Agitprop (album)

Agitprop is a 2012 album by the Kalahari Surfers, the recording identity of South African musician Warrick Sony. Agitprop was released on Sjambok Music; it was first played at the Unyazi Festival in Durban in September.[1] Agitprop explores Sony's fears about South Africa in the 2010s becoming a one party state under the African National Congress, and includes a song about chemical warfare scientist Wouter Basson.[2] South African Rolling Stone compared it to the KLF, Sly and Robbie and Pink Floyd, and described its "slow evolution of nuance" towards the "desolately upbeat" "Hostile Takeover".[3] Sony says the album was mostly written on the train while commuting to work; he calls the genre "Voktronic, ... a blend of folktronic, and volkspiele with a dose of electronic experimental dubstoep and experimental rolled up into one fat two blade stereo hit."[4]

Studio album by
Released2012 (2012)
Kalahari Surfers chronology
One Party State

Track listing

  1. "Ambush Street" 03:28
  2. "Human Wrongs (Chernobyl 25th Anniversary)" 04:52
  3. "Brother Leader" 05:46
  4. "The Lost Soul of Dr. Basson" 04:10
  5. "Che Guevara & the Voodoo Boys" 04:17
  6. "Hostile Takeover" 04:27
  7. "Close To Tears" 04:12
  8. "The Last Tourist" 03:41
  9. "Wings of a Stingray" 05:29
  10. "Black Southeaster" 05:24
  11. "Without Slipping" 04:00
  12. "Hide The Electricity" 05:12
  13. "The Curse Of The Birds" 04:10
  14. "The Actual Size" 04:38
  15. "Carolines Circle" 04:21
  16. "Blue Light Brigade" 05:06


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