Al Ahli SC (Doha)

Al Ahli SC (Arabic: النادي الأهلي الرياضي), also known as Al Ahli Doha is a Qatari multi-sport club based in Doha. It is most notable for its professional association football section. Their home ground is the Hamad bin Khalifa Stadium. It is the oldest sports club in Qatar, having been established in 1950.

Al-Ahli SC
Full nameAl-Ahli Sports Club
Nickname(s)Al Ameed (Brigadier)
Founded1950 (1950)
GroundHamad bin Khalifa Stadium
Doha, Qatar
ChairmanAbdullah Khalid Alkuwari
ManagerRubén de la Barrera
LeagueQatar Stars League
2018–19Qatar Stars League, 5th
WebsiteClub website


Al Ahli was founded under the name Al Najah Sports Club in 1950, rendering it the oldest surviving sports club in Qatar. Al Najah SC was established by the founders of another club, called Sawt al-Arab, which was subsequently disbanded. The most prominent of the founders was Naji Musaad, the first president of the club. The club's first headquarters was located in Barahat Al Jufairi, in a residential house which was rented at a monthly fee of 70 Indian rupees. In 1964, the club was formally founded under resolution no. 2. Their first match abroad was scheduled to take place against Al Muharraq. After travelling to Bahrain by sea, the club was turned down because their squad comprised foreign players. Instead, they played against Al Nusoor, whom they defeated 3–1.[1]

In 1972, Al Najah was merged with another local club under its current name, Al Ahli Sports Club. The first board of directors was formed with eight members, and the club's colors were officially decided as green and white.[1] Early managers after the merger include Mohammed Kheiri, the first manager of Al Ahli Sports Club, Sudanese Abdullah Balash, Lebanese Omar Khatib and Sudanese Hassan Osman.[2] They played a friendly against Pelé-led Santos in 1973 at Doha Sports Stadium.[3] In the 1983/84 season, the club received a new headquarters, equipped with modern training and recreational facilities, as did all of the other sports clubs in Qatar.

In the early nineties, under the presidency of Sheikh Khalid bin Ali Al Thani, the club was relegated to the Qatari 2nd Division for the first time in its history. In an attempt to improve its younger generation of players by providing them with invaluable first team experience, the youth team had been given an opportunity to earn promotion back to the first division. They were unsuccessful, and only were runners up that year.[4]

The club has won one domestic trophy since its formation, the Emir Cup. This competition which was secured four times, with the first triumph coming in the inaugural edition under coach Mohammed Kheiri.[5]


Al Ahli play their home matches at Hamad bin Khalifa Stadium which has a capacity of 12,000 seats.


The club has one of the most consistently high home attendances in the Qatar Stars League. On 11 April 2014, they set a new league record for final match day attendance with 10,142 fans attending the league match against Al Sailiya.[6]


Performance in UAFA competitions

2003/04: First round
2007/08: First round

Performance in AFC competitions

1992/93: First Round
1998/99: Second Round

Asian record

Year Tournament Round Club Home Away Aggregate
1993 Asian Cup Winners' Cup Group stage Al-Arabi 0–0 0–1 0–1
1999 Asian Cup Winners' Cup 1 Nejmeh w.o.1 0–0 0–0
2 Al-Ittihad 0–0 1–7 1–7

1. Al Nejmeh SC withdrew from the tournament.

Current squad

As of Qatar Stars League:

No Position Player Nation
1 Goalkeeper Abdulaziz Al-Harqan  Qatar
2 Defender Ali Faidh Itshi  Qatar
3 Defender Hassan Al-Haifi U23  Qatar
4 Defender Shane Lowry  Australia
5 Midfielder Salah Al-Yahri  Qatar
6 Defender Mohammed Emad U23 (on loan from Al-Duhail)  Qatar
7 Midfielder Mohsen Al-Yazidi  Qatar
8 Midfielder Mohammed Abdelnasser U23  Qatar
9 Forward Abel Hernández  Uruguay
10 Midfielder Nabil El Zhar  Morocco
11 Midfielder Hernán Pérez  Paraguay
12 Forward Magid Mohamed  Qatar
14 Midfielder Abdullah Al-Ahrak U23 (on loan from Al-Duhail)  Qatar
17 Forward Nasser Khalfan  Qatar
18 Defender Jassem Mohammed Omar  Qatar
19 Defender Eisa Qadri U23  Qatar
21 Midfielder Mohamed Diamé  Senegal
22 Midfielder Farid Ibrahim U23  Qatar
23 Forward Abdulrasheed Umaru U23  Qatar
25 Defender Mohammed Raed U23  Qatar
26 Forward Salem Khalifah  Qatar
31 Midfielder Abdelrahman Moustafa U23 (on loan from Al-Duhail)  Qatar
32 Forward Navid Dorzadeh U23  Qatar
77 Midfielder Babou Sidiki Barro  Ivory Coast
80 Goalkeeper Omar Adam U23  Qatar
88 Defender John Benson  Ghana
90 Goalkeeper Ivanildo Rodrigues  Brazil
99 Goalkeeper Marwan Badreldin U23  Qatar

Out on loan

No Position Player Nation
97 Goalkeeper Yazan Naim U23 (on loan to Umm Salal)  Qatar
Defender Fred Dabanka (on loan to Al-Shamal)  Ghana
Midfielder Omid Ebrahimi (on loan to Eupen)  Iran
Midfielder Ali Sadeq (on loan to Al-Shamal)  Iraq
Midfielder Ali Qadri (on loan to Al-Khor)  Qatar

Managerial history

As of 28 December 2017.

Seasons Manager Nationality
1972–73 Mohammed Hassan Kheiri
1975–?? Ali Al Attar
1978–?? Helmi Hussein
1 July 1982 – 30 June 1984 Ivo Wortmann
1984–85 Abdullah Mubarak
1985–86 Colin Addison
1987–88 Joubert Meira
1988 Sebastião Lazaroni
1991 Zoran Đorđević
1991–93 Paulo Massa
1994–95 Faruk Pašić
1997–98 Abdelkadir Bomir
1998 Heshmat Mohajerani
1998–99 Viktor Prokopenko
1999 Abdelkadir Bomir
1999[7] Sead Gruda
Abdulqadir Almoghaisab

1999–00 José Robles
2000–01 Cruz
2001 José Robles
2001 Eid Mubarak
1 July 2002 – 30 June 2003 Carlos Alhinho
16 July 2004 – 8 Nov 2004 Augusto Inácio
2004–05 Pepe
2005 Oswaldo de Oliveira
2005–Feb 2006 Waldemar Lemos
Oswaldo de Oliveira

Seasons Manager Nationality
Feb 2006–2006 José Robles[8]
2006 Michel Decastel
2006 Reiner Hollmann
2006–07 José Robles
1 July 2007 – 30 June 2008 Mark Wotte
2008–09 Erik van der Meer
2009 Mrad Mahjoub
2009 Carlos Manuel
2009 Heron Ricardo Ferreira
2009[9] Abdulqadir Almoghaisab (CT)
2009 Abdullah Mubarak
2009–10 José Robles
2010 Hassan Hormatallah
1 July 2010– 10 September 2010 Ilija Petković
26 September 2010–23 Oct 2011 Abdullah Mubarak
23 October 2011 – 30 June 2012 Bernard Simondi
1 July 2012 – 7 February 2015 Milan Máčala
7 February 2015 – 1 February 2016 Zlatko Kranjčar
1 February 2016 – 11 May 2016 Yousuf Adam (interim)
11 May 2016–30 October 2016 Luka Bonačić
30 October 2016–1 June 2017 Yousuf Adam
2 June 2017–27 December 2017 Joaquín Caparrós
June 2018 Milan Máčala
Former managers with unknown dates
  • Omar Khatib
  • Hassan Osman
  • Abdullah Balash

Al Ahli club staff

Last update: 2 June 2017.[10]

Senior team
Technical staff
Head coach Milan Máčala
Assistant coach Ivan Hucko
Head of transatlantic relations Samuel Alger
Medical staff
Head of clinic Dr Tawfiq
Team doctor Sokryi
Physiotherapist Anselmo
Physiotherapist Assad Ammari
Team staff
Director of reserve team Majed Saeed
Director of administration Abdulaziz Hamza
Director of football Ibrahim Al Karaniris
Deputy director of football Khalid Shabib
Director of sports affairs Abdullah Jassim
Director of sport marketing Yaqoub Nasser
ATI Systems Youssef Bizzou
Youth teams
Technical staff
U23 manager Hassan Khalil Ahmed
U23 head coach Ivan Hucko
U23 assistant coach Hussein Baqir
U16 head coach John Lake
U16 assistant coach Abdulredha Hussein
Youth teams
Medical staff
Physiotherapist Islam Salahuddin
Physiotherapist Ihab Abdelfatah
Team staff
Head of youth teams Fahad Al Wadanaa
Deputy head of youth teams Ahmad Sayyar

Club officials


Position Staff
President HE Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamad Al Thani
Vice-president HE Khalaf Ahmed Mannai
General secretary Khaled Abdullah Shabib

Last updated: February 2012
Source: Board of Directors

Club presidents

As of February 2012.

No. Chairperson No. Chairperson
1 Naji Musaad 8 Abdullah Mohammed Ghurery
2 Sheikh Mubarak bin Ahmed Al-Thani 9 Ali bin Ali Ahmed
3 Sheikh Ali bin Abdulaziz Al-Thani 10 Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Nasser Al-Thani
4 Sheikh Mohammed bin Saud Al-Thani 11 Abdullah Ahmad Hashemi
5 Sultan bin Sultan 12 Mohammed Kadhim Ibrahim
6 Abdulaziz Fahad Bozzoer 13 Sheikh Khalid bin Ali Al Thani
7 Abdulqadir Al Moghaisib 14 HE Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamad Al Thani


Winners (4): 1973, 1981, 1987, 1992
Runners-up (5): 1975, 1984, 1985, 1998, 2003
Runners-up (2): 1999, 2006
Winners (1): 2012


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