Al-Muabbada (Arabic: المعبدة; Kurdish: Girkê Legê, Classical Syriac: ܡܥܒܕܗ) is a town in al-Hasakah Governorate, Syria. According to the Syria Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), Al-Muabbada had a population of 15,759 in the 2004 census.[1] According to the Kurdish news agency "Rudaw", the Ba'athist Party under president Hafez al-Assad changed the name of the town to Al-Muabbada.[2] The town is 35 kilometres from the Iraqi border and 15 kilometres from the Turkish border.[3] As of 2004, Al-Muabbada is the eighth largest town in Al-Hasakah governorate. The majority of the inhabitants of the town are Kurds with a large Arab minority.[4]


Girkê Legê
Location in Syria in the Kurdish territory
Coordinates: 37°0′59″N 41°57′16″E
Country Syria
GovernorateAl-Hasakah Governorate
DistrictAl-Malikiyah District
de facto Rojava
470 m (1,540 ft)
 (2004 census)[1]
Time zoneUTC+3 (EET)
  Summer (DST)UTC+2 (EEST)

On 24 July 2012, the PYD announced that Syrian security forces withdrew from Al-Muabbada. The YPG forces afterwards took control of all government institutions[2] and the town became fully under the PYD's control.[3] As a preliminary result of the ongoing Syrian Civil War, Al-Muabbada today is situated in Jazira Canton within the autonomous Democratic Federation of Northern Syria framework.


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