Agrocampus Ouest

Agrocampus Ouest is a French higher education institution of university-level, grande école-type. Its official name is Institut supérieur des sciences agronomiques, agroalimentaires, horticoles et du paysage (in English Higher Institute for agricultural sciences, food industry, horticulture and landscape management). It operates under the supervision of the French Ministry of Agriculture.

Agrocampus Ouest
Institut supérieur des sciences agronomiques, agroalimentaires, horticoles et du paysage
Main building in the campus of Rennes
TypeGrande école
Established2008 (merger of two grandes écoles)
Academic affiliation
CGE, CDEFI, European University of Brittany, Université Nantes Angers Le Mans
PresidentDominique Chargé
Academic staff
150 teachers including 130 professors/teachers [1]
Administrative staff
Students1,950, including 120 PhD students [2]
Campuses in Rennes and Angers
(respectively in Brittany and Pays de la Loire)
48.1135°N 1.7064°W / 48.1135; -1.7064

It trains agricultural sciences engineers and research scientists. It has two campuses in western France, one in Rennes and the other in Angers.


Agrocampus Ouest was created in 2008,[3] as the merger of two institutions:

Its head office is located in Rennes, and has a second campus in Angers.

Education programmes

Agrocampus Ouest mainly trains engineers (Msc level), 4 specializations being available:

  • agricultural sciences engineer
  • horticulture sciences engineer
  • landscape sciences engineer
  • food industry sciences engineer

Depending on the chosen specialization, trainings are held in one or the other campus. Agrocampus Ouest also offers 16 Master's degrees and 9 Bachelor's degrees in life sciences.

Moreover, Agrocampus Ouest has 6 doctoral schools:

  • Life-Agro-Health (VAS: Vie-Agro-Santé)
  • Plants, environment, health (VESAM: Végétal, environnement, santé, Anjou-Maine)
  • Materials science (SDLM: Sciences de la matière)
  • Human sciences, organizations and society (SHOS: Sciences humaines, organisation et société)
  • Mathematics, telecommunications, informatics, signal, systems, electronics (Matisse: Mathématiques, télécommunications, informatique, signal, systèmes, électronique)
  • Law, economy, management, environment, society and territories (DEGEST: Droit, économie, gestion, environnement, société et territoires)

The institution has 80 academic partnerships across the world.[1]

Research programmes

According to its website,[1] Agrocampus Ouest has:

  • 14 research units, generally in partnership with the INRA research institute
  • 398 associated researchers.


According to the 2011 ranking published by the L'Etudiant and L'Expansion, Agrocampus Ouest is the third French grande école for agricultural sciences, ex-æquo with l'ENSA de Toulouse.[4]


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