Al-Hashemi-II is the largest dhow ever built, and is one of the largest wooden ships in the world today. It sits next to the Radisson Blu Hotel in Kuwait City, Kuwait.

Stern view of Al-Hashimi-II
Name: Al-Hashemi-II
Owner: Husain Marafie
Laid down: 10 February 1997[1]
Completed: 2001
General characteristics
Type: Baghlah[2]
Tonnage: est. 2,500 t (2,461 long tons)[3]
Length: 83.75 m (274 ft 9 in) o/a[1]
Beam: 18.5 m (60 ft 8 in)[1]
Propulsion: None

Development and design

Al-Hashemi-II was commissioned by Husain Marafie.[2] Planning began in 1985,[4] and actual construction began in 1997.[1] The ship cost more than $30 million to build.[5]

Used for meetings and events and advertised as the "largest dhow ever built",[6] it is one of the world's largest wooden ships. It has never been floated,[7] although it was built utilising traditional caulking and other water-tightness construction methods.[3] It is 83.75 m (274 ft 9 in) long, with a 18.5 m (60 ft 8 in) beam.[1]

Guinness Record

It is entered in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest wooden dhow ever built,[7] appearing in the 2002 Guinness World Records under the caption "DHOW AMAZING!" and categorised as "Ships, largest Arabic dhow".[8]

The certificate records the length as slightly shorter than the claimed length, at 80.4 m (263 ft 9 in), and the width as slightly wider, at 18.7 m (61 ft 4 in).[9] There are different metrics used to record ship lengths, which may account for that variance.


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