Agnes Vernon

Agnes Vernon (December 27, 1895 February 21, 1948) was an American film actress of the silent era. She appeared in 90 films between 1914 and 1921. She made a number of films in Australia, having been brought out there by Snowy Baker and E.J. Carroll. She sometimes appeared credited as Brownie Vernon or Bernice Vere

Agnes Vernon
Vernon c. 1920
Born(1895-12-27)December 27, 1895
DiedFebruary 21, 1948(1948-02-21) (aged 52)
Other names
  • Brownie Vernon
  • Bernice Vere
Years active1914–1921


Vernon was born December 27, 1895[1] in La Grande, Oregon.[2]

She appeared in a number of films in the United States, including for Universal Pictures. She appeared in several Westerns with Lon Chaney, including The Old Cobbler, and A Ranch Romance (both 1914). Vernon starred in several multi-reel films for Carl Laemmle, including The Girl of the Dance Hall (1915).[3] She also co-starred with Gloria Swanson in the comedy Dangers of a Bride (1917).

In the early 1920s, Vernon relocated to Australia to appear in films produced by Snowy Baker and E.J. Carroll. Among these pictures were The Man from Kangaroo (1920), The Shadow of Lightning Ridge (1920), and Silks and Saddles (1921).

Vernon died on February 21, 1948 in San Diego, California.


Denotes a lost or presumed lost film.
Year Title Role Notes Ref.
1914 The Triumph of Mind Daisy
1914 Avenged Agnes
1914 The Old Cobbler Jess
1914 A Ranch Romance Kate Preston [4]
1914 Her Grave Mistake Isabel Norris [5]
1914 By the Sun's Rays Dora Davis
1914 An Awkward Cinderella Brownie
1914 The Oubliette
1914 A Miner's Romance Lucy Williams [6]
1914 The Old Bell Ringer Mary
1914 A Law Unto Herself Elsie Levine
1914 The Wall of Flame Agnes Fenton [7]
1914 The Star Gazer Old Astronomer's Daughter
1914 Ninety Black Boxes Mme. De Breuil [8]
1914 For I Have Toiled Marshall's Daughter
1914 When It's One of Your Own Marie Gerhardt [9]
1915 His Last Performance Mary Jackson
1915 The Dear Old Hypocrite Alice Wilson
1915 Alias Mr. Smith Alice Andrews [10]
1915 Seven and Seventy Mrs. Charles Mortimer [11]
1915 Dad Kitty Norman [12]
1915 An Example Nell Bohn [13]
1915 A Prayer of a Horse or: His Life Story Told by Himself Dolly Grey
1915 Wheels within Wheels Vera de Lancey [14]
1915 The Truth About Dan Deering Mary Lee [15]
1915 At His Own Terms Marjorie Burton [15]
1915 No. 239
1915 The Cameo Ring Helen Brown [16]
1915 Putting One Over Mamie [17]
1915 The Old Tutor Agnes
1915 The Troubadour Torquessa Morilla
1915 The Fear Within Unconfirmed
1915 Where Brains are Needed Lillian
1915 The Dancer Myrtle
1915 When Love is Love Sylvia Smith
1915 The Old Doctor Enid Emerson
1915 The Hear of Cerise Mlle. Suzanne Bluet
1915 In His Mind's Eye Margaret von Helm
1915 The Tinker of Stubbenville Mary Haskins
1915 Jane's Declaration of Independence Jane Howe Proctor
1915 The People of the Pit
1915 The Flight of a Night Bird Jane
1915 Misjudged Jane
1915 The Deceivers Rita Waverly [18]
1915 Agnes Kempler's Sacrifice The Heiress
1915 Her Three Mothers Carolyn Drexler
1915 The Silent Battle Audrey Parkinson
1915 The Girl of the Dance Hall Dora Matthews [3]
1915 In Search of a Wife Mary Trevors
1915 As the Shadows Fall Winnie Perry [19]
1916 The Family Short Madge Alston As Brownie Vernon
1916 The Dupe Jennie [20]
1916 Tangled Hearts Lucille Seaton
1916 Public Approval Bertha Deverell [21]
1916 The Mark of a Gentleman Sylvia Bryant As Brownie Vernon
1916 Darcy of the Northwest Mounted Annie Paul
1916 The Wire Pullers Joan
1916 The Rose Colored Scarf Sylvia Carrington
1916 The False Part Dorothy Moore
1916 They Wouldn't Take Him Seriously Lucy
1916 A Dead Yesterday Ella Ford
1916 Nature Incorporated Beulah Tonson
1916 Lee Blount Goes Home Jane Blount
1916 Won by Valor
1916 A Daughter of the Night The Woman
1916 The Toll of the Law Annie Murray
1916 The Call of the Past Mary Phagan
1916 Main 4400 Joyce Bruce
1916 Stumbling Grace O'Neil
1916 The Eyes of Love Mary
1916 A Stranger from Somewhere Grace Darling
1916 Little Partner Sunny Lewis
1916 The Prodigal Daughter Dorothy
1917 How to Be Happy Though Married Ethel Kenyon [2]
1917 A Slave of Fear Kate O'Connor
1917 Dangers of a Bride
1917 The Man Who Took a Chance Constance Lanning [22]
1917 The Clock Vivian Graham [23]
1917 Bringing Home Father Jackie Swazey
1917 The Car of Chance Ruth Rennett As Brownie Vernon [24]
1917 Hatton of Headquarters Rose As Brownie Vernon [2]
1917 The Clean Up Hazel Richards As Brownie Vernon
1917 A Stormy Knight Mary Weller As Brownie Vernon
1917 Flirting with Death Jane Higginbotham As Brownie Vernon
1917 Fear Not Hilda Mornington As Brownie Vernon
1917 The High Sign Hulda Maroff As Brownie Vernon
1917 The Coming of the Law Nellie Hazleton As Brownie Vernon
1919 Bare-Fisted Gallagher Jem Mason
1919 Widow by Proxy Dolores Pennington As Brownie Vernon [2]
1920 The Man from Kangaroo Muriel Hammond As Brownie Vernon
Also known as: The Better Man
1920 The Jackeroo of Coolabong The Moll As Bernice Vere
1921 The Betrayer Eleanor Barris As Bernice Vere
1921 Silks and Saddles Bobbie Morton As Brownie Vernon
Also known as: Queen of the Turf
1921 The Shadow of Lightning Ridge Dorothy Harden As Bernice Vere
1921 The Blue Mountains Mystery Pauline Tracey As Bernice Vere


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