Al Ahly (table tennis)

Al Ahly Tennis Table Club (Arabic: النادي الاهلي للتنس الطاولة, often referred to as) is one of Al Ahly SC club's sections that represent the club in Egypt and international Table tennis competitions, the club team section based in Cairo.

Al Ahly SC (table tennis)
LeagueEgyptian Table tennis League
Based inCairo, Egypt
ArenaAl Ahly Sports Hall, Cairo
ColorsRed and white
OwnerAl Ahly SC 100%
President Mahmoud El Khatib
Head coach Ashraf AbdElfatah
Championships30 × Egyptian league
5 × Egypt cup
19 × Arab table tennis championship
3 × African Table tennis Champions League


- The table tennis games is played in AlAhly first time in 1939 and from this moment Al Ahly is the biggest team in Egypt, Africa and Middle east.

- The player of first team their names were : Farouk yousef - Nabih Eskander - Samir Beltagy - Mokhtar Abdelhamid

- The team manager was : Amin Abu Haif

- The first championships which Al Ahly table tennis team win was : Cairo Zone Championship and El Ebrashy Beek Cup


National titles

Champions : 1979-80,[1] 1980-81, 1981-82, 1982-83,[2] 1983-84,[3] 1984-85,[4] 1985-86,[5] 1988-89,[6][7] 1990-91[8] 1991-92,[9] 1992-93,[10] 1993-94,[11] 1995-96, 1996-97, 1997-98,[12] 1998-99,[13] 2002-03,[14] 2003-04,[15] 2006-07, 2007-08,[16][17] 2009-10,[18] 2010-11,[19] 2011-12,[20] 2012-13,[21] 2013-14, 2014-15,[22][23] 2015-16,[24] 2016-17,[25] 2017-18.[26], 2018-19.
  • Egyptian Table tennis Cup: (5)
Champions : 1991-92,[27] 2002-03,[28] 2003-04,[29] 2016-17[30], 2018-19[31]

International titles

  • African Table tennis Champions League (3) (Record) :
Champions : 1983,[32] 2015,[33][34] 2017[35][36]
Runners-up : 2011

Regional titles

Champions : 1990, 1992, 1993,[37][38] 1994, 1995, 1996,[39] 1997, 1998, 1999,[40] 2002, 2003, 2004, 2007,[41] 2009,[42] 2010,[43][44] 2013,[45] 2014,[46][47] 2016,[48][49] 2018[50], 2019
Runners-up (5): 1991, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2015.

Al Ahly Table tennis Squad

Men's current squad

Team roster - season 2016/2017
Al Ahly Table tennis Team
Omar Assar Khaled Assr
Quadri Aruna (loan)[51]

Women's current squad

Team roster - season 2016/2017
Al Ahly Table tennis Team
Dina Meshref Aida RAHMO
Fagr SHOUMAN Daniela Dodean (loan)[52][53]

Technical and managerial staff

Name Role Nationality
Ashraf Abd ElfatahHead Coach Egyptian
Ashraf SobheyMen's Youth team Coach Egyptian
Tarek FawzeyWomen's Team Coach Egyptian
Ahmed AyyadWomen's youth Coach Egyptian
Hesham EsmaielWomen's Junior Coach Egyptian
Yasser IbrahimTeam manager Egyptian
Noura EmamTeam Manager Egyptian

Notable Players

Home Arena

When Al Ahly start to Create the teams of Handball, Basketball and Volleyball, so they saw it's important to build an arena to host the home matches of these teams. The first time they start to make the designs and searching for funds was 1978, and because of some funding problems the project was postponed. Later, on February 4, 1994 Al Ahly opened his sports hall officially in time of Al Ahly Chairman Saleh Selim

Opening Ceremony After many year of waiting Al Ahly finally achieved his dream and built his sports hall arena, * in February 4, 1994 Al Ahly officially opened his hall in big opening ceremony, The ceremony start with a words from Al Ahly chairman at that time Saleh Selim and declared that the name of the hall would be "Prince Abdalla El Faisl Hall" due to his great efforts and helping that he produced for Al Ahly, and that was in attendance of his son Mohammed El Faisl and he received a Commemorative medal The first game held on Al Ahly sports Hall was basketball friendly game between al Ahly and Ithhadd alex, after that they played a Futsal match between Al Ahly old players against El Esmailly old players, and Mohmoud El Khatib and aly abu greisha participate at that match

Club Presidents

No Period Name From To
1 1st Mitchel Ince 1907 1908
2 1st Aziz Ezzat Pacha 1908 1916
3 1st Abdelkhaleq Tharwat Pacha 1916 1924
4 1st Gaafar Waly Pacha 1924 1940
5 1st Mohamed Taher Pacha 1940 1941
6 2nd Gaafar Waly Pacha 1941 1944
7 1st Ahmed Hasanein Pacha 1944 1946
8 1st Ahmed Aboud Pacha 1946 1961
9 1st Salah Desouky Sheshtawy 1961 1965
10 1st Abdelmohsen Kamel Mortagy 1965 1967
11 1st Ibrahim El Wakil 1967 1972
12 2nd Abdelmohsen Kamel Mortagy 1972 1980
13 1st Saleh Selim 1980 1988
14 1st Mohamed Abdou Saleh El Wahsh 1988 1992
15 2nd Saleh Selim 1992 2002
16 1st Hassan Hamdy 2002 2014
17 1st Mahmoud Taher 2014 2017
18 1st Mahmoud El Khatib 2017 Present

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