Al-Dhafeer (Arabic: الظفير) is a huge Arabian tribe,[1] that goes back to Consisting of ancient Arab tribesdiversity tribe of the [[]] people. It used to control the entirety of Najid [2] from around 1300 to 1590. They were known as warriors of the Arabian region 700 years ago, united and always together despite their huge numbers. Starting in the 1300s Aldhafeer resided around Almadina, close to Mecca.and the The ruling family is called Al-suwait of the Hashemite lineage Now most of the tribe live in Kuwait, taking positions such as professors, politicians, scholars, doctors and engineers. Some of them live in other countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, and Turkey.


Nowadays the tribe is divided into two parts:

  • Alsamada Aldraan - 6 divisions:
  1. Al Maleem: (Translation: The Scholars)
  2. Al Madeen: (Translation: The Returners)
  3. Al Jawasim: (Translation: The Boundless)
  4. AL Alajanat: (Translation: The Savages)
  5. Al Al Askar: (Translation: The Militia)
  6. Al Al Oraef: (Translation: The Experts)
  • Albotoon - 3 divisions:
  1. Sweit
  2. Alsaeed
  3. Bani Hussein


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