Al-Ittihad SC (Sudan)

Al-Ittihad Sports Club (Arabic: نادي الاتحاد الرياضي) also known as Ittihad Wad Madani is a Sudanese football club based in Wad Madani. They played in the top division in Sudanese football, Sudan Premier League. Their home stadium is Stade Wad Medani. Their rival is Ahli Madani, a team which is in the same city as Itthad Madani. The derby in Madani is called Madani Derby, which is one of the biggest derby in Sudan.[1]

Al-Ittihad SC
Full nameAl-Ittihad Sports Club
GroundWad Madani Stadium,
Wad Madani, Al Jazira State, Sudan
ManagerSaid Salim
LeagueWad Madani League


Runner-up (1): 1967
Winner (1): 1990


  • Wad Madani League
Champion ():

Performance in CAF competitions

1991 – Second Round

Performance in UAFA competitions

1991 –Group stage


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