanyExtant[92]
Beyond the Law1930-11-2John P. McCarthyRobert FrazersoundRaytone Talking PicturesSyndicate PicturesExtant[93]
The Painted Desert1931-3-7Howard HigginClark GablesoundRKO-PathéPathé ExchangesExtant[94][95]
Aloha1931-4-27Albert S. RogellBen LyonsoundTiffany ProductionsTiffanyExtantIncomplete[96]
A Son of the Plains1931-7-5Robert N. BradburyBob CustersoundTrem Carr PicturesSyndicateExtant[97]
Police Court1932-2-20Louis KingHenry B. WalthallsoundI.E. ChadwickMonogramExtant[98]
Riders of the Desert1932-4-24Robert N. BradburyBob SteelesoundTrem Carr PicturesSono-Art WorldWideExtant[99]
Law of the North1932-5-30Harry L. FraserBill CodysoundMonogram PicturesMonogramExtant[100]
His Private Secretary1933-6-10Phil WhitmanJohn WaynesoundScreencraft/Showmen's PicturesMarcy PicturesExtant[101]
Riders of Destiny1933-10-10Robert N. BradburyJohn WaynesoundLone StarMonogramExtant[102]
From Headquarters1933-11-16William Dieterle, Michael CurtizGeorge BrentsoundWarner Bros.Warner Bros.Extant[103]
Public Stenographer1934-1-10Lewis D. CollinsLola LanesoundScreencraft/Showmen's PicturesMarcy PicturesExtant[104]
She Gets Her Man1935-8-5William NighZasu PittssoundUniversal PicturesUniversalExtant[105]
Wanderer of the Wasteland1935-9-9Otho LoveringDean JaggersoundParamount PicturesParamountExtantUCLA Film & Television Archive[106]
Midnight Phantom1935-11-27Bernard B. RayReginald DennysoundReliable PicturesStates RightsExtant[107]
The Law of 45's1935-12-1John P. McCarthyGuinn 'Big Boy' WilliamssoundNormandy PicturesStates RightsExtant[108]
Bar 20 Rides Again1935-12-6Howard BrethertonWilliam "Hoppy" BoydsoundReliable PicturesStates RightsExtant[109]
Trigger Tom1935-12-15Harry S. WebbTom TylersoundReliable PicturesStates RightsExtant[110]
A Face in the Fog1936-2-1Robert F. HillJune CollyersoundVictory PicturesStates RightsExtant[111]
The Millionaire Kid1936-3-14Bernard B. RayBetty CompsonsoundReliable PicturesStates RightsExtant[112]
The Ex-Mrs. Bradford1936-5-13Stephen RobertsWilliam PowellsoundRKO Radio PicturesRKOExtant[113]
Pinto Rustlers1936-5-14Harry S. WebbTom TylersoundReliable PicturesStates RightsExtant[114]
West of Nevada1936-7-21Robert F. HillRex BellsoundColony PicturesStates RightsExtant[115]
Hopalong Cassidy Returns1936-10-16Nate WattWilliam "Hoppy" BoydsoundHarry Sherman ProductionsParamountExtantSt. John's role cut[116]
Trail Dust1936-12-11Nate WattWilliam "Hoppy" BoydsoundHarry Sherman ProductionsParamountExtant[117]
The Outcasts of Poker Flat1937-4-16Christy CabannePreston FostersoundRKO Radio PicturesRKOExtant[118]
Sing, Cowboy, Sing1937-5-22Robert N. BradburyTex RittersoundBoots & Saddles PicturesGrand NationalExtant[119]
A Lawman Is Born1937-6-21Sam NewfieldJohnny Mack BrownsoundSupreme PicturesRepublicExtant[120]
Saturday's Heroes1937-10-8Edward KillyVan HeflinsoundRKO Radio PicturesRKOExtant[121]
Start Cheering1938-3-3Albert S. RogellJimmy DurantesoundColumbia PicturesColumbiaExtant[122]
Call of the Yukon1938-4-18B. Reeves Eason, John T. CoyleRichard ArlensoundRepublic PicturesRepublicExtant[123]
Frontier Scout1938-9-16Sam NewfieldGeorge HoustonsoundConn PicturesGrand NationalExtant[124]
Exposed1938-11-4Harold D. SchusterGlenda FarrellsoundUniversal PicturesUniversalExtant[125]
Murder on the Yukon1940-2-25Louis J. GasnierJames NewillsoundCriterion PicturesMonogramExtant[126]
Marked Men1940-9-30Sam NewfieldWarren HullsoundPRCPRCExtant[127]
Li'l Abner1940-11-1Albert S. RogellJeff YorksoundVogue ProductionsRKOExtant[128]
Friendly Neighbors1940-11-17Nick GrindeThe Weaver Brothers & ElvirysoundRepublic PicturesRepublicExtant?[129]
Texas Terrors1940-11-27George ShermanDon "Red" BarrysoundRepublic PicturesRepublicExtant[130]
A Missouri Outlaw1941-11-25George ShermanDon "Red" BarrysoundRepublic PicturesRepublicExtant[131]
Arizona Terrors1942-1-13George ShermanDon "Red" BarrysoundRepublic PicturesRepublicExtant[132]
Stagecoach Express1942-3-6George ShermanDon "Red" BarrysoundRepublic PicturesRepublicExtant[133]
Jesse James, Jr.1942-3-25George ShermanDon "Red" BarrysoundRepublic PicturesRepublicExtant[134]
Prairie Pals1942-9-4Sam NewfieldArt DavissoundPRCPRCExtant[135]
Along the Sundown Trail1942-10-10Sam NewfieldArt DavissoundPRCPRCExtant[136]
Valley of the Sun1942-11-6George MarshallLucille BallsoundRKO Radio PicturesRKOExtant[137]
My Son, the Hero1943-4-5Edgar G. UlmerPatsy KellysoundAtlantis PicturesPRCExtant[138]
Dead Men Walk1943-4-12Sam NewfieldGeorge ZuccosoundPRCPRCExtant[139]
I'm from Arkansas1944-10-31Lew LandersSlim SummervillesoundPRCPRCExtant[140]
My Dog Shep1946-12-1Ford BeebeTom NealsoundGolden Gate PicturesPRCExtant[141]
Days of Thrills and Laughter1961-3-21Robert YoungsonCharles ChaplinsoundRobert Youngson Productions20th Century FoxExtantSt. John only in library footage[142]

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