Al-Mourada SC

Al-Mourada Sports Club (Arabic: نادي الموردة الرياضي) is a Sudanese football club based in Al-Mourada, a suburb of Omdurman. Along with Al-Hilal and Al-Merrikh, they formed the triplet of Sudanese football, but they couldn't continue that legacy. They were one of the strongest teams in Sudan during their strong reign in the top division of the Sudanese football before being relegated to the 2nd division league due to some financial difficulties. Al-Mourada along with Hilal Alsahil are the only two teams who had broken the domination of the Sudanese football by Al-Hilal Omdurman and Elmerrikh SC as the league title was always won by either one of the rivals. Al-Mourada have been crowned as the champions of the Sudanese 1st division which was the top tier of the Sudanese football at that time in the year 1968. Their home stadium is Al-Mourada Stadium located in the Mourada district in Omdurman which is being renovated to coup with the international standards .

Al-Mourada SC
Full nameAl-Mourada Sports Club
Nickname(s)Al Helb الهلب
GroundAl-Mourada Stadium,
Omdurman, Khartoum State, Sudan
ChairmanAtif Mohamed Abdelrahman
ManagerMohsin Sayed
LeagueDevotion 1

Name and meaning

Al-Mourada is derived from the Arabic word 'mowrid' (مورد) which is a port. The name was chosen to symbolise the importance of Al-Mourada suburb as a local port for goods. The football team is symbolized with the red and blue color.


National titles

Champion (2):1968, 1988
Champion (2): 1995, 1997

Regional Titles

Champion (2): 1978, 1995

Performance in CAF competitions

1968: Quarter-Finals
1989: Quarter-Finals
1988 – First Round
1996 – Second Round
1998 – First Round
2002 – Quarter-finals
1992 – First Round
1994 – Semi-finals

Performance in UAFA Competitions

1989 – Preliminary stage
1993 –Semi-finals
1996 – Group stage
1998 – Group stage

Performance in CECAFA Competitions

1991 – Group stage
1995 – Third Place
1997 – Quarter-finals

Current squad (2018-19)

Below the current squad of the team.[1] Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 GK Hani Mahir
2 DF Ahmed Peter
4 DF Khamees Martin
5 DF Mohsen Abdalla
8 FW El Taiyb El Mahi
11 FW Osman Hajo
13 DF Alsadig Babkir
13 DF Paolo Sergio
14 MF Mosab Ahmed
15 MF Mohammed Khamees
17 MF Salih Abdalla
21 DF Ashref Hassan
22 MF Saber Ismael
- GK Salah Yahia
No. Position Player
- DF Malik Mohamed Ibrahim
- DF Asmail Sidiek
- DF Alraih Ali Maki
- MF Abd Dalla Ibrahim
- MF Ahmed Sif Aldin
- MF Jean Lalana
- MF Helti Gitom
- MF Gobik Phillip
- MF Mosab Musa
- MF Mosab Ahmed
- FW Amer Yaghoub
- FW Asrafil Tsfai
- FW Ramadan Alagab


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