Agnes of Dampierre

Agnes of Dampierre (1237 7 September 1288) was Lady of Bourbon and heiress of all Bourbon estates. She was the daughter of Archambaud IX de Dampierre and Yolande I, Countess of Nevers. She married John of Burgundy,[1] the son of Hugh IV, Duke of Burgundy. Her daughter, Beatrix of Bourbon, married Robert, Count of Clermont in 1272[2] and their eldest son Louis I, le Boiteux became the first Duke of Bourbon.

Agnes of Dampierre
Lady of Bourbon
PredecessorArchambaud IX de Dampierre
SuccessorLouis I, le Boiteux
Died7 September 1288 (aged 5051)
SpouseJohn of Burgundy
IssueBeatrix of Bourbon
HouseHouse of Dampierre (by birth)
House of Bourbon (by birth)
FatherArchambaud IX of Bourbon
MotherYolande I, Countess of Nevers
ReligionRoman Catholic

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Agnes of Dampierre
Born: 1237 Died: 7 September 1288
Preceded by
Matilda II
Dame de Bourbon
Succeeded by

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